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*UNLOCKED* Intro Video 1 of 7
Welcome to Newbie Profit Formula

*UNLOCKED* Part 2 of 7
Finding Facebook Friends

*UNLOCKED* Part 3 of 7
How to Find a Product to Promote

*UNLOCKED* Part 4 of 7
How to Write Facebook Posts
That Get Commented On

*UNLOCKED* Part 5 of 7
How to Reply to Facebook Comments
& Earn Affiliate Commissions

*UNLOCKED* Part 6 of 7
Bonus Training: How to Maximize Your Results

*UNLOCKED* Part 7 of 7 
DFY Tools

DFY Tools

Note: I've added a TON of DFY tools not just the ones in the message. Almost one for everyday of the month and I plan on putting the rest in as I find good offers for you.

Feel free to use them as is but you'll have better results putting them in your own words.