In this training, you’ll discover how to find guest blog post opportunities in ANY niche market and use AI to help you write the blog post.


  • Search Google for guest blog post opportunities using keywords like:

“Contribute blog” niche
“Guest blogging” niche
“Guest post” niche
“Guest posting” niche
“Submit article” niche
“Submit guest post” niche
“Write for us” niche

Replace “niche” with whatever your niche is for example “weddings”

Unedited Transcript

Other things that you could do online is do guest posting on blogs in your niche market. So let’s pretend that you’re in the wedding niche. And you could do a search for guest post in quotes and put wedding next to that and search.

And that’s going to find blogs and other web sites that are going to let you possibly contribute an article. Now you could use, to write the content for this article that you would submit to the sites. And perhaps these sites will feature you on their blog, or they might even drive traffic through paid media like Facebook, and other media exposure that they might do.

The post that you put up may link back to your website and may have a little bio about you, this is a great way to get free exposure for yourself online, to help you rank higher in the search engines to help you get more people in your niche market coming to you and getting people checking out your website and searching for you online. So it could be guest posts, it could be like right for us. It could be let’s see guest wall, no, maybe I want to do guest book that would really wouldn’t work with with that.

Right. Maybe writer, even, you might find some stuff there, that’s going to be a little bit more challenging, but I think you get the idea that if you blogger, that may find some stuff. But honestly, it’s really, you know, guest posts and right for us are gonna be private to that I would start with, like, for instance, this one compiled a list of blogs. So this is a great way because sometimes people will put together a whole list. And they even put the domain authority, at least at the time of this.

So I can click here. And you know, we can check out this website. And see, if it loads up. I click another one, just to see. So here’s, here’s one looks like they have this submit thing. That’s probably for submitting for their site as like submit your wedding stuff, and you can do an essay, those kinds of things. So that’s a good way to get exposure for yourself online, you can talk about how you’re featured on these different blogs on these different websites. You know, you can link to them, they can link to you positively.

And that’s just a great free way for you to grow your business. And using this information combined with having write the article for you, you should be able to crank out these guest posts and no time and you might even be able to become a frequent contributor to some of these sites where you know what if you were putting something out, you know, every month or every week with them, that is going to be a great way for you to get a lot of exposure to their audience and really grow your following.

So check it out. See if this works for you. I would really love to hear your your comments down below. So let me know what you think of this idea. But I think it’s a great way for you to grow your business for free.

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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