The pro plan currently allows you to have a team of 3 people for the price of one so you could easily have an intern or two creating your content with this method.

In this training, you’ll discover how to get interns to work on your business so you have more time to spend with your loved ones. I’ve been using this service since 2017 and I LOVE IT.


  1. Join Acadium if you aren’t already a member I’ve arranged a discount for you.
  2. Show your intern how to use an easy way to do that would be to send to my tutorials
  3. Here are some other ideas you could have your intern work on:

    Market research

    Drip campaigns

    Facebook Management

    Creating social media posts

    Researching keywords

    Content writing

    Email newsletters

    Podcast editing

    Paid ads (Any channel)

    SEO research and suggestions


    Emailing journalists

    Connecting with influencers

    Marketing analytics

    Logo design

    Website building

    Anything else related to digital skills

Unedited Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Reed Floren here. And I want to share with you a method that you can get people that can help you in your business. And you can also provide value to them. By mentoring them and helping them get the skills they need to be better Marketers. Now this resource is called Acadium. And I’ve been using this for several years now, it used to be called Gen M. And so how it works is you’re able to get apprentices and have them work on stuff in your business, and you help them and train them in for things. So currently, it’s 400 bucks a quarter, or I guess, 12 $100 a year right now, that allows you to message and interview people, you could mentor up to three apprentices at a time, I think each apprentice would cost that at a time. So you would do one at a time for 400, a quarter.

And if you wanted another one would be another 400, and so on and so forth. You have one click apprenticeship contract, collaboration tools and a dedicated person that can support you, you don’t have any other expenses, you don’t have to pay them hourly or anything, you get them for three months. So it’s like a 90 day internship apprenticeship. And they’re supposed to work on tasks in your business for five to 10 hours a week. And so that’s a way that you can get people to work on your business at a pretty low price.

And imagine if you had them doing stuff inside Jasper AI. So if you’re on the pro plan, you can have up to three people inside your account included in your membership, at least at the current pricing right now. And then if you need additional seats, you can pay an additional fee, from what I hear to have additional people working on projects with you. So I’m going to sign into my account. I’m just going to show you how this works real quick. You can see how Acadium is. So a Acadium allows you to find people you can have people reach out to you I get people pretty much every day hit me up. So I’m gonna discover candidates now. They have candidates from all over the place. Let’s do I think I can do every country if I want. So let me just get rid of all my qualifications here.

They currently have as of time of making this video 2385 people that are looking for internships on their website. So let’s narrow things down. So I’m going to do just apprentices. Okay, then, you know, if I wanted to have Americans doing stuff, because we’d be like similar timezone I could do, America, one thing that may be useful for you is, let’s say you were trading someone in and you want to potentially have them as an employee at the end of this. Well, it may be cost prohibitive for you to have someone that’s in America, or UK or Canada working for you. But you may be able to get someone from the Philippines to work for you, after the internship completes if you find them to be a good worker.

So I’m going to do Philippines has 150 people in the Philippines that are looking for, for an apprenticeship right now, I’m going to do English, then type of work. So there might be a few different things here. For instance, if we’re doing, here, they’re probably going to want to do content marketing. We may have them do some SEO, that’d be another thing that we could have them do. That would probably be the main main things that I do industry. So this could be the industry you’re in. So let’s say that I have a site that’s going to write about your maybe nutrition, let’s see if there’s any that are interested in nutrition. Okay, so there’s four of them that are interested in nutrition.

Let’s see if there’s any that like to write out of curiosity, because they might find this interesting, there’s two there that, you know, like writing. Maybe there’s some tool that I want them to be able to use, like maybe I want them to use Canva for making some pictures for the post. So I can do that. There’s still two of them there. So this will show me information about this person. And what you know, some work experience they have their education, their interests they have, if they’ve completed anything else on the site, I can also see their social media profile. So this person apparently linked, they’re linked in. So we’re going to click here and see What she’s got, she’s got a lot of connections on LinkedIn.

So that’s good. She could be a good fit. I don’t know anything about her. So we’ll see. All right, so now it looks like she has been doing some stuff. She’s got some postgraduate stuff that she does. Click, she got a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in commercial advertising and art. So I mean, she may be really graphically talented too. So that could be useful. For this, if you want some images made for self, let’s look at her resume. So I don’t know why that little bit funny. But here we go. We’ve got a resume of hers, which talks about some other things that she’s done. So that’s good. All right, you can also ask her for references if I want to.

Now let’s pretend that I want to message her, I could message her. And, hey, and I could even use a built in template they have and, you know, tweak things up here, you’re like, I found your profile on a Acadium. You know, you probably could even do something with ai to to write something for you, if you want it, but you could be like, Hey, I saw that you enjoy writing and are looking for an up this ship? I have a project in mind that would Aalto? writing content about nutrition using an artificial intelligence? tool? Can you tell me more about what interests you in? Okay, so I could send out, she might reply back to me. And then we could start a dialogue.

And if she seems on the ball, you could schedule an interview with her. And you’ll ask her a few questions about whatever you use to filter out if someone would be a good potential employee, you know, you could ask them questions about, you know, what’s the thing they’re most proud about, about work that they’ve done? Or how have they encountered a problem and solved it in the workplace and things like that, to get a good feel for someone, you know, you could even ask some questions about, you know, how their internet connection is, where they are in the Philippines, so they have a computer that they can use, you know, what time of the day would work for them.

You know, if you’re, you know, in the United States, Philippines like 12 hours at it’s quite it’s AP side of the world. And it’s it’s quite a ways away. So just bear that in mind that there may be times that, you know, if you want to be collaborating with this person, you will have to pay attention to that with your schedule and their schedule to figure things out. But Acadia is a really cool place for you to find people that are motivated, looking to learn and want to get some work experience. And then you could share with them how to use, you know, show some of the demo tutorials, share with them, you know, things that you’ve done with Jasper AI, come up with some sort of game plan for them. And they could start working on some of your content.

Or let’s say that you’ve created content with Jasper AI. And maybe you were looking for someone to make, you know, graphical images for your blog posts. Or maybe you’re looking for someone to do some of the search engine optimization, you could teach one of these interns how to do this, or some of them may even know some of the elements and you can guide them on how you want things done. And they can work on that in your business. And then maybe once a week, you would have maybe a call with them over like Skype or zoom or I think there’s even a thing now and in Acadian where you could even do a video call with them now.

And you could you know, answer their questions about marketing. give them feedback about their work, plan the next you know, we got with them. And you know, you’re gonna get five to 10 hours of work a week from this intern, and you don’t have to deal with a full time employee benefits package like you would If you were to hire someone in America doing that, so this is a very cost effective way to help someone get a leg up in life and learn more about marketing and get a lot of work done in your business by doing these apprenticeships internships with a Acadium.

So if this interests you and you want to apply this in your business, you want to click on the links underneath this video where you’re going to be able to sign up for and also to sign up for a Acadium because that’s going to help you grow your business. So check out both those links there underneath this video and they will help you grow your business online.

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