There are three main tools that I used: SEO Minion, Jasper AI, and Rank Math SEO.

Yesterday, I had the idea to write a blog post from scratch answering the top questions in my market. You can read blog post 91 Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing in April 2021.

My name is Reed Floren and in this blog post, I’ll be showing you my workflow for writing a 13,000-word blog post went from start to finish.

Together I call them the “SEO Trio.” The idea behind these three tools is to use them together–each one with its own purposes–to craft an article that will rank on Google’s first page of search results as well as convert visitors into leads or customers for your business.

With the SEO Trio, I was able to come up with the exact questions my website visitors want answers to.

Then I was able to crank out a 13,000-word article that answered their most frequently asked questions all using the power of artificial intelligence.

I then used Rank Math SEO to create an optimized blog post that scores 100 out of 100 and it was the VERY first time I used this SEO plugin!

rank math seo

I am proud of my first published article using this method because it has already received a lot of social media shares and it’s only been up for a few hours.

Think about how your business could benefit from using these three tools to rank in Google’s top spots for customers who are looking for the best products or services!

Here are the exact steps I took to go from idea to finished SEO optimized 13,000-word article in one day.


  1. Download the SEO Minion Extension and search Google for your topic then download the People Also Ask (PAA) and Frequently Asked FAQ data.
  2. Use Jasper AI long-form assistant to write your blog post
  3. Use Rank Math SEO to create an optimized blog post with a score of 100/100
  4. Use additional plugins to help score a 100/100 rank and make your life easier.

Follow along with my video here:

Unedited Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Reed Floren here. And I want to give you a walkthrough of how exactly I wrote this evergreen blog post. And I used artificial intelligence, and SEO, extension for Chrome, and the arranque. Math WordPress plugin to help optimize my blog posts.

So first thing I did was I downloaded an extension called SEO minion. So I’m just going to show you what that is. And this is their website. And so this is a tool that’s an extension you can download for free for Chrome and also on Firefox, and it does a lot of stuff. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to search for something. So let’s say we’ll do email marketing. Okay. Now, what it does is this has a ton of things, we can download all sorts of stuff. But one of the really nice things is it can download, frequently asked question data.

And but people also ask suggestions, let me show you what the people also asks are. So you know what that that is, that’s this part of the search query. So what I’m going to do here is I’m just going to have it download the first 10 clicks. And I’ll hit go. And so this is going to download those. So I have 24 of them that downloaded, it’s going to open this up as a spreadsheet. Now, what I would do is I would sort this for alphabetical Oh, okay. What Copy that, then what I’m going to use is this is the tool used to do the artificial intelligence. It’s called conversion, AI. And we’re going to write a blog post out or answering frequently asked questions about email marketing.

Okay, want to hit Continue. I can’t with some headline ideas, we’ll see if there’s any I like. And I’ll just use that one for now, it can also write a paragraph for me to start things off, is using that information from the headline and from what I entered in to come up with this. So what I’m gonna do, I’ll use this one for now. I could also write my own. But I’ll use that for now. Now, what gets really nice here is I can have it continue writing for switching too long. And I can just show you how that works real quick. I’m not sure if I’ll be using that content, because I haven’t really read it through yet. But here it’s answering some of those questions.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to paste the questions that I grabbed from that spreadsheet, change that 2021 do that. And then what you can do here to break up stuff is you can put the pound sign or hash tag sign however you want to do it. And that will tell it to stop reading up above this line. So I’m going to have it write more content here. Okay, now let’s say I didn’t want that information. I can delete that. Then I could continue writing a little bit myself. Another little trick I’ve done is just copy and paste that again, and then Ctrl Z to get rid of it. And I’m going to compose and see if it expands on that thought.

Okay, so I can delete that part. And let’s say I want to see if there’s anything else that will continue on for that. I’ll continue on if it if it asks more questions, or if it kind of switch gears, I will move on to the next question. Okay, so I’m gonna move on to the next question. So I’m already out 482 words I’ve deleted you know, several things. I know some of this I’ll have to go over and double check things. But this is a really fast way to come up with content and that stuff That could potentially rank on search engine. So I’m gonna have it, write this. Okay? copy and paste this again in here. See if it continues that thought. Okay, Nana, my copy and paste again here, see if it has any more can add on. Okay, didn’t really have any more that I want to add more at 670 some words, and we’ve been doing this for a couple minutes.

Now, you may want to organize these things a little differently. Or you may have different pages like each one of these questions could be their own blog post if you wanted. But anyways, let me go back into WordPress here. This is my very first time using rankmath. I had heard about it over the weekend. And I was like, I’m gonna download that and see what it is. Because I’m not an SEO guy. I don’t know, diddly squat about SEO. But this was so cool. So let me scroll down here.

