In this training, you’ll learn how to write personalized cold emails that actually work and get responses with


  1. Figure out who you want to send a cold email outreach to
  2. Use the cold email outreach tool to craft emails that get opened & responded to
  3. Profit

Unedited Transcript

A wonderful way to grow your business is through email marketing. And a great way to do that is even doing some cold email outreach. Now, you can use this cold email outreach to really get people to do some business with you. Now, what you may want to do is write a compelling subject line with the email subject lines, and then go into the personalized cold emails.

But let’s try it personalized cold emails. And we’re going to just have a little fun here. So I saw you at the online summit. Okay. And we’ll say Beachbody, okay. And it’s a help us eat better, and extra defense, but that wrong exercise should be better exercise, so you can live a better lifestyle.

Okay, we’ll just see what it comes up with. I don’t want to go super copy out here, but just see what it comes up with. Sounds about health and wellness. So glad you’re interested in this topic. Okay, so that definitely helps you craft out an email that you could send someone or a LinkedIn message or social media message.

And this is going to be like, so let’s say that maybe you were maybe you listen to a speaker present, or you were on like a webinar or a podcast and you’re listening to someone or you watched a video, like we watched one of my videos, you could type in a little bit about what their video was, or their webinar presentation or their seminar presentation here.

You have the information about your right here and your product name here. And then you click Generate. And it’s going to create something pretty unique, that you’re going to be able to copy and paste and send to that person.

Now imagine if you’re doing that for, you know, hundreds of people, this could be a way for you to really grow your business. Because these are going to be super personalized letters that you’re sending people, you could snail mail them, you put them on a postcard, you could use them as voicemail, you could send over messenger, you could send them over email, you could tweet them out, you can do all sorts of fun stuff with this. And this is a great way to grow your business. So I mean, I’ve done this kind of stuff.

Many, many times in the past, I’ve connected with some huge names, just by sending out really good, personalized call emails. And there’s definitely an art and a science to it. But Jasper here makes this really simple and easy to do. And it’s a great way to connect with people. It’s also a great way to connect with people that you’re looking forward to meeting.

So let’s say that you want to go to a like a seminar that’s coming up, you can see who the speakers are. And you can mention how you’re looking forward to seeing them at XYZ summit. Or they’re going to talk about ABC kind of thing and hit generate and have Jasper write your letter to send this person and that’s a great way to connect.

Maybe you’ll be able to actually meet them in person and have a coffee or a beer or just have some sort of conversation, maybe a meal with them. And that’s a great way to really just leap through leapfrog your competition and massively grow your business. So definitely check out the personalized cold emails, template inside of Jasper AI

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