In this training, you’ll learn how to use the Problem Agitate Solution 2.0 Jasper Copywriting Recipe with

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  1. Make a copy of the Problem Agitate Solution 2.0 Jasper Copywriting Recipe
  2. Enter in your product/services details
  3. Let Jasper craft the beginning of your copy.

Unedited Transcript

In this training, we are going to do a modified version of problem agitate solution.

So I’m going to run this.

And I’m also going to grab some text from the Facebook group.

This is what someone does in their business.

They’re an SEO consultant, they have 13 years of experience working in health, fashion, real estate and software as a service niche markets.

So we’re going to have Jasper describe the problem above.

Let’s see if if Jasper has any more, give me a pretty good idea what this fake SEO company is doing.

Okay, now what I want to do, I feel Jasper has a fair amount of info, I’m gonna have it agitate the problem, because you wouldn’t use this whole thing.

But it’s gonna give Jasper some direction on where to go.

And some of this you could write yourself, obviously, you’d want to clean this up, and make sure it fits with your actual service your product that you’re doing.

But this is an example.

So we’re going to agitate the problem above.

See if it adds more to the agitate.

So I told her some some good bullet points, other things that could be expanded on how to do some more, see if it comes up with anything else.

And you would remove the agitate, part here once once you’re satisfied, but this might give you some angles for your for your marketing creative on where to go, or even different head direction for you to go.

If you were doing some paid ad campaigns, this may guide you on where you want to go with your paid advertising.

Okay, I’ll do it one more time.

Okay, so that has a lot of information on let’s see if it adds more to our solution.

Okay, now I’m going to discredit other sources.

So perhaps other SEO agencies are learning how to do it yourself.

That didn’t do so well.

Let’s try that again.

See if I can get to.

There we go.

Okay, so this kind of goes coming up with some of the objections people may have, and why they should choose you over the competition.

And you would take elements of this.

You know, we’re at 1400 words already.

Just playing around with it for a couple minutes.

And some of these things are not things that you’re going to include some of these things may be a perfect fit.

And then let’s provide the answer to the problem.

Oh, that was funny.

Okay, let’s try again.

Not sure where we’re getting a food angle, there must be something that triggered food.

That was two things about food.

Let’s try again.

I’m going to add closer to what we wanted.

But I’m going to try to do it again.

So you can get some more something that’s a little bit there must be something about food in there that I have not spotted my the answer to the problem.

Let’s try that.

There’s definitely something about food somewhere.

No fat recipe or food or something.

Okay, I’m gonna go with that for now.

Basically, this is kind of your call to action, where you’re going to be telling them to contact you or reply or click the button to take action and buy this product or service.

You would have a little bit that kind of summarizes what the offer is, and why they need to buy it right now some sort of urgency, but gives you an idea of how to use the variation of problem agitate solution to sell your products and services with the help of Jasper.

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