In this video training, I’ll share a technique I thought of in bed last night for writing content fast using and optimizing it with Surfer SEO.


  1. Create a Content Editor around your keyword in Surfer SEO
  2. Open a Google Spreadsheet and copy and paste the keywords from Surfer SEO and clean up & sort the columns
  3. Tell Jasper exactly what to write. Based on the recommendations from Surfer SEO
  4. Optional but highly recommended. Have a list of questions in mind to guide Jasper. In this demo, I didn’t guide Jasper at all but just wanted to share my thoughts quickly. You can find additional training in these posts
    How I Used SEO Minion + Jasper AI + Rank Math SEO to write a 13K word blog post and score 100/100 on my first try!
    and The #1 Way for How to Scrape Quora to find ALL the Questions in Your Niche!
  5. Once you’ve reached the desired length for your post per Surfer SEO suggestions copy and paste it into their editor to further optimize by adding headers, graphics with alt tags etc… Your goal is to have a score of 66 or higher, a score of 100 is nearly impossible to reach.
  6. Grammar and fact check your post and then publish it.

Unedited Transcript

Good morning, it’s Reed Floren here and I have got an idea that I want to share with you on how to really optimize your surfer, SEO and conversion, ai subscriptions. So I’ve been looking at all the different blog posts about surfer SEO and how it works and checking out some of the videos and other training they have on their website, they’ve got a couple email courses.

And so I think I have a method, that’s going to make it really easy to write SEO optimized content using surfer SEO and Jasper AI to gather and with beautiful as these tools actually are integrated now. So I can do this a lot easier. So here’s what I’ve discovered about the content editor. So in their help section for SEO, they talk about how the scoring works for the content editor. And it’s basically below 33 means your content isn’t optimized enough. So you need to optimize your texts and maybe add some additional chars between 33 and 66.

It’s optimize pretty well, you’re going to be better than most web pages on the internet, you may even start ranking. And anything over 66 means it’s ready to go. See, I think a lot of people try to get a perfect score of 100, which they say is pretty much impossible. So they even say it’s better to use common sense and keep your content score at 90, then trying to get 100.

So my goal is to get things to be at least 66 with this. And they give a couple suggestions here like make sure use prominent terms and headings, avoid over optimization of any suggested term in add images with relevant alternative text. So I can’t really do the images in the current version of Jasper right now. So I’m going to ignore that step. I think I found a way that we can avoid over optimization in Make sure to use prominent terms and headings.

That may be a little bit harder to do in Jasper, but copying and pasting what you create in Jasper into Google Docs and using the surfer SEO extension to check there or copying and pasting your content and putting it inside the content editor. In surfer SEO, would be a way to check the heading terms. And you may also be able to do your images with the railroad that with the alternative text. I haven’t tried that yet. But that may be an option that’s in there. So first off, what you need to do is you need to log into your surfer SEO account. And then you need to go to their content editor section, and then pick a topic that you want to do, I’m going to do a broad one here.

So this is affiliate marketing. And I also did it with content editor and the NLP. It’s like natural language processing was what they call I want to call it something else, because I think of it as a different thing as neuro linguistic programming is what I think of it. But it’s natural language processing for how they are referring to it. And so what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to notice here, that server SEO is telling you that the top articles or top blog post top things that are ranking online for affiliate marketing, at the time of making this report are between 4036 words and 4641 words they have 27 to 68 headings, they have at least 130 paragraphs. And they have between 20 and 55 images.

And then these are popular phrases that are appearing in those articles. And here are some of the headings that are very popular. And this is the narrow or sorry, the natural language processing. I think that’s all included in the all section. So I’m just going to use the all section. I’m also going to use the topic section. So we are going to set up a long form post inside of Jasper.

