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Surfer SEO has a lot of opportunities that you can use to grow your business online. And why don’t we go through one of them right now, we’ll go through the keyword research. So here’s how you research keywords with surfer SEO. So let’s just put in list building. So that’s a niche I’m in. And let’s run a keyword search and see what it does. So here we are, I’ve searched for list building, it’s going to show the similar keywords. So there’s, you know, a few in here that could be good to use. And you can see this as a smaller niche market. I can export this data, and it’s going to give me a spreadsheet. So that can be useful. I can look for having same terms, I can look and see if there’s any questions like what is this building? Why don’t we do another one? Why don’t we do?

How about we do digital marketing. All right, that’s gonna be a much bigger market. So it is going to search for that information. Let’s run our keyword search. Looks like it’s taking a while to get that one figured out. I’ll load up affiliate marketing so you can see it in the meantime. So here’s affiliate marketing. And so it’s got like affiliate marketer, affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing, I can export that data like I showed before, I can sort it by, you know, what’s searched the most, it’s going to show me more and more of them, I can look for ones that have same terms.

So that have the the keyword kind of in order. So it’s got to have affiliate marketing in there. If I do questions, it should show me a bunch of questions. Once again, I can export that data. So I could just have the questions which can be useful. So I can even like click on some of these, and I could research them even more. And so it’s going to come up with some more related keywords that can be a good fit for creating content. Let’s see, I can even create a search engine analyzation of that particular phrase if I wanted, or I could even create a Content Editor.

And I’ll share those in other videos on how that works. Let’s go and see if it has finished with the digital marketing search. So you can see that digital marketing, here we go. And so it’s got digital marketing. And we’re gonna see if it’s got anything in there. Here we go having same terms. So it’s got some digital marketing stuff, what’s up with questions? Oh, surprisingly, it didn’t find any questions. I’m surprised. I’m glad that I showed affiliate marketing there because there was a lot of opportunities there that it showed. So this is a good way to kind of figure out what people are searching for online in your niche market.

And then you can use the other tools like the search engine results, pages analyzer, or the content planner, or even doing audit. And that will help you create better content using surfer SEO. And I’ll share those in other videos. So you can see how you can use that to grow your business.

And then you combine that with And they have a beautiful integration where you can access the surfer SEO tools inside of virgin AI. And that’s going to help you write better content, research your content and just have a lot more success with your content marketing.

So give it a try. get signed up for and also sign up for surfer SEO and that’s going to help you grow your business online with free organic traffic from the search engines.

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