In this training, you’ll learn how to use the SurferSEO Audit tool along with to create high-quality content that can rank in the search engines.


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Unedited Transcript

What we’re going to do is we’re going to do an SEO audit. So we’re going to use the surfer SEO audit tool. And I can put in the URL that I want to audit, I can also put in how to extract people also ask questions. Okay. And it is going to do an audit on this page to see what I need to improve to improve my search engine rankings. So we’re going to run audit, and I added the natural language processing.

And so I can run it for mobile or desktop, I’m going to do desktop, I can change my settings here, I’m going to use Google’s natural language processing. And let’s run our audit and see what it says. Another thing you can do is you can select which country you want to do, most of my people are from the United States. So I’m going to do United States. It looks like it’s almost done here.

And we’ll see what we need to improve on this particular page to go up in the search engine rankings. And this is just a post that I just made when I’m recording this video. Out Loud notifications. Alright, so my content score is a 41, I can see the details here. And this is showing me, you know, different pages that are ranking on Google and what their content score is. Like, I don’t have any backlinks. So that might be good, I don’t have any internal links. That’s another thing I could do.

So here are some phrases that are popular, like Screaming Frog seems to be one that people are using. Chrome extension is something that people are mentioning, so I could export those. And that may help, you know, the PA box. So people also ask, I didn’t mention that or pa section, I didn’t mention that featured snippets, that can be good search engine optimization, these are things that I should think about adding into my page to to give a little more relevance.

So it also says that I should have some more words on my page. So I don’t have I have just shy of 1000 right now. And the top are number two, right now has 872. So there is some potential there. But for the most part, they have more than what I’ve got, I need some additional headers, and maybe some more paragraphs. And they’re also haven’t bolded anything.

So that is something to keep in mind. Those are things that I could do, I just put an edited transcript of my video. So there’s definitely things I can improve. Like I’ve got my keyword in the title. So that’s good, I should have some more exact keywords in the body, which I don’t have, I should do an exact keyword as a header tag. And also other headers, which could be useful. Here, it talks about some more keywords that I should be doing, which could help and how I compare to other pages.

And so I can show details here for different things. So we can show where where things are like I have one header tag where you know, everyone else has a lot, this guy has a kind of curious to see their page, because they sure seem to have a lot. My page structure like this is good. You know, I should add some more header tags as it talks about some more paragraphs, some images, could use some bolding, this is kind of gives you an idea of some of the things I need to do. It looks like my page loads up fast.

So that’s good, or the time first fight is good. I could improve my load time. So there could be some additional things that I could improve there for my speed, maybe making sure I have caching enabled on my site, but it gives, see how I compare with other ones like this one rarely loads fast. So might want to look and see what built visible to doing on their site. But I can see all this stuff, and really be able to analyze what other pages are doing. And that can help me I can share this information with like an outsourcer.

To have them work on things. I can select different competitors. If there’s certain ones I want to focus on, I can grab those and see how I compare so that can be useful. Like for instance, this one, their authority is only a one and their contents for is 64. There seems like there could be some potential here to you know, beat This guy site, if I put a little bit of effort in, so there’s definitely some stuff to look at here to see how you can make a better version of the page.

And so for SEO, it makes us really easy to do with their audit feature where you can audit your own pages, or you can audit other people’s pages and see what they’re doing and see how you could improve on that content to make better content for yourself. So I hope you found this information useful. You pair this with

So it can help you write this content faster, rewrite content really fast. And you’re going to be able to get better search engine results and get that free Google traffic that everyone loves to have.

So check out the links below and get signed up for and surfer SEO. So you can audit your pages and your competitors pages and make better content today.

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