In this training, you’ll learn how to use the Star Story Solution Jasper Copywriting Recipe with

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  1. Make a copy of the Star Story Solution Jasper Copywriting Recipe
  2. Enter in your product/services details
  3. Let Jasper craft the beginning of your copy.

Unedited Transcript

In this video, we’re going to do a star story solution copywriting recipe.

So I’m gonna run this.

And I grab some text from the Facebook group of what someone does for their business.

And I’m gonna paste that in here.

And I’m just gonna say that it’s a matchmaking service that recommends the right climate solutions that you can fund based on your goals and interests.

Okay, so that’s what she wrote.

Now, I won’t have it identify the main character of our story.

Okay, so we can go on with two different angles here.

One, the person wants to offset their their carbon footprint, and be better for the environment themselves, had some concerns.

And then the second angle that is kind of going with is they also want to invest in the services that can help others do the same as well, is kind of the the gist that I’m getting what Jasper thinks this product is about.

And so I think that’s kind of kind of nice to have both angles.

Because it is kind of giving you a couple different ways to reach out because I think there would be some people that for this particular product would be interested in in both sides of this.

It’s almost like people that buy a network marketing or MLM product are some that buy it because they want the health benefits of the product.

And there’s others that buy it because they want to promote the product and service and make money doing it.

So I think it’s nice to have two different angles to go here because two different customer avatars, but there’s quite a bit of overlap, because I think a lot of people that would want to invest in this would also want this for themselves at their house.

So I’ll keep continuing here.

Continue a little bit more.

I mean, this is almost like an actual letter that you’d get in the mail is how this one’s kind of going, I could see a little bit of cleaning up on this, but it’s really kind of a good start to a lead here for a letter to actually be physically mailed out.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to shift gears here and have it do a story on how someone suffered from the problem mentioned above, because I feel like it has enough information.


And we’re going to show how it demonstrate how they solve the problem with the above.

Little bit more here.

And then I would imagine putting some sort of call to action here, where you may even have a guarantee and some testimonials but a call to action.

Specifically, I feel that the star story solution is part of the lead part of so in sales copy, you’ve got like a headline subhead.

And you kind of introduce the the problem.

And you agitate that and then you provide the solution.

And partway through where you have the the problem agitate solution part of the sales copy is is really your lead.

And in that lead.

You usually have some sort of story that backs up either who the expert is or backs up someone’s results with the product that you’re trying to sell.

That’s kind of your ideal customer avatar.

Can you kind of introduce What was going on in their life, and they stumbled on your thing, or they learn this new system or they invested in whatever, and they got XYZ result and you’re really sharing the ideal lifestyle change that happened, whether it’s they lost weight, or they made a lot of money or they you know, reduce their carbon footprint, whatever it is that you’re selling.

That’s kind of where the star story solution part comes in, we’re introduces your your main character, and how that can apply to the person reading the letter.

So they can find value in investing in the product or service that you’re mentioning.

So I think of the star story solution as kind of an element of your sales page.

It could be an element of your email could be an element of your even a blog post, it could be an element of a video could be an element of video sales letter or sales letter.

In general, there’s so many different parts that you could use with the star story solution, and use that and combine it with other copywriting recipes.

This is how I would use this template myself.

That’s how I would use this this recipe to kind of brainstorm some ideas.

And I could even see this for writing in fictional books or writing screenplays, you can kind of get some of your backstory for different characters, and kind of give you some ideas of what Jasper thinks could be good to have for the actual people in your story.

And embellish that a little better.

Even if you’re writing, say a biography or memoir, you could put in some elements for yourself in there for the person that you’re writing about.

And see where Jasper takes obviously you need to fact check.

But see where Jasper goes in some of the direction because Jasper may may look at that and come up with comp an oddball thing that you want to thought of but it’s really interesting and it grabs the reader so I hope you find the star story solution, Jasper copywriting recipe useful and I would highly recommend that you combine this with other copywriting templates so you can get the maximum benefit out of it.

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