In this training, you’ll learn how to create better Pinterest pin titles & descriptions with


  1. Use the Pinterest Pin Title & Description generator inside
  2. Create your corresponding graphic
  3. Share your pin on Pinterest

Unedited Transcript

Let’s say that you want to write a pin for your Pinterest posts. So we’re going to go all the way down here. And we’re going to find their Pinterest tool, Pinterest pin, title and description. So, let’s say that we’re gonna do like, the keto diet. And we’re gonna have it be English trained by defaults. And I’m gonna do, I don’t really know anything about the keto diets, we just find something. keto diet for beginners. All right, so we’re gonna type that and we will just click I’m that guy. strapped using weight. Index. Okay, so that’s our post.

We’re gonna have this come up with something for us. So Jasper is going to come up with a description. So here’s a keto diet for beginners. Secure diet plan that will have you losing weight and feeling amazing. Within days, this meal plan no counting or measuring carbs strictly follow the rules of the ketogenic diet. Wow. So you know, that could be an example. Here’s another one. So that’s coming up.

Excuse me, I need some coffee. That is coming up with a Pinterest pin and description. So you’ll be able to have this when you promote any blog content. on Pinterest. You could even use Pinterest ads to get cheap clicks from Pinterest over to your site’s content. So that’s a great way that you could really expand things out with the Pinterest pin title and descriptions tool inside of conversion. Ai

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