Do you want to improve your writing?

A thesaurus is a proven method for finding just the right word.

In this training, you’ll discover a free Chrome extension that works with to make your writing pop!


  1. Download the free Power Thesaurus Chrome Extension
  2. Open the Long-Form Assistant inside
  3. Highlight the word you wish to change and select the Power Thesaurus icon and it will display synonyms, antonyms, and a definition.
  4. Replace the word you wish from the list of synonyms

Unedited Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Reed Floren here. And I’ve got a quick tip to help you improve the writing that you do with Jasper AI. So there is a free thesaurus tool that you can use called power thesaurus. I think the website is powered

But you can install their Chrome extension. And it works inside the version AI editor. So here I am logged into And I already have the extension installed. And what I’ll do is I will use this power thesaurus to help me find different words that I could replace. So let’s say that, you know, maybe I have strategies to many times in this document.

So I could highlight strategy here are strategies. And this little p icon shows up so I can click on that. And it shows me different synonyms. So those would be words like it, divert antonyms. So these are like the opposite. And then definitions. Now, I could these are the like, the most popular ones, I believe is how it’s organized.

But I could view all, and I’ll see a bunch of different ones that they have listed. So I might find one that I like more like, game plan might be cool, or procedures might be cool, it might be a way to, you know, spice up the writing a little bit, you know, let’s do the same thing and look at antonyms and definitions, just so you can see all the examples here. So here’s a bunch of antonyms. I don’t know if you’d really use that a whole lot, unless you’re really changing the way that sentence was structured.

And the definitions here. You know, if you don’t know the meaning of a word, you could use this to figure out the definition of it. And that may give you a better idea of how to write it or cleaned it up if something isn’t making sense, but I thought that was the nice, you know, free way to make your writing with Jasper even better. So let’s say if so, read on to find 10 No, I think tactics was one of them. So tactics that are worth implementing.

So what tactics in there now let’s click p again and see, you know, we’re getting different suggestions that it will do. So you can use that to further refine your writing with Jasper. And that’s just kind of a cool, quick little strategy to make you a better writer when you’re using conversion. Ai

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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