The pro plan currently allows you to have a team of 3 people for the price of one so you could easily have an intern or two creating your content with this method.

In this training, you’ll discover how to get interns to work on your business so you have more time to spend with your loved ones. I’ve been using this service since 2017 and I LOVE IT.


  1. Join Acadium if you aren’t already a member I’ve arranged a discount for you.
  2. Show your intern how to use an easy way to do that would be to send to my tutorials
  3. Here are some other ideas you could have your intern work on:

    Market research

    Drip campaigns

    Facebook Management

    Creating social media posts

    Researching keywords

    Content writing

    Email newsletters

    Podcast editing

    Paid ads (Any channel)

    SEO research and suggestions


    Emailing journalists

    Connecting with influencers

    Marketing analytics

    Logo design

    Website building

    Anything else related to digital skills

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