In this training, you’ll learn how to use the text summarizer inside

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  1. Paste the test you want to summarize into the text summarizer
  2. Publish

Unedited Transcript

Perhaps you’re looking for a really quick way to summarize a piece of text. So we’re going to scroll way down here. And we’re gonna use this text summarizer tool, okay? And we’re just going to grab something off Wikipedia. And I’m just gonna grab as much of this as it can. Okay, let’s have some sort of storm. I don’t know a whole lot about it, but I’m just gonna let this don’t. While we can, we’ll just leave it, that’s fine.

We’ll generate content. And so it’s fun to kind of summarize, why what this you know, cyclone was Cyclone that made landfall in the Indian state of good shore, and it was one of the strongest North Indian Ocean cyclones ever. And it seems accurate, strongest tropical cyclone and make landfall, tropical storm in the 1998. That seems accurate.

And it looks like we’ve got another one. This year, too. So there must be really paid attention on those lately, there must there must be reusing the name, I guess. So that’s something to bear in mind. But it looks like that, you know, really condensed it down and made this really easy to understand that there was a storm hit India 1988.

Basically, what this, you know, paragraph or two is really about, and it made it really easy to understand. So I love how you can summarize complex information, like let’s say, you could look at like a scientific abstract, or a scientific study, and you copy and paste that and put it into this text summarizer and you’re probably gonna have a decent understanding of what the scientific paper is all about. So you’re gonna sound really intelligent without even reading the scientific paper.

And so that’s just something that you could do to, you know, have a little fun with your friends, is you could make yourself sound really smart, by, you know, talking about different things. In other words, something the other day, a weird topic by now was a science thing. There was something that they talked about a science paper, and it was they’ve gotten some animals to be able to breathe through their rectum. So like the intestines, were able to get oxygen somehow.

And that was able to make it so like I guess they’ve made it’s the animal couldn’t breathe through its mouth and nose, but it still was able to get oxygen through the rectum. Somehow, I didn’t click to read it, but it did see a headline about that. So you definitely could take like the little abstract from that scientific paper and have a better understanding of what that was about, than what I currently have.

Because I didn’t do that. But this tech summarizer will be a way to summarize that information and make it really easy to understand, without having to wade through dozens upon dozens of pages or hundreds of pages in that scientific paper. To really understand that you can just put in, you know, a paragraph or two and get a real good gist of it, even with the Neal post doctorate level that those scientific abstracts are written as the summarizer will give you a good understanding of what it’s about.

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