So what I did is I pasted in the content from And I did like h2 headings for each question, in my posts is really long. It’s like 13,000 words or something ridiculous. So anyways, I put that in there. And we’re gonna scroll down to the bottom here. And I put my focus keywords, affiliate marketing, you know, I’m using that in my title, I’m using that in my description, it’s in my URL, it’s in the first 10% of content. I’ve got it in the content, you know, 12,937 words long, you know, I think for it to get too good. It was like 1500 or 2500.

And so that I mean, this is like way overkill. I went I answered 91 questions, there’s no way you’d have to answer that man, I’m sure if I answered like 10, it would have been totally fine. And so it also had the subheads. And I put some images in there and put all its attributes in there. My keyword density is relatively low considering how many words are in this article. I’ve got a short URL, I’m linking to stuff that some do follow links. I also have links on my own website. I haven’t used this focus keyword before, I’m guessing I’m not sure if that pays attention to other posts that I’ve done or not.

This is like my first real blog post and like a decade where I’ve put like a lot of content in blog posts, most of my blog posts as of late have been like, Well, here’s a video that I shot or here’s a review of some product and it’s kind of a template, I copy and paste over and over and over again, I just duplicate the post and change the product name and put a little blurb about what that actual product is there isn’t a whole lot of effort I put into it. This is like a real post. It’s evergreen content. Anyways, we’ve got the title readability.

Here. It’s the focus keyword, you know, positive seven minute or negative power word. That’s cool. I’ve got a number because so I’ll share with that in a little bit. And I’ve got this content readability, I’ve added a table of contents, got short paragraphs, and I have images and video. So for no table of contents, I downloaded some plug in for that.

Might people show you what that is here. I can’t remember the name of it. But it was this table of contents. I think I just searched for it on WordPress. And it put the table contents automatically in my post and that links to each one of these things and I downloaded another plug in. Now let me just open up my plug in so I can show you what they are quick. So go to active. And let’s see I have amp on to make my site faster. Apparently that helps I think was easy table of contents. I have this dynamic month in year that I’m using.

I’ll show you how that works in just a second. And I did smush to make images be more optimized because the images were rather big. And I have this WP optimize. I don’t know if those are the best plugins or not, you know, you can let me know. I’m not a blogger, so I don’t really know. But anyways, my things 100 out of 100 so with that other plug in that what is it called? Thank you It was like evergreen countdown, evergreen count or no dynamic month in year sorry, dynamic month and year and posts.

It lets you add things like this bracket and year and I think bracket and month might have bracket in day two, but bracket and month and bracket in here. So if you go to my blog post here you’ll see that it has April 2021. So when this hits may is going to say may 2021, June 2021, I’d say it’s, you know, 2025. It’ll be like January 2025.

And it’ll update that. And as I add more questions in here, I’ll, I’ll up that or if I decide to remove some I can remove some. And so that’s just really cool. And that’s how I’m using all these different tools. You know, most of them are free, you can get access, I’m on the free plan for rankmath. Right now, WordPress is free.

The Table of Contents plugin is free, SEO minions free, and the dynamic date plugin, I get the name of it. But the dead dynamic month in urine posts plugin that was free. The only paid thing that I’m using here is Jasper AI, and you can sign up for a free trial, you can click the link underneath this video, you can get access to all these tools.

But I would definitely suggest signing up for And trying this out. Because it was a really cool way to generate a ton of content that you can as you optimize with rank math, and then use SEO minion to find the different questions that your potential prospects, your customers, your people that are looking for your website are searching for on Google.

And that’s going to help you get more traffic, get more people signing up for your email list, getting more people to buy your products and more people to share your posts. In fact, you know, I, I made this post from scratch from from idea to completion yesterday. And there’s a few things you all probably do a little bit of tweaking and editing and fix some typos and stuff like that.

But I started this in the afternoon. And before I went to bed, I put this post up. It’s 13,000 words, it’s already had 174 likes on Facebook. So there’s a ton of potential this I haven’t sent any paid advertising at all. I shared it with a few people online. And you know, it’s spreading virally. So this is really cool. And I really love all these different tools I’ve put together to whip out amazing content in a short amount of time and get it to be SEO optimized with the rank math plugin.

So click the links underneath this video. They’re in the description or underneath the video if you’re viewing this on my blog, and you’re going to be able to get access to all the tools I mentioned in this and it’s going to help you make a ton of content that you can rank online with the different tools that I share with you in this video. So click those links right now.



You’ll want a WordPress blog if you are going to use Rank Math SEO and the other plugins listed below.


Get your WordPress post ready using AMP to help make it fast.


Help keep your image file sizes small making your page load faster

WP Optimize 

Help increase website performance and reducing server load making your visitors happy because your site will load faster.

Easy Table of Contents 

Adds a table of contents to your blog post linking your visitors to the right question and answer.

Dynamic Month & Year 

Allows you to automatically update the month and year in your post making it appear to be recently updated.

Let me know if you found this helpful. I would love to see the blog posts that you write using this method!

Looking for more tips? I have put together quite a few here.

Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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