So write a 4000 word blog post about affiliate marketing. Okay, so I’m going to type that in to Jasper. Then we’re going to use 27 to 68 headings use 27 to 68 different headings. Use at least use at least 130 different Say paragraphs and be sure to cover answer these questions. Use the LEAs keywords. Okay, now we are going to grab, grab the different keywords here, I’m gonna highlight them, we’re going to copy that, we’re going to open up a Google Sheet, and we’re gonna paste that in here. Okay? Now, you may notice that that’s all in one thing. So I’m going to highlight my column here to do data, split text to columns. Now one way to do this, so Nazis all have zero. So I’m going to go with a zero slash.

So those are all on the new column. Okay. That’s good. Now, to highlight this, again, I want to copy this, just make sure I get the right thing there. So I copied the little dash. And then I selected this column B again, and I’m going to split text columns again. And custom, I’ll put that separator in there, boom, at least at most, keyword, right? Now, I’m going to select those three columns, and go data. Create a filter, okay, then, for column B, it’s that least.

So I’m gonna select this little icon here, it’s like a little drop down, I’m going to shorten Z to A, so that’s going to tell me the ones that are the that need to be used the most. And I’m going to copy all of this, it’s not going to let me use all of it, because there’s too many characters, but I’m gonna copy all that. Gonna go into Yeah, I think that’s good. I’m gonna do that. So, in conclusion, where we’re at right now, we’ve got at least a 4000, word, blog post, we want 27 to 68 different headings, we want at least 130 paragraphs, we want to answer the following questions.

And we want to use these keywords on it. At least in at most, these many times in the article. Okay, so I’m not going to fill out this optional keyword section, I’m just going to see if it’ll do this. I want to have it generate some ideas. Let’s see. Let’s go with the Definitive Guide to affiliate marketing, that’s fine. We can always change that. Go with this first one. Alright, so I’m going to open up SEO mode.

And I’ll probably have to open this and close this a few times. Because I feel like it doesn’t always update things immediately. So let me click on my content editor piece. So right now I have a score of six. I’ve got 72 words, I’ve got one paragraph, okay. Now, from what I gather, the things to really increase your optimization here is bringing these greens, or sorry, these reds to green is what’s going to optimize your stuff the most. So what I’m going to do, is I’m just going to copy a bunch of words here because we’re going to use this trick over and over again. I’m gonna switch this media to law and I hit compose. As it does that, the word count will increase here and this may fluctuate, sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t.

All right, or paste that again, and delete. So Ctrl Z, and hit compose, I’m just gonna let this right. And so it’s gonna keep writing. We’ll check it once it hits 4000 words. We’ll see if it makes sense. It may not, I don’t know, this is just an experiment. And I think with a little bit of guidance, you could convince, you could get this to do a really optimized article in a short amount of time. I’m trying to do like bare minimum input just to see what it does. Because this was an idea I had while I was laying in bed. So we’re gonna see what happens.

And we’re still writing here we got 10 paragraphs. Got 300. And some words, I’ve noticed this has not gone up any, so are 400 words. Let’s switch modes again, and just see if it changes when I open up SEO mode again. It might mean that we’re going to see what happens. I may have to refresh the page. Copy. That’s all just in case. There’s any issue. It should save it, but we’re going to find out. So it’s loading. Okay, so we’re at 15. So we went from, I think we’re at six before to 15. And we are at 570 words right now. Okay, so we’re a couple minutes into this.

Copy that paste again. switch this to long. Okay, no, oh, we got this one to green. And this is to green. So we need to keep an eye and see if it will go above those. I don’t know if it will. That’s something to pay attention. This is an experiment. So we’re going to compose. Now each of these question things, they could be different headings, I’m noticing that it’s not adding headings in here. So I don’t think that’s something that Jasper AI has set up yet. So I’m going to compose we’re still writing. Now another thing to pay attention with this, because I’m not guiding it at all, it may be kind of repetitive. So some of these may get put into different posts. That’s just something to bear in mind.

