In this training, you’ll discover how you can use Sparktoro to research your market so you’ll know exactly who your audience pays attention to and the content they share.


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In this training, I’m going to share with you how you can use Sparktoro and combine it with Jasper AI. So you can write better content for your niche market. So Sparktoro is a tool that allows you to figure out where your customers hang out who they’re following, and all sorts of other stuff.

So you can, you know, type in either your niche market for what they frequently talk about, or you can use what they talk about in their profile, or they follow a certain social media account, or maybe they visit a certain website or use a different hashtag. So let’s do it for a website. And let’s do Let’s just see what the users of Jasper AI visit. So we’re going to discover and it’s going to tell us where people tend to spend their time. Oh, we don’t have much data for that one yet. All right. So let’s try it for another one. Let’s do what app Sumo. That’s a popular resource.

So let’s do app Sumo. may be too new for Sparktoro No. Shell to App Sumo. So their database has about 5000 people that have visited app Sumo recently. Obviously, there’s more people in that that that visit, app Sumo. But in their bios people put founder or web or author, so those are people that you’re going to want to, you know, target in advertising. These are some of the hashtags, people that visit that website use. They use these kind of phrases in their social media posts.

So those might be things, if you want people to be sharing some of your content that you make in, you may want to hit on some of these topics and use some of these hashtags. And then run advertisements targeting these kind of people, because that will be a good way to get people to engage with your content. Then, you can see, like, these are the social media accounts that people are following. So you would want to look into these social media accounts, and see what kind of posts that they’re putting out, see what kind of things people are engaging with, that’s going to give you some content ideas. You know, here’s some lesser known pages that they are also engaging with.

So these are usually the, like the really popular brands. And these are ones that are smaller names. But a lot of the people that follow or visit this website, or interact with the specific phrase that you’re looking for, tend to follow these people. And these are websites that they tend to hang out on. And these are no other websites that they tend to visit that maybe aren’t as popular. Here’s podcasts and YouTube channels. So use these for ideas for content. And here’s like some news sites that they visit. So let’s do another one. I know I’ve researched some other market here. Let’s do, let’s see what people talk about internet marketing. So give you an example of how that works.

So these are people that you know, talk about internet marketing. And so they’ve got almost 25,000 people. And these are the websites that they are engaging with the most on in their database. And then you can upgrade your account and pay money and get access to a lot more stuff you can look at let’s go to the overview here. And so you know, here’s things in their, their bio, hashtags, they’re using frequently used phrase phrases, here’s some of the places they visit. And you can click on these things and find out more information about these different things. So like, here’s, you know, websites that people who visit Moz are doing, here’s the the BIOS, you can learn a lot.

Here’s their social media audience, how it breaks down, frequently used words and shares. So if you were trying to create a post to let’s say you were doing an ad and you’re targeting people that liked Moz, you would want to create content that focus on these words inside it if you’re trying to get people to share that content online for you, you may also want to follow some of these social media accounts and believe that I think these are all Twitter accounts, you could run a Twitter ad, and target users that follow these people.

Here’s where people tend to live that like Moz. So you can get a ton of information with Sparktoro. I think you get 10 queries a month for free. And then they have paid plans that give you access to a lot more information. Let me look at what the current pricing is. So we’ll do it at monthly. So it goes from 50 bucks a month to $300 a month currently, and then annual fee, you can save some money with it as well. And they also have these seven day passes, I guess right now, so you can do a lot with it. It may be something to really look at, I would suggest, you know signing up for the free account and seeing how you can use this information to really get to know your ideal customer, your ideal audience, and that’s going to help you create better content in the future. That’s going to get more shares more engagement, more likes more comments, and more people visiting your website.

So if you find this information useful, leave me a comment below. I look forward to helping you use tools like this to accelerate your business growth.

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