In this training from Al Elliot of Convert Magazine you’ll learn how to use to create videos with InVideo

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  1. Create content inside
  2. Use InVideo to make your video
  3. Publish your video

Unedited Transcript

Hey Reed, I came across something, an idea that I thought might be good for one of your videos. So it’s basically how to use Jasper to create a sort of two or three minute video that you can put on Instagram or maybe use a Facebook ad. So I’ll use the example of places to visit in Croatia, because that’s where I am right now.

So I started off and I searched for the blog, whoops, blog post outline. Then I typed in here is to visit in Croatia. And I’m going to call it midday. So generate a content. So I did that. And this is what it came up with. It just literally pop these out. Now, this is definitely the one that I wanted to use.

So I just copied this. Then I went to something called in video. Now, you’ve probably seen this before, but if you’re going to in video, text video, and what it allows you to do is I’m going to go square size because I want it for Instagram. You just you can paste in lines of text, it’ll automatically create a video for you.

So I looked down here and I thought that this one looks like a decent one. I don’t like the way the text is laid out. But just picking it just for argument’s sake. So I pick that use this template, and I ended up and then all I did was I did my stories. I remember I copied and pasted that I just put that in there.

For a little bit of extra credit. I went on to let me see where’s my other one document I just created. It just went to the normal standard long form. Document creator, I said the 10 most I asked it to generate a headline for me which it did the 10 most visited cities in Croatia then asked to generate the first three lines which it did.

So I put those in up here. headline copied and paste from Jasper down here I’ve got here Croatia is known for his beautiful seascape an interesting history that is literally just beautiful since seascape an interesting history then it also has some of the most popular cities in Europe. It also has some of the most popular cities in Europe done and then in a video did the rest of it for me.

So once I paste it in let me just go back here once I pasted this in and said next he did the rest of it for me. So it’s just created scenes with each one of those lines on it. So if I preview all is the scenes are going to be too long.

But if you look at this for example, there we go number two Dubrovnik popular tourists coast. And because in in videos also using ai i think is found pictures of Dubrovnik. And I didn’t do that. So I grabbed this a picture in Zagreb, I think. And then it’s found Pula. This is Pula. I didn’t do any of this. It just found it for me when I used in video. Again, you better check but this looks like I’ve been to ravine and this does look like ravine and then it’s not going to cover patio.

So you’d go into edit this scene. I won’t do that because it’s really slow. For some reason on my on brave. I don’t know whether I need to use Chrome or Safari or something. And what you end up with is within about two minutes, a video that was very loud in my ears. See, can you still hear me? Okay? So that’s basically how I did it.

Now it needs a bit of editing because some of these scenes are too long. I changed the video here. And this video seems to put in like a 22 second video, which is no need to have that as you to go in there, edit that and reduce those down a bit.

But essentially you can go from Jasper to video in less than two minutes, I reckon. So feel free to make a video on that. Or if you just want to share this one. It’s rough and ready. But if you want to share this one then then you’re welcome to

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