In this training, you’ll learn how to use the Brian Keith Voiles Jasper Copywriting Recipe with

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  1. Make a copy of the Brian Keith Voiles Jasper Copywriting Recipe
  2. Enter in your product/services details
  3. Let Jasper craft the beginning of your copy.

Unedited Transcript

In this training, we’re going to try the recipe that I made based off of how Brian Keith Voiles does his sales letters.

So we are going to run this recipe.

I’m going to paste in some text.

This is from someone on the Facebook group who wanted me to try out their product as something to go with one of my sales copy recipes.

So let’s try this here, we’re going to do the biggest benefit the above.

Okay, and what’s the biggest problem we solve?

The unique selling position.

So why should someone be interested in the above?

Why should they believe you do that one again.

A huge fan of what it’s about.

Try again may have to tweak this command.

For now, proof around claiming is true.

And let’s create a bulleted list for what’s about let’s create some scarcity.

I can modify this grid scarcity for the above order.

Okay, that’s one of them if they don’t take action.

Let’s motivate someone to take action now.

And so we’ve kind of got the basic starting point of a sales letter.

We’re going to add some more proof elements we can add a little bit more and tweak some of this copy that output but it gives you an example of how Brian Keith Voiles, right to sales copy and you can use this recipe, this formula if you will, inside of Jasper

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