In this training, you’ll learn how you can transcribe your videos/audios and polish them up into blog posts, articles, or even a chapter for a book. Please note I mentioned “Make More Creative” which has been replaced with “Explain it to a 5th grader”


  1. Get a free account
  2. Record and upload your file (or open their editor and just speak and have it write)
  3. Copy your text and put into long-form assistant.
  4. Alternate between the “Explain it to a 5th grader” and “Rephrase” they have removed the “Make More Creative” since recording this video.
  5. You now have repurposed a transcript and make it into a better blog post, article, or chapter for a book.

Unedited Transcript

Guys, I don’t know about you, but you might have some content that you’ve either created yourself, like maybe you’ve interviewed someone, or you’ve made videos like this, or you’ve done podcasts. And you can get that information transcribed, there’s a service called And it lets you upload your audios and your videos, and you can transcribe it.

You also could download content, transcribe it, and other people create may or may not be what they want you to do with it. But I’ve done that before where I have uploaded training that I’ve purchased. And I’ve uploaded that to the system and let it generate a transcript for me. So I don’t have to sit and watch the whole video, I can just look through the transcript or search the transcript and find the exact information I’m looking for. So it’s very useful.

But you could take this information, and let’s say, maybe a video that you’ve done like this was, this was a Facebook Live for a group of mine, where I was demonstrating how to use a software tool. And so I’m going to do is I’m going to just save that file will open it up. And this is the whole transcript. So I can copy that. And I can go on to long form assistant, I should actually see what this is about.

Okay, it’s how to add, how to add to drip feed, email addresses, and to third party autoresponders like get response using listflex. All right. So they’re relatively new tools. So I don’t think Jasper’s really know what lists flex is just going to use that for now generate ideas. Oops, mentor, site open editor.

Alright, so what I could do is see if it adds any more relevant content, I don’t know if it will, because it doesn’t probably doesn’t know about this company, then it’s pretty decent. What I’m gonna do is paste my transcript in here. That’s probably kind of long. So that’s over 10,000 words. So get rid of my name there. See if it can make this more interesting.

So we can, can change that. Like and have it, rephrase that. Here’s a way that you could take your recording or someone else’s stuff and have Jasper, rewrite it in your own words, which is going to help you generate really good content. So let’s say you found some information online that you really, really liked. And it was useful for people in your market, you could have, rewrite that entire transcript of that recording, and then that could be content that you put up on your own website.

And this is just kind of a sneaky way to do it. Or if you’ve got your own content, like you’ve been making videos or audios, you could do it with your own stuff. In this way, you could make your stuff maybe a little punchier to put online because maybe you were just talking off the cuff like I am now. And Jasper could then improve and flesh out the written content. So you could make it more engaging, and have it on your website, or turn it into a book or whatever you want to do. And let Jasper do this for you to make your life a lot easier.

So I hope you find this information useful. I’d love to see what you’re going to do with it. Comment below and let me know how you’re going to use this to grow your business.

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