I created an ad using this method last night and so far this morning it is kicking butt compared to my previous ad set. My old ad has a click-through rate (CTR) of 31.25% and my new ad has a CTR of 60% or a 92% increase in CTR. This will give me cheaper clicks, more traffic, and ultimately more leads and sales.

In this video, you’ll learn my method for creating a single Google Ad and turning it into 43,680 permutations to help find a winning combination faster using Jasper.ai


  1. Set up your Google Ad campaign
  2. Use Google Ads Headline inside Jasper.ai and find 15 headlines you like.
  3. Use Google Ads Description inside Jasper.ai and find 4 descriptions you like.
  4. Paste those headlines and descriptions into your ad campaign.
  5. Track your results and continue to make new campaigns.

Unedited Transcript

Hey guys, in this video, I’m going to share with you how you can create one ad inside of Google Ads using Jasper.ai aysa. Ai is Jasper to create 43,680 different permutations, so you can test and find the winner. So let’s get started. So first off, you’re going to want to create your ad group inside of Google ads. And this is just going to be a demo. I’m going to run it, but we’re gonna pick Jasper.ai as what we’re going to promote. And let’s say that we’re going to call with our headline so what do we need for our product name? So let’s say our product is conversion on purpose.

And maybe it’s going to be writing in a system that’s our product name, and then our product description. Let’s say Charles can help to write blog articles, social media posts, sales letters and E books. Put that in the headline see if there’s anything else here and there we’re gonna promote the unlimited plan tore down now Google doesn’t like when they use their name search engines that seems like a good job 2000 people All right. Now when I would create cannot put something as max I can do see if anything grams me.

Now for headlines, in Jasper, you can have or I’m sorry, in Google, you can have 15 of them I believe. So I’m gonna copy that. Paste, right. Copy that one. Paste. Okay, so this one’s a little long, right? original content. Okay, so I’ll just delete that. Assistant down here on one mountain, Charvis copywriting assistant. Basically, it’s kind of split test all this stuff. Great relevance in Britain flag it. Thanks. Now I can add more headlines. I can have it create more. That’s going to create some more here.

So this captures audience attention. Write more variation, loose website conversions. All right now I think we’re gonna have four descriptions of my wife served sonogram my birth name and description the night description Craig 10 and see if it gives me anything that it’s actually part of their sales page. Put it in there, one, put that in there. And then I would just hit save. And I’ve got all these different variations, you can see that Google really likes us, I’m just gonna put my URL here. So it can see that it’s complete. So it says it’s excellent for my ad strength.

And then basically, I would hit save and continue. And then Google will decide if they prove this ad or not, or if I have to make some changes. But that is an easy way to use Jasper AI to for right now over 43,000 combinations in one ad using Google’s responsive text ads. So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial about the responsive search ads and how you can use Jasper and Jasper.ai to write your sales copy for you in just a matter of minutes to start getting more clicks more traffic, slashed your ad budget and increase your conversions with your pay per click ad campaigns.

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