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*UNLOCKED* Part 1 of 3
Getting Started + First Homework Assignment

Part 1: Checklist & Homework

Note: If you get review access to a product before video 2 comes out you can start going through it and create your unique bonuses

*UNLOCKED* Part 2 of 3
How to Automate Bonus Delivery
& Capture Buyer Leads

Part 2 Checklist & Homework

If you haven't yet be sure request offers, reach out to the vendors for review access and start creating your unique bonuses.

If you are feeling lazy you can use Private Label Rights (PLR) OR ask the vendor if they have any bonuses you can use.

HOWEVER your best results will come from creating your own bonuses.

Since most of the people going through this course probably don't haven't products of your own I recommend creating bonuses based off the product itself such as NOTES, ACTION PLANS, RESOURCE LISTS etc.

A bonuses could be anything really. Just make sure that it IMPROVES the product your customers are purchasing.

*UNLOCKED* Part 3 of 3
How to Get Top Search Engine Rankings
& Traffic That Buys From Your Links
(Even Without Your Own Website)

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P.P.S. In the first video/homework notes from the "Simple Traffic Strategy" training you should grab my Pimpr bonuses as that gives you another module from that $997 coaching program. 🙂