Are you looking for how to scrape quora? I’ve found a super simple way to grab ALL the questions the customers in your niche market are asking.

This way you’ll be able to find out what they need help with, what solutions they are looking for, what they think of your competition, what words they use so you can use them in your content to build a deeper relationship with them.

You could even use it to build massive blog posts like this one on Affiliate Marketing FAQ

Or use it to get a ton of views on Quora.

Or use it to create video content.

Or use it to create better products and services.

I think you get the idea…


All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Locate your topic that you want to scrape all the questions. For example Affiliate Marketing is
  2. Add “all_questions” to the end of the URL so it looks like this
  3. Use the AnyPicker extension to scrape the questions
  4. Sort through the questions in your favorite spreadsheet program to find the EXACT questions you want to answer that will give you the most benefit.
  5. Start answering the questions either on Quora, your site, social media or make YouTube Videos. My favorite way to do this is to use

How to Scrape Quora a Step By Step Guide

Unedited Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Reed Floren here, and I’m going to share with you how you can download all of the questions on Quora for a given topic. So what you want to do is you want to navigate to a topic, so I’m just going to navigate to affiliate marketing. Alright, now, you could grab just what shows up in the answer tab. But sometimes that’s going to give you other questions that you don’t necessarily want.

So I’m going to put all underscore questions at the end of the URL, when I hit Enter, and it’s going to have every single one. Now, I use an extension called any picker. But what I found is, you really need to scroll down to grab this information. So I’m gonna scroll down, you see these little dots here, it’s grabbing the rest. And we’re going to just keep scrolling down, sometimes any picker can grab all this for you and automatically move to the next page. But I haven’t quite figured it out where it’ll go every single time on Quora. But let me give you an example, since I’ve done it a few times.

So I’m going to open up any picker. I’m going to do a new recipe, select multiple rows. And then what I want to do is I want to get that information, possibly the amount of answers and how many people follow, it would be good as well. Just so I have that. Now, one thing you can do is you can change information here like I’ll put question there. How many answers? URL and its followers, right. So I’ll select my links. Don’t think I need to do that. Make sure I have everything. Here. I’m just gonna scroll down a little bit.

Now you can define navigation. If there is no thing, click here, and it should scroll down. It doesn’t always work. So we’re just gonna set that for the default RCW if it does it, and I’m going to click Build task. And what this is going to do is it should scrape the data from Chora. So we can see, here’s the page, the title page, you don’t really need that information. But here’s the question. Here’s how many answers are currently on there. Here’s the URL to get to that specific question. Here’s how many people are following it. So what I believe you’d have the the best luck with this is to find the ones that are in your niche market that don’t have any answers that have followers, because those followers should get notified that you put an answer.

And since there’s no answer yet, your answer is going to be the top one for that result, which will help you be the number one choice for this question when people search for it on Quora or on Google, because your answer is going to be the default number one there. So let me know what you think we’re going to let this go for a while and see what it grabs. We’ll keep scrolling down here. See, we’re still grabbing data. We’re on page nine, I guess I did up to 30. So we’ll just let it go. PAGE 10. And we were already at a couple 100 questions here. And some of these may not be as related as you want. Like, for instance, what is the best niche in 2021? Not necessarily affiliate marketing related.

So when you open these up in your spreadsheet, what you may want to do is do some sort of filter, where you just see the ones that have your particular topic mentioned in the question, because that’s going to help get rid of things that are kind of related, but maybe you don’t necessarily want to talk about and this is a good way for you to, you know, create an authority on Quora and also find out what questions your customers are asking because these are things that are going to kind of give you product ideas, it’s going to give you video ideas, going to blog post ideas, and give you all sorts of content ideas. So this is still you know, just grabbing all this data for me. What I’m going to do just because it’s taking a while to get everything

Here, for the sake of this video, I’m going to hit stop. And I’m going to download my video. And he was affiliate marketing demo. Alright, open that up. So opening it in Excel, I believe you can use I have a premium plan for any picture. But I believe they have a free option and it should do this all. I bought it and I had a lifetime deal that was pretty reasonable. And so I picked it up because I was like, well, this is cool. But be careful of this. You don’t want to like abuse this, you don’t want to be scraping for all day long, that kind of thing. But it’s a good way to get a bunch of questions in a short amount of time and have access to those questions. So you can create content, you also may want to remove any sort of duplicate questions.

So let me load up Excel here. So I opened the file, but maybe I didn’t. So here we go, I’ve got the file open. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to add a filter, I am going to go for the ones that have no answer, because that’s going to be my low hanging fruit. So that’s 223 of 380. Then I’m going to do ones that have text that says affiliate, I think it was affiliate program was our topic. So that’s 39 right there. Okay, then what I’m going to do is I am going to remove duplicates. And that is going to be call them see? All right, so 36 no original questions, there may be things that are slight variation. But that was just like here, like how long does it take to get paid?

That might be a really good blog post, because you could answer all these, you know, popular affiliate programs. Now you may have to do this research on your own, you may not be able to use AI to to answer that. But it’d be a good way to, you know, answer those questions for each one of these popular topics, like in a blog post, and you could even link to these offers and perhaps even earn commissions or maybe they have a way where you can earn Commission’s on other people’s affiliate efforts for that. So that might be a an interesting blog post idea.

Obviously, how long does it take to get paid? might be a good one. Now. You’ll make me my question. I think it was actually just an affiliate marketing. Let me there are this affiliate program, let’s do it as affiliate marketing and see how many we got affiliate marketing, it gives a 64. Just from this quick search, then I mean, we’ve been calling from start to finish on this for what, like eight minutes. I mean, I could have let this go for a lot longer and get a ton more questions. So there’s a lot of potential here. These are just questions that no one has answered yet. And there’s gonna be a ton now. I could also go and look at the followers.

And I could go Oh, look, this one will do sending this one has six followers, there’s no questions. Does blogging make more money than affiliate marketing? So have you had an opinion on that or expertise on that you could share that information one way or the other. You know, if you thought affiliate marketing was better, blogging was better? How I earn money with affiliate marketing, so it’s probably how do I earn money? How do I learn Seo? Is there a good future of affiliate marketing or AdSense?

So, you know, these are all questions people want answers to and they don’t have the answers. There’s no answers on Quora for this. You can do this for any topic in any niche market and it’s a great way to get 10s if not hundreds, if not 1000s of questions in a short amount of time. And it’s going to give you unlimited content ideas for your blog for responding to these posts for emails to your list for just the language people use that are your ideal customer so you can custom tailor made your promotions your offers your products to your audience to help you make more sales.

So if you find this information useful, let me know. You know like this post comment below. Let me know how you’re going to use this to help you grow your business.

What do you think of this method? I hope it’s helpful. Let me know below.

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