In this video training, I’ll share a technique I thought of in bed last night for writing content fast using and optimizing it with Surfer SEO.


  1. Create a Content Editor around your keyword in Surfer SEO
  2. Open a Google Spreadsheet and copy and paste the keywords from Surfer SEO and clean up & sort the columns
  3. Tell Jarvis exactly what to write. Based on the recommendations from Surfer SEO
  4. Optional but highly recommended. Have a list of questions in mind to guide Jarvis. In this demo, I didn’t guide Jarvis at all but just wanted to share my thoughts quickly. You can find additional training in these posts
    How I Used SEO Minion + Conversion AI + Rank Math SEO to write a 13K word blog post and score 100/100 on my first try!
    and The #1 Way for How to Scrape Quora to find ALL the Questions in Your Niche!
  5. Once you’ve reached the desired length for your post per Surfer SEO suggestions copy and paste it into their editor to further optimize by adding headers, graphics with alt tags etc… Your goal is to have a score of 66 or higher, a score of 100 is nearly impossible to reach.
  6. Grammar and fact check your post and then publish it.

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