I own most of the copywriting and AI tools on the market and today we are going to show a workflow of I combine my two favorite copywriting tools so you can have an unfair advantage.

You’ll discover how you can combine “Mad Libs” style copywriting tools like Funnel Scripts with artificial intelligence writers like Jasper.ai.

If you aren’t familiar with Funnel Scripts, it does a lot more than what I show in this demo, and it’s used by most of ClickFunnel’s two comma club winners I believe combining these two tools would give you a huge advantage over your competition.


  1. Before investing in Funnel Scripts first try their free headline tool
  2. Take the output and drop it into Jasper.ai
  3. You’ll have some great headlines right off the bat and give you proven high-quality inputs for Jasper to write amazing copy.
  4. You can also do this process in reverse and use Jasper to help you fill out fields in Funnel Scripts

Unedited Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Reed Floren here. And here’s a tip for you on how you can use tools like funnel scripts and combine it with tools like Jasper AI, to write even better copy and stand out in your marketplace. So what I’m going to do is I am in Jasper.ai. Right now I’m going to open up the long form assistant. And I’ll do this and that’s gonna get me into the long form assistant mode.

Now I’m going to go over to funnel scripts. And this is, you know, if you remember those Mad Libs books, where you basically would fill in the blanks of like a noun or an adjective or a verb, that kind of thing, it would tell a story and be funny and silly.

Well, their approach to this is to use it for copy for writing sales copy for helping you create content, ads, things like that. It’s behind what they use for Click Funnels, and a lot of their top users use this program now. Where it falls behind is they don’t use artificial intelligence. And tools like Jasper.ai ai do.

So what I’m saying is you mesh the two together, because they’ve got a lot of proven copy elements that have been used to help people generate millions upon millions of dollars, actually billions of dollars in sales from the combined efforts of users on Click Funnels. And what you can do is you can use this to help you create better content with Jasper.ai because it’s going to start off with a really good starting point. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to do one other example projects because I don’t want to fill out all the form details. So I’m going to do one that’s aimed for people that want sales copywriting tools, because I figure that be relevant to this group.

And so it’s going to be aimed at funnel hackers. That’s what the click funnel people call themselves. They are focused on sales copywriting they want web page promo copy and ads. They want to get more leads. They want to be financially independent and the enemy they face is overpriced copywriters. Okay, so I’m gonna click Build. And so it’s going to spit out I’ll tell her 50 different content ideas, and this is just one of their tools like they have 100 or so tools in here. They’ve been around for quite a while I can click any of these and it’ll give me a different one. So that seems like a pretty good one, seven sales copywriting mistakes. So I’m gonna copy that. I’m gonna go to Jasper AI. write a blog post about the seven sales, copywriting mistakes, I can cost you big continue. I’m gonna see if it comes up with any better titles for me. Think so.

So I’m just gonna go with that. And then I’ll do an intro paragraph. I’ll use this one. Hey. And then what I’m going to do is we’ll switch this to long. So we’re at two words right now. Mistake four around five or six. Let’s count up to 1234. functions here, that’s five, six, grants six, and line seven here. They might be a little more than seven here. There’s anything else. So I think that’s pretty good. And you know, we’ve got right around 1000 words, we’ve been doing this for seven minutes. And that’s explaining how to use it.

And switching back and forth between a couple different programs, yeah, I’m gonna have to do a little tweaking, little editing, count how many things there are see if there’s some that I like better than others, because I may decide to use like the blog outline tool. Let me share with you that so going to power mode, and I’ll go into blog outline. And my son was having fun with this the other day. And so what we’ll do is seven sales, mistakes that can cost big time. Big, and I’m going to generate output.

This is another way you could do it. Because this will give you a little bit more guiding of Jasper. Like understanding your audience being too general focus on features and benefits using words that are too complex making promises you can’t keep reading in a way that’s not natural and not using testimonials or case studies like those could work, have some definite errors there, that’ll have to, I should tell them about I’m gonna flag these every once in a while there’s some glitches. Don’t get rid of that one too. But here’s, you know, a couple of them that definitely came out of like that one, too. Definitely some issues with that today. But there’s a few of them. And I could see which ones really grabbed me.

And then I could put those as my mistakes in this article. And then have Jasper write it for me. And that way, I can get exactly what I want. But not bad to be able to get a really rough draft of something in under 10 minutes, using proven copy techniques. And then having Jasper write the content for me. So this is something that I could use as a blog post, I could use it as a social media post, I could send it out as an email to my list. I could turn it into a video, I could turn it into a podcast or an audio that people download.

This could even be part of a product like I could put this into elements for like a PowerPoint presentation. It could be like, you know, seven copywriting mistakes that cost you big. And you know, here’s mistake 1234567. And I go through it and expand on it, in my own words and using some of this as my script to fall back on. And that could be part of the presentation that you could give at like a live event or a seminar. There’s a lot of things that you could do with this by combining the two tools to make even better content and to make content that people are going to want to click on, they’re going to want to open, they’re going to want to take action.

So I encourage you to utilize multiple tools when you’re doing stuff with Jasper.ai. Even if you’re just find some ideas online of different titles that you like different headlines you like, copy and paste them into Jasper and see what Jasper comes up with. Because that’s going to give you a really good starting point. And you can always tweak and modify and, and change things around a little bit, but use it as a guide point to to make your life easier, make your job easier, make you create content, that’s gonna make people take action.

So I hope you enjoyed this video. And I highly encourage you to use tools like Jasper.ai and funnel scripts together so you can stand out from the pack and use all the weapons in your arsenal at your toll disposal to help you make more money online help you get more traffic help you get more sales, all by using the power of proven copy and artificial intelligence to generate the content that people love to see

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