This is a similar method to the infographics training I shared earlier but since it’s not easy to download Instagram photos I wanted to share a method I found.

In this video, you’ll learn how you can use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and to create content from text heavy Instagram photos.


  1. Download and install the Instagram Downloader Chrome extension
  2. Find an Instagram picture with lots of text you want to download
  3. Download the Instagram photo
  4. Convert the text using this free OCR tool 
  5. Use the text to help guide to create a unique fact-checked document

Unedited Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Reed Floren here, and I found a really useful way to download images from Instagram, and then have a tool, grab the different characters that are inside the image and output it as text that you can put into Jasper and let Jasper either rewrite or expand on those points. So the tool that I found is free. It’s a free extension called Instagram downloader, and it lets you download pictures from Instagram.

So let’s find a picture that has a lot of texture. So here’s a picture at some sort of investing one, and what it does is on your computer, it’s going to add this little icon here, and you’re going to be able to download the picture, I’m going to click on that icon, I’m going to download, then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to this optical character recognition site, and I’m going to select the file. I’m going to click the file I want it to do, I want it to just be a plain text document. And I’m going to have it read that image and turn it into text for me. And as you can see, it has grabbed that information from the document.

Now I’m going to go into I’m going to go into long form Asst. And let’s see what this highly anticipated IPO was okay. write a blog post about the highly anticipated IPOs for 2021. Okay, and generate ideas. go with that one. I’m gonna see if it comes up with an intro. Thank you, when this I’m going to get rid of that, because I don’t know any of that information is accurate. What I might do is see what it comes up with. If I do lawn care before I paste anything in. That’s totally wrong. Apples been public for a long time.

So I’m gonna do is I’m going to paste the information that I grabbed from that infographic. So what I could do is I can grab this information and I could have Jasper rewrite different sentences. Okay, so that tweak Sarah. Hey, I’m gonna try that again. And again, again, see if it comes up with another one. I’ll just go with that one for now. Okay, now this is Coinbase. I can rephrase that one. I would want to double check that information. I don’t know if that’s true.

But you can see how quickly I rewrote that. Now I can do the valuation is is fine. I would probably want to fact check all this stuff. If it comes up with another one. Do that one for now. Now other things that I could do is let’s say that I wanted to expand on Coinbase and have Jasper writes more about Coinbase

Oh, looks like it’s gonna go for some other stuff. Sometimes you can get to expand on that topic, it must not have had any more that want to talk about. You can try it with Robin Hood, maybe Robin Hood. And we’ll do that in there. See if it wants to say any more about Robin Hood? No. Okay, so I think the having it rephrase stuff is going to be your best bet. If you’re taking pictures from lack get rid of that, because I don’t know what that is. And then we got starlink and Epic Games. I’m gonna have it do that again. to that one.

We’ve got picking games, let’s see if it comes up with anything for Epic Games. It’s true, let’s see if it does anymore. doesn’t have much to go off of for that. So you may have to give it some more of its own and make it more creative. So you need to double check that information because I don’t know if that’s true off top my head but we can do creative was was better. Let’s see if I can make this one more creative. Let’s try again. more creative is better, you would need to double check these informations.

This information that it does. So there, we took someone else’s infographic and turned it into like 400 some words. And there’s a few little cleaning up that we’ll have to do. There’s no one double checks and fax. And also to make sure that their numbers were accurate too. But this is a good way for you to take someone else’s idea that’s really popular on Instagram. So someone’s content that’s really popular on Instagram and turn it into your own content that you could start sharing online. You could use this for the basis of your own infographics for blog posts for videos, different things that you want to do that you’re going to be able to script out with so try it out.

Let me know what you think. I would look forward to seeing what you do with this information. So let me know in the comments below how you’re going to use this to grow your business.

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