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Mind maps can be a really good way to plan out your content. And I just heard of this free mind mapping tool called mind42. So let’s create our first mind map with its own creative mind map. And we’re just gonna do affiliate marketing as our mind map. Okay, so that is kind of the center of our document, I’m gonna hit this plus sign here. And maybe like, what is affiliate marketing? Okay, and then I could do another one, that’s fine.

How do you do affiliate marketing. So this is a way that you could brainstorm different things to talk about in your content, you know, you could even direct things like, these are videos I want to make and videos might be, you know, day one of affiliate marketing, come up with your titles, okay, you could even do like blog posts, and come up with the different blog posts, blog post, you know, one, your, whatever your title is going to be for it. You could come up with like podcast guests.

And you could call with people. interview. So on so you know, and so those are different things where you could organize your content. And this could be very useful for when you’re creating stuff that because you can just kind of jot down a whole bunch of ideas or doing some research with different tools that I’ve shared, or just different things that you’ve been doing online. And you could use this mind map to make it really easy for you to have your thoughts organized.

Now, you can, I believe you can also share this information here, let me look so I can add stuff, I can add links, pretty sure I saw we were you could share your map, I might just have to save my map. And then I can export let me put my maps. And here we go. And so I can export it. And so that export said as different formats that people could could use, I can add a collaborator.

So I could put in their email address, let’s say you had a virtual assistant or intern or business partner, you could put in their email address here and a little note, it’s like sharing a Google Doc basically. And this way you guys could collaborate on the information, you can even put it in a group too. So you could, you could set up some sort of group here to kind of organize your mind map, as well. So it’s pretty easy to use tools, you can see in less than a minute or two, I’ve been using it.

And I think it’s pretty nice, because I’ve used a lot of these Mind Map tools past. In fact, when I was in high school, we would plan out, or different projects we’re working on by creating a mind map just on your pen and paper. And so we created these, I think we call them webs. If that, that sounds right, we would kind of do a web where we can’t plan out what our project was going to be and what we want to learn about it, we’d also do an outline to and figure out what questions we want to answer.

It was really, you know, thinking back, it was really a good training for how to do a content brief with what I did in high school. So kind of no going off in a little tangent. But this is a great way it’s called mind42 it’s free tool, you do have these ads on the side, that’s how they’re paying for it. And there’s probably an option to upgrade. I haven’t looked into that. Because I have other tools. I’ve got x mind on my computer.

That’s one that I’ve used in the past and other ones like mindmeister, but mind42 is one that I’ve heard from a few people sharing it lately, and I thought it’d be a good resource to share with you because it’s free and looks pretty partly collaborate with, you know, different friends, business partners and employees and stuff like that, to create better plans for your your stuff and to create better content. So check out mine 42 we’ll put a link next to it underneath this video. Let me know what you think of this. Let me know if you gained any sort of nuggets or information from this training because I’d love to hear from you.

I’d love to see you where I need to go with my training and how I can benefit you so you can be more successful with the content that you create in the business that you are building on the internet. So just comment below and let me know and I look forward to helping you be more successful online by checking out all these different tools and trainings that I’m putting together for you. So just let me know below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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