In this training, you’ll learn how you can use to come up with your business or product name.


  1. Login to and navigate to the Business/Product Name Generator
  2. Enter in your details
  3. Hit generate

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Something that a lot of us struggle with is coming up with a business or product name. And has a tool now that can help us do that. So I’m going to have it come up with a product name. So let’s say that we have a, maybe a coffee shop, and we’re gonna do let’s see, maybe coffee. Let’s see coffee. Keeps you alert and helps you get 10 times more work done. Okay. Now, I can do coffee, with keywords to include, and let me hit generate fitters brew wired coffee that could be fun coffee wake, super coffee, cyber coffee pack to boost, double the coffee, mug feet, or fix could be fun.

Let’s do another one, maybe. Let’s do like IE, WordPress plugin that increases the speed of your website. And I’m not even going to have it include any keyword, I want to just see what it generates. Web website speed accelerators site script, all at Kriti o it pretty mature, rapid results hyper speed, that’s kind of cool. websley web booster ascend, boom, speedy web. There’s definitely some possibilities there, you’d want to see, you know, if the domains were available for any of them that you really like, you would want to see if the social media accounts were available. And you’d also want to make sure that you’re not infringing on any trademarks. And you know, if you want to register it as a business, like an LLC, or corporation, you’d want to see if that was available for you to get.

And those are different things that you can look up like the trademark thing, you can search the US Patent and Trademark Office, they have a way to do that, to figure out your business names, if there’s business names available, you can search that, or have an attorney to it’s gonna cost a bunch of cabinet journey, do it been there done that you can search domains really easily, like Namecheap, or GoDaddy or any of the Whois lookup kind of things you can look for those, you know, searching on social media, there’s different tools that you can use that can search like all the different social media platforms at once, and kind of see what’s available, because you’re going to want, you know, if you find one that you really like, and it passes the trademark test that passes the business Corporation test that you can get, if you want to incorporate for your business there. If you can get the domain name and it passes that check, then you’re going to want to make sure that you can get all the social media accounts because that’s gonna make a difference too. So if you can do all those kinds of things that can really help you further become the default name for your business or for your product.

And that’s going to help you out in the future. So just keep that in mind. But this is a really cool template that helps you generate business or product names. I mean, you can use this for books, you can use this for websites, you can use this for courses you generate.

You can use this for physical products that you generate. You can use this just to come up with business names, and you’ll see what you like and then you can get your logo made your website created go from there and there’s a lot of possibility with this tool to help you generate those ideas to make your business or product succeed.

So check it out, you can go to and you can use their business or product name generator and that’s going to accelerate your success with your business or products.

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