rank math seo

There are three main tools that I used: SEO Minion, Conversion AI, and Rank Math SEO.

Yesterday, I had the idea to write a blog post from scratch answering the top questions in my market. You can read blog post 91 Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing in April 2021.

My name is Reed Floren and in this blog post, I’ll be showing you my workflow for writing a 13,000-word blog post went from start to finish.

Together I call them the “SEO Trio.” The idea behind these three tools is to use them together–each one with its own purposes–to craft an article that will rank on Google’s first page of search results as well as convert visitors into leads or customers for your business.

With the SEO Trio, I was able to come up with the exact questions my website visitors want answers to.

Then I was able to crank out a 13,000-word article that answered their most frequently asked questions all using the power of artificial intelligence.

I then used Rank Math SEO to create an optimized blog post that scores 100 out of 100 and it was the VERY first time I used this SEO plugin!

rank math seo

I am proud of my first published article using this method because it has already received a lot of social media shares and it’s only been up for a few hours.

Think about how your business could benefit from using these three tools to rank in Google’s top spots for customers who are looking for the best products or services!

Here are the exact steps I took to go from idea to finished SEO optimized 13,000-word article in one day.

Follow along with my video here:

  1. Download the SEO Minion Extension and search Google for your topic then download the People Also Ask (PAA) and Frequently Asked FAQ data.
  2. Use Conversion AI long-form assistant to write your blog post
  3. Use Rank Math SEO to create an optimized blog post with a score of 100/100
  4. Use additional plugins to help score a 100/100 rank and make your life easier.


You’ll want a WordPress blog if you are going to use Rank Math SEO and the other plugins listed below.


Get your WordPress post ready using AMP to help make it fast.


Help keep your image file sizes small making your page load faster

WP Optimize 

Help increase website performance and reducing server load making your visitors happy because your site will load faster.

Easy Table of Contents 

Adds a table of contents to your blog post linking your visitors to the right question and answer.

Dynamic Month & Year 

Allows you to automatically update the month and year in your post making it appear to be recently updated.

Let me know if you found this helpful. I would love to see the blog posts that you write using this method!

Looking for more Conversion.ai tips? I have put together quite a few here.

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Reed Floren

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      Really enjoyed this post and the video you provided! Lots of really good info! Learned about a few new plugins too! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with this new software, I appreciate it!

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