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Let’s say that you’ve, you have a new product that you’ve launched, and you want to do a press release for it. So you can scroll down here in a side of And you can have it write your press release. So let’s do for a product. Maybe we’ll do something like, I know, Apple just released something recently, I think they got a new computer that came out, why don’t we just do that and play with it? So we got a new iPad Pro. Let’s do that. So iPad Pro. So Apple, know what the I pad row. And why don’t we just grab well, information about whatever is new about the new iPad Pro, ultimate iPad.Okay.

So put that in there. And I’m gonna have this default go to English. Start with 10 outputs. So we’re gonna just pretend that we are part of Apple, and that we’re having a press release about the new iPad Pro. So the new iPad Pro is now available within one performance just unveiled their latest innovation, the iPad Pro, you’d need to double check these information points, because I haven’t even looked into the new iPad Pro. We’re all good doing. But this would get you a good start of what it is.

And I could have definitely gone down to the bottom here. And I believe they put some specs on here somewhere. I know there’s somewhere on on here that you can get specs. I haven’t looked at the new page for the iPad Pro because I have I have an iPad from last year or iPad from the year before. I don’t need this one. So don’t don’t need this one. But I know there’s a way somewhere on here. That maybe if I just order learn more, I think

I’ll textbox right here. My little preview is blocking it. So I could have easily just grabbed some of this really boring stuff. Why don’t we do that? Oh, grab that. Okay, and we’re gonna make this kind of boring. And do em one. Actually, let’s grab oops, something else here. 20 GIG

Go. So we’re just feeding it some pre boring information. I was fine. show you that even with boring information, this can write some pretty cool.

Okay, so I’m just gonna go with that. And we’re gonna have a generate the content. And so it should come up with a little bit more tech spec version of our press release, which may be good. So let’s, let’s just see. So yeah, this this is getting stuff that’s much more like what you’d see for a press release from Apple. And that definitely gets things going. And so you could send you could get that ready, and then you could even go to like a place like Fiverr now I do like press release. strobe you ship there.

Currently, I can’t spell today. So here are places that will apparently submit your press release. So why don’t we do a budget? Let’s do max of five bucks. Let’s just see what we can get cheap 146 sellers available. Let’s see if we could do I’m gonna try top rated and level one. Okay, so like, here’s one, hi bucks, you provide the press release, and we will post to 10 free articles slash PR sites, there may be some benefit there, here’s one, they’ll even write this stuff and send it to 250 of them, here’s one, we’ll do 500 words and send to a bunch of places. So there’s definitely some options here. Let’s see.

Click on this one. So 25 sites. So some of these places will even right. So I mean, you could probably give them what Jasper gave you. And they could probably expand on it, if you want it. So that could be useful.

Let’s try this one. And I’m not endorsing any of these people, I have not hired this done at all, from from anyone, but this would be a cheap way to get your press release out. So like, here’s one that it recommended for me. And this is the one where they’re writing it for you. Oh, but this would be for submitting it. So there’s definitely, you know, finding someone that submits to a lot of places for five bucks might be kind of hard.

So this one says, that’s my claim. So I’ll submit it to 25 places for five bucks. That might be interesting. I don’t know if any of those sites get any traffic, but it might be an interesting thing to try. That’s up our budget, I’m not gonna put the max in there. We’re gonna go top rated. Let’s sort by sort by best selling. So some things are kind of expensive, others are not too bad. There’s also other places where you could go to camera level one or two is higher.

Oh, try level two, I think that’s higher than level one. So like, this one lists a whole bunch of places, Oh, this one was something for 10 bucks. Now it looks like this mandates at so make sure you have a nice, this is 40. And I’ll submit the 300 sites, you have to factor in your time to like if you’re gonna send all these yourself to these places it is time consuming. So you’re paying for someone’s time to do this, they probably have a tool that they’re using. I don’t know what tool they’re using. But they probably have a software that’s helping them submitted or where they bought stuff in bulk to be able to submit to a bunch of sites.

So that could be another option is looking for some sort of software that helps you submit press releases. But fiber would be a place to get started it does look like you know, for under 100 bucks, there’s a lot of people that could submit a press release song or even write it and submit it for you. So you could do some of the content inside of Jasper and then let them tweak it a little bit more for what they know about press releases and have them submit it for you. So that is something that you could do.

I know that I’ve used press releases now it’s been a long time but I’ve used press releases before to get all sorts of media attention, all sorts of national media attention all sorts of links back to my site getting, you know traffic from people checking out the news stories before so there’s definitely potential with it. And you know, if you do one of these ones, where they they have it on these different news sites, you could put those logos on your site and say like as seen on ABC News or NBC News. Fox News, that kind of thing. And it can be a little tacky sometimes.

But people do respond to that. And they see that you are saying that you’ve been in the news for your stuff. And that does add some additional credibility. So think about it, especially if you’re launching a new product or you got a new site or something, actually newsworthy for them to discuss, maybe you’re doing raising money for some sort of charity. And you’re doing that through your business doing something that it would be of interest of different news outlets, where they may even contact you to do a story after they see your press release.

But a lot of people do these press releases just to get some links back to their site. And it’s a good way to to get people to you know, come and visit their your website, and to get those people coming in. So you’ve got, you know, the backlinks, and that’s going to help you hopefully rank a little bit higher in search engines, so you can get some free traffic. So definitely use to help you write that press release and check out Fiverr See, if you find someone on there, look for people that have a lot of reviews that are positive, and pay attention to your budget.

You know, a lot of times they they lure you in with a kind of a low starting price for something that’s like 510 bucks, but it may not be exactly what you’re looking for, you may need to get their higher end gig that’s like a premium gig that you might end up paying 50 bucks or $100 for and that’s how these fiber sellers make their money as they try to get you in for something cheap, but there’s there’s something more expensive. That is what you really are looking for. So check it out, try it out and let me know how things go in the comments below.

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