In this training, you’ll learn how to use to come up with questions that FORCE people to respond.

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  1. Enter your topic inside Engaging Questions Generator
  2. Post your questions
  3. Enjoy the engagement

Unedited Transcript

One of the ways to get a lot of engagement on social media is to ask engaging questions.

Now you could use these engaging questions on your social media feed, like your Facebook feed, you could turn them into images that you could put on Instagram, you could record them as short videos for things like Tick tock, you could, you know, take these texts, and put them into different Facebook groups to get conversation going. There’s a lot you can do with these engaging questions.

So we’re gonna scroll down here, and we’re gonna just type something in. And why don’t we do a topic? But you know what, why don’t we see what the story of the day is on Wikipedia? It’ll give us something fun. We can bow find something? Oh, here, we’ll go with something. today. And I could busy moms. Okay. And we’ll go funny. See if it comes up with something. Sorry, anniversary, I guess today.

So some of these could be kind of fun. With things, I’ll pick a different topic. We’ll go with the travel. See if it comes up with anything for us. Let’s say I had a travel site or a travel fan page. What are your thoughts on travel? Have you ever lived or traveled abroad? If you had the opportunity to live and work in another country? So these are different questions that you could be asking.

And that’s the best travel destination you’ve ever been to like, I imagine if I put that on my Facebook, I would get a lot of people commenting, because people love to talk about themselves. And they love to talk about places they’ve been.

And as I’m making this, the COVID restrictions are just starting to ease. So people are looking forward to traveling or entering summer people want to get out and do stuff. So I think we’re gonna see a lot of people be interested in travel right now, what are your favorite destinations to visit? These are different questions that you could ask and just post on social media, and you’re gonna get people commenting, liking, sharing your post.

So there’s a lot of potential that you could do with these engaging questions to really build up your following. I’ve used these before. I’ve used like conversation starter kind of questions before and you know, sometimes I’ve gotten hundreds of likes and comments on those questions.

So it’s a great way to re engage with the people that follow you on social media, you could also put these questions inside your emails, like let’s say that you’re maybe you have an email list, you could send out some of these questions inside your email list to build relationship and rapport with your audience.

You could use these questions and maybe some of them could be in your marketing copy. Because if you ask a question, that that gets people to pay attention, because it’s really speaking to them, they’re going to be paying more attention to your advertisement.

And that may give you the opportunity to make a sale to that person. So keep that in mind. This engaging questions tool can be quite useful and you can use it for current event things. You know, I showed you the Harry and Megan anniversary thing you can use it for broad topics like travel, you could probably really niche down to just about anything you want with it.

So there’s a lot of potential with the engaging questions tool and I look forward to seeing which questions you use. So try it out and post your favorite engaging question down below.

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Reed Floren

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