In this training, you’ll learn how to analyze the headlines you create with the Sharethrough Headline Analyzer


  1. Create headlines with
  2. Run the headline through Sharethrough Headline Analyzer
  3. Use the winning headline
  4. Profit

Unedited Transcript

I’m gonna use sharethrough, and I’m gonna grab one of these headlines and use their headline analyzer and find out how it compares. So let’s, let’s find out what it says, gave this 188. And it suggested these suggestions. So I should increase it, the brand is more alert words. And so it guides me through what I should do. So the 93 for engagement and a 67 for impression. And then it gives me some tips on how to write better headlines.

This is a great way. Let’s say that you’re you’ve got a few different headlines that gave you or we’ve called the list of headlines. You can use this tool to help you figure out which one might do better and you could start with some of the ones that it feels are are better in that way you could split test and you could have some information to to increase the speed of new figuring out which headline is going to work the best for your product or service.

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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