Have you ever wanted to know how to download youtube subtitles?

In this training, you’ll discover how you can find popular videos in your niche market and then use Conversion.ai to rewrite the transcript/subtitles so you have unique content.

Follow along with this video:

We will walk through the steps of downloading YouTube subtitles and improving them with Conversion.ai.

  1. Install the free Youtube Subtitle Download Helper extension
  2. Find a YouTube video you want subtitles for.
  3. Click on the Youtube Subtitle Download Helper extension and hit download.
  4. Copy and paste the subtitles into Conversion.ai long-form editor.
  5. Go sentence by sentence and either click “Rephrase” or “Make more creative” to create your own unique content based on someone else’s video.

I hope that I was able to teach you something new today by walking through how to download YouTube subtitles & improve them with Conversion.ai 

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