In this training, you’ll learn how to improve your sales copy for e-Commerce products that you wish to sell online.


  1. Find a product you wish to sell. Alibaba and Aliexpress are popular market places to find e-Commerce products to dropship.
  2. Use the following tools inside “Product Description”, “Perfect Headline”,  “Amazon product features (bullets)” and “Amazon product description (paragraph)”
  3. If you need a store builder here’s a free Shopify alternative.

Unedited Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Reed Floren here and I’m going to share how you could use Jasper AI to help you write listings for either like an Amazon store or a Shopify store some sort of eecom kind of product you want to offer online. So I just went to Alibaba, and I grabbed our random product. This is some automatic bottle drinking thing. So I don’t know anything about it. I haven’t really checked this thing out, I know it’s got some bullet points down below.

That’s all I’ve really looked at. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to copy the product of kind of name here. And I want to put this inside of the product description for Jasper. So that is the product name, which I probably give it something sexier because that’s really just some bullet points. Actually, what I might do try copying that into another section of Jasper here quick curious it’ll come up with anything. Oh, I’m being mean people I’m not sure what the price really for but whatever. It’s some health thing.

So that’s getting me some some help here. The best mini portable water pump and we’ll go something like that. And then we grabbed this for the product. Now curiosity let’s just see if it comes up with anything. That’s kind of exciting there. Before I go any further off Oh, my goodness. You know, just looking at this. I mean, you’d want to double check this information.

But that seems like some good stuff to get you started. I can scroll down here. product details that’s what I want. And so it’s a they already have the mini electric part. food grade. food grade, your your for many electric USB rechargeable water pump for grade material. Bring commas in there just to make it a little bit better low noise notice this is just Nielsen some text I’m not even really giving it much info Well, 100 Mela amp hour large path so the battery wage charged, can pump. What was it eight to 10 buckets of water.

Okay. So I’m just gonna go with that. See what it comes up with AI content for that. So this is some stuff that you could definitely put in to your listing to make your version of this stand out. And that’s going to help you now if I go, let’s go to the dashboard, and I’m going to look at Amazon features and benefits, I think it was awesome. Try it this way about the product. And scrout the main things here, strong compatibility. In water dispenser, one below the mana, electric, water, Spencer. Anything else I watch. My accounts filled the day, there we go. So this would give some good bullet points, you’d obviously want to double check this information.

But that’s a handy way to make the copy for your eecom listing. If you had some sort of online store wants to go and do a product description. Oops, there we go. And let’s see what it comes up with. So that might give you some more stuff that you could use as be a great way if if you’re doing any sort of e commerce to quickly write your descriptions for different products. Imagine if you were adding a bunch of different products to your store.

And you knew a little bit about them based off of the information on your site like alley mama rally Express, and then you had it right up. So you could have that on your site or on your Amazon listing to make it easier for you to sell these products online and getting people to buy from your listing. So or even eBay. This could be useful for eBay to like be found something that you know, somewhere you know, even something around your house or garage sale or something, you could write a little bit in there and have it spit out the description for your eBay listing.

So hopefully this helps. I think this is a very quick and easy way to kind of get the brain juices flowing and be able to write out your you know, Amazon or Ebay or Shopify store listing for the product that you’re trying to sell online. So if you find this information useful, let me know how you’re going to use this to grow your business online.

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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