Once you can scroll down here. Once we hit 1000 words, we’ll see if we’ve gone up any higher. Like we’re in 800 range. Think you may want to guide at some more with like different questions you want it to answer or have some different topics in mind. For it hit. I’ve noticed that it hasn’t figured out that I want to do at most for affiliate marketer. So that has hit the the red here. So that that may be something to bear in mind that at least in the current version, it doesn’t understand. I want to do that at most, that many times. So it’s over optimized.

So something to bear in mind. There is is you may Not even have the at least rep most, you may just do this column here and get as many of those in. And then just pay attention to it yourself. And if you see that you’re hitting limits for different areas, you’ll want to start guiding Jasper a little bit more. So I’m gonna try to interest yo mode here again. I may have to refresh a copy of this just to make sure I don’t want to lose her progress. It should save it but you never know. Seems to be hanging a little bit trying to connect to server. There we go.

Alright, so I’m at 25 already. And we’re at 1000 words. And I do think there’s some repetitiveness here, but I haven’t been guiding it at all. I’ve been giving it no input on what I want it to do, or what direction I want it to take. Got a bunch of them in the green here. I think it has answered this question a couple times. So it doesn’t seem to realize that it’s hit that exit SEO mode, because I think it kind of slows things down a little bit. You’d probably want to change the date here, there’s different things you’d want to do. So I’m gonna go back and focus mode. Our word count is up there right now.

I’m just going to copy that, paste it. Check it again, once we hit 2000 words just to see if we get any closer to that magical number of 66. But I think with a little bit of guidance, I think with having images, I think with adding headings, I think with doing some other stuff to make this a little more readable. You’re going to be able to really bump your score up. But we’re going to keep playing here. So we’re at 1300 words we’ve hit 1500 words. Turn Grammarly off and language. Just because it’s documents getting kind of long term that off. turn linnworks off Do we have to turn off WordTune as well. have lots of fun little tools hear heard as we go Should speed up the process a little bit because it’s doing all this grammar checking.

And that’s just this kind of tedious when when you’ve got a documents large and we’re not planning on immediately using it Oh, was turned off. Now my writing will go faster and turn those on later. Oh, no. Just tweak that out because I wasn’t expecting it to make that error, go. Hey, we’ll check this once we hit 2000. And then we’ll check and get 3000. I’ll check again at 4000 isn’t just for fun. Okay, so it’s things were at 1000 words here. So I need to refresh.

So we’re at 25 before, and we’ve basically added another 1000 words. I do think it’s a little repetitive, because I haven’t been guiding it at all. Oh, interesting. That only went up to 26. So I’m guessing we’re over optimized for different things like affiliate marketer, we’ve used a bunch and affiliate marketers, we’ve used a bunch, so it’s, but we have a lot of green here. That’s, that’s looking promising. So we’ll go back into focus mode.

And switch this back to long? answering that same question again. I got to have the repetitive ness of it is getting I think I need to be guiding it is what I need to be doing. Have a list of questions I want to answer. Make those my headings and just let it have at it. So grab like all the people also ask questions or grab a bunch of questions on Quora. I’ve got some other training, that that shows that but maybe having a good document with those up.

So you know, or I think you can put them in your notes. Yeah, you can have this Notes section I think. So I think you can add stuff in here. That’d be one thing way to do it. That’s probably better than me just letting this one is. Because it’s just kinda just kind of writing whatever it wants to do right now. I’ll hit 3000. Let’s see if we bump up any. I was kind of surprised we didn’t bump up anyone we are. Well, I hit the wrong thing. That’s okay. That will regenerate that long. One hour learning about ebooks. A little off topic. We’re definitely in the E book. thing and Jasper’s thinking that we want content about ebooks.

So it’s kind of funny that it’s got a mind of its own. I’m gonna refresh this just so I for sure know it’s grabbing stuff. 30 so we did increase a little bit. So I do think that there’s definitely room for improvement. I’m gonna, I’m gonna hit the 4000 just to see. I don’t know This score is going to go up without me making things headings. To be honest, I haven’t played enough with surfer SEO to know. So we’re going to go back into focus mode. Because we’re so close to Oh 4000 or 3000 something, make sure this is long again. be interesting to see if Jasper gets back on track, or it’s good, it’s gonna talk about ebooks for the remainder.

