In this training, you’ll learn how to enable dark mode on

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  1. Go to Settings inside toggle the Dark Mode slider
  2. Enjoy the darkness

Unedited Transcript

In this training, we’re gonna enabled dark mode inside of ai. So I’m going to click on my picture, and I’ll hit account settings. And when I scroll down to where it says dark mode, and I’m going to hit that, okay, now saved, going to go over to content.

Now, I can create a new document if I want long form asst, and we’ll say dark mode. And we’ll just continue here, I can generate some ideas. And basically, what’s gonna happen is, the page will turn dark, it’ll be black, and your text will be white. And so this is really handy.

If you’re in an environment, maybe it’s late at night, and you don’t want the bright light on your your eyes, and so it’s a little bit easier to read. So that’s kind of a handy tool to make sure that your eyes are healthy, late in the evening, when you’re working inside of Jasper.

Now, this is only accessible in a dark mode from how I understand it. But this is a way to get into dark mode, and you can get out of dark mode, you just go back into your settings. And so I’m gonna get out of dark mode when you go into my content, and we’ll open up the one we’re in.

And now it’s back to the normal white background. So hope you find that useful. And I hope that this is something that you can use when your eyes are, are not enjoying all the bright white background.

So enable dark mode, especially at night, and that’s gonna help dries and it’s going to help you concentrate a little bit better with your writing inside of Jasper.

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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