I own most of the copywriting and AI tools on the market and today we are going to show a workflow of I combine my two favorite copywriting tools so you can have an unfair advantage.

You’ll discover how you can combine “Mad Libs” style copywriting tools like Funnel Scripts with artificial intelligence writers like Conversion.ai.

If you aren’t familiar with Funnel Scripts, it does a lot more than what I show in this demo, and it’s used by most of ClickFunnel’s two comma club winners I believe combining these two tools would give you a huge advantage over your competition.


  1. Before investing in Funnel Scripts first try their free headline tool
  2. Take the output and drop it into Conversion.ai
  3. You’ll have some great headlines right off the bat and give you proven high-quality inputs for Jarvis to write amazing copy.
  4. You can also do this process in reverse and use Jarvis to help you fill out fields in Funnel Scripts

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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