There was something about long form content or whatever and then it started thinking I want to talk about ebooks for some reason. And since I haven’t been guiding jervis at all, I’m just letting it right whatever we’ve done like no editing, it’s just gonna kind of right. Alright, I’m gonna delete that. I don’t know what that gobbly gook was. Oh, I saw something about affiliates. Again. We’re switching gears back to affiliate marketing suite.

An email lists and video marketing okay. Getting kind of on topic, right? You need to fact check a lot of this information, but we’re just having a little fun here almost at fourth, which is really curious to see what it does. So we’ve hit 4000. Now what was the amount it was like 4641 is the max so let’s try to get as close to that as possible. Here’s close might be able to do one more.

Do one more generation could probably do one more. We went over hopefully the sense. Lows are not 4620 words. All right. Let’s go into SEO mode. Actually. Let’s refresh want to make sure I’m going to refresh we’re on SEO mode see what it says inside editor here are 36 okay and that things were a little bit over for words. I want to get rid of a couple more here Hey, I’m gonna go to their actual header Oh, looky here How do you become an affiliate marketer? Let’s make that heading to Hey, we had an I had a bad another headache. Oh, look at this. Let’s make that a heading.

Oh, interesting. That dropped it down. Wonder why I don’t know enough. We’re getting real close to that 66 mark. Going down and up and down. will go a lot of questions here. I think some of them are a bit repetitive but so I think with a little proper planning on what you want to talk about, such as letting Jasper run wild is probably your best bet. Looks like you can add images to I’m not going to add images because I didn’t plan that out. I don’t have a image in mind.

But I bet that would get me to 66 really quick if I did. That’s price our score hasn’t gone up any with all these headings has gone up or down in a while. Just gonna try to get it to the 27 mark. See if that changes things. Oops. I need to put a line break there. All done like that. Let me try doing a heading three. Heading Two to so I hit 27. argue that 67 see it needed an image. All right. So technically, we’re optimized. According to this. Now I know this is an article I’m not going to post because I just wanted to see what would happen here.

But I really think just playing with this, that you need to have an outline of what you want to cover. And then once Jasper kind of completes its thought on answers a specific question. Then you have it segue and switch gears to the next topic or the next question that you want to answer. And that’s going to be another heading in here. You do these as like heading two tags inside the content editor of surfer SEO, you add maybe a relevant image with the alt tag, possibly the actual like full question might be your alt tag.

And and you do that for each one of these. And you aim to hit the right amount of words right amount of headings right amount of images. the right amount of paragraphs. So like, for instance, with this one, I would probably come up with a list of 27 to 68 different questions I want to answer or different sections that I want to answer, I would aim for for 1000s of words, I would make sure that it did a couple paragraphs in the answer for each one. And then I would add an image that was relevant to each question or each topic.

And that would be my blog post, that I would have Jasper right. And I believe that I could get in that 67 or 66. And above range on surfer SEO, using this method. And also paying attention to those different terms. Like I mentioned earlier, see, we have a lot of them in green here. That’s going to make this optimization a lot easier. And then I would just take this content and put it into my WordPress, I think I can just copy and paste this whole thing and drop it into WordPress. There might even be an export button and send it to WordPress. I don’t know I haven’t played with it enough.

But if surfer SEO or adds that that’d be a really slick tool, just food for thought guys. But I think this would be a really good way to optimize your content and paying attention to the right amount of keywords that you need entered, and just have that real good outline of what you want covered.

So I hope you found this information useful. underneath this video, you can get signed up for a free trial of Jasper AI and you can also sign up for $1 trial to surfer SEO. So check out those links and I look forward to helping you create better content using Jasper AI and optimizing it with surfer SEO

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