In this training, you’ll discover how to answer questions on Quora using

At the beginning of April, I answered some questions on Quora related to affiliate marketing.

People have viewed my answers have thousands of times already.

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  1. Create a Quora account
  2. Find a niche where you want to answer questions
  3. Use to answer the questions.

Follow along with my video:

Unedited Transcript

Alright, so I am going to create answers to Quora questions using conversion, not AI, and grammerly to double check, grammar, spelling, and if there’s any plagiarism, and then I’m going to post those questions on a Quora in, that’s going to, number one, help people. Number two, establish authority for me on Quora and help drive traffic back to my websites, which will also give me content that I can use online or in other publications.

And I can continue to repurpose this information by using conversion, not AI as a starting point. So what I’m gonna do is I am going to click on long form assistant, click on process to say, I want to answer questions on Quora about affiliate marketing. Okay. That way, Jasper knows what we’re doing. I’m gonna continue, I’m gonna have it generated, yes.

Not gonna do that one. I’m gonna have it caught with my intro paragraph, just so it has something in there. sip of my coffee. All right. I like the first one, a third one, I’m gonna go with the third one this time. Okay, so it’s got that I’m gonna switch my output length too long. You could do short, medium or long. Any of those work, but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go actually up to the top here. And then I’m gonna go to Quora, and I’m gonna click on affiliate marketing. And I’m gonna click answer.

Okay. Now, let’s copy that question and drop it into conversion, not AI. And I want to have a compose. I don’t really agree with that. One, so I’m gonna see if it comes up with any others. So what I found is if I copy and paste questioning in, it gives me the option to write Sure. I would start by promoting offer social media. I’ll just give it a little prompt here. See if it expands on that. Alright, I think that’s fine. Let’s go to grammerly. I’m going to paste this in. Okay. correctness, it’s going to add that plagiarism check, just to be safe. I haven’t really noticed much spinny thing for plagiarism. With Jasper AI.

Anything that it’s really shown me is stuff where it’s like a common phrase. So I don’t really consider that plagiarism. I want to put that as a new paragraph, and we’re post Okay, so we’re a couple minutes in from start to finish we’ve answered question didn’t really do a whole lot of thinking. Let’s see what kind of affiliate marketing people can do in the UK. I don’t know. So another thing that I was doing last night, is I put these pound sign hashtag signs in whatever you are calling.

And that tells it like it’s a new header. I got a new like h1 h2 tag. And so that is accurate informations. Do that. Give me a 99 for overall score. Another thing I want to do, let’s let’s do Hemingway app. I’m just curious. Okay, so it is a little bit advanced. But not bad for its first thing. So here’s where we had a couple issues of plagiarism. So telemarketing is a popular way to make money online.

Well, that’s kind of a common way to do things is one of the most popular ways to make money and so, you know, you could change things a little bit, you could also promote your own products, like, you don’t need to have that part of their, I’m just gonna include that and I’m gonna answer that. Okay, so I’m the first person to answer that question. So by default, people are going to see my thing what’s the best alternative to the Amazon? Oh, that’s a good question. Yeah, I don’t know. Off the top my head so I’m gonna fact check that a bit.

Because I don’t know. I’ve heard of racket hand racket and how it is pronounce. Start now give me more details become an affiliate. I don’t want to fill out a whole bunch of stuff. Paste that so I have it. Let’s see if it comes up with another one. Sure seems to like rack to end. All right, I am more familiar with shareasale. I’ll put that on there. On that through Grammarly to Okay, as far as you know, 100% No. plagiarism. post that in there. Okay, so we answered that question. Yeah, couple more maps. Let’s see, how do I earn $100.

Now, you wouldn’t necessarily want to do this with stuff you have no clue about. Like that is an accurate answer. Sorry, I just said cinnamon roll. Oh, my finger is sticky. That’s not accurate because it’s talking about free traffic that goes on about advertising. So let’s try again. try and do this with minimal amount of thinking. free traffic be social media. Put that on Grammarly just because that’s a bit repetitive correctness, let’s see if it was me to ensure content to your niche that’s a little bit clear. And so I can answer that one post. So why don’t we do another one in a couple minutes? Not much thinking they’re close this one.

Let’s try this one. commission, Clickbank, Commission Junction tech. Don’t know what Commission Junction takes right now. But they haven’t used it in a while. So I’ll leave that one for now. Amazon and its affiliate, how do I get started? Let’s see. Let’s see him on associate will make sure I grab the right link here and copy that. But here. Make sure this link is right. That’s fine. You can add a period. Yeah. Right. And so I can copy that. And paste it in here. Just want to see what applies? On a mini? Yeah, that’s actually clear. All right, and we’ll post that. So we’ve answered that question. So you can see, in a matter of minutes, you can answer a bunch of questions in your niche market, help people out.

People will start seeking you out. Here noticing your answers. you own this content. So you can reuse this content in your videos on your blog and your social media, books, you publish things like that, and you could do a lot with this stuff. Now. I would highly recommend that you know something about your topic or willing to fact check a little bit and this is really just a starting point. And some of the prompts, you’re going to have to type a little bit in to get Charvis Started and get it moving on your topic and feeding it the right information so it can answer the question correctly or answer it the way you want it to be answered, this is a fantastic way to start answering questions on Quora. And not only are you going to know your market a lot better, because you’re going to see what kind of questions people ask over and over and over again.

But you’re going to be providing value in some of this. You’re even going to learn like I’ve learned a few things just by playing with this over a little bit this last night. I’ve done some this morning. Just just playing with this and seeing where where Jasper goes with it and where it writes things. And do I agree with some of those statements? Do I not agree with some of those statements in that’s a fantastic way to kind of keep abreast of things and force me to fact check some of this stuff and see what it spits out. So hopefully this information helps you with conversion data, type AI in marketing on Quora.

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