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Let’s say that you’re an offline business and you’re going to start offering some sort of event or you have something coming up. And you want people to show up for it. Well, you have the Google My Business event post. So this can be useful for your Google My Business, it also be useful for like Facebook events. Or even like a classified ad, you put in the newspaper, I know some, some papers, even on their websites, they have kind of like a upcoming calendar of events.

And you could put your event there, plus the different places that you put these events. So why don’t we go with? Well, we go with like archery class. And with socializing, afterwards, so maybe our archery place. And we’ll go with 10 outputs, see if we like any of these. Like, learn how to shoot arrows at targets, you will get the opportunity to compete with other people and socialize afterwards. Like, that’s really cool.

Like, maybe there’s prizes, they could win, maybe you have some more curves, people could have introductory archery class, or how to shoot a bow and arrow, fight equipment, instruction and safety gear, comm by yourself, bring friends, and we’ll have socializing. So I mean, that’s a great thing to do. You know, I could say it’s, you know, Wednesdays at seven, you know, that kind of thing I put put in there, there’s all sorts of different things you could do for this, and this would be a great way to get people showing up, you put these on, like Craigslist, you might be able to put them on other areas of Facebook, you know, maybe you have a Facebook fan page, you could share it as a post there and do like boost that up and offset the coffee shop the other day.

And there was, there was a group of ladies that obviously, they were in some sort of planning committee for some sort of like nonprofit thing, and they were planning some event and what their Facebook posts was going to be, they were all brainstorming, I was like four or five of them sitting around the table. And they also had someone, maybe one or two people on the phone that they were talking to like a, like a speaker phone, on speakerphone on their phone. And they they were conversing with them and planning how they were going to promote this event.

And it sounded to me from what I could overhear is they were going to do some sort of Facebook post, and they were going to do Facebook ads and just boost that post and a tool like this, the Google My Business event post would have written a copy for them, instead of them all, your brainstorming, and they all got coffee, and they’ll guide you know, food and stuff like that someone could have used this tool and come up with the the event post listing in seconds like I did, and then those other people could have moved on to something else, you know, that person, you know, she could have gone through these, look at them and be like, ah, these are the two or three that I like, I’m going to tell the group, and we’ll decide if we like any of them or you know, mix and match things up a little bit.

And then we’re good to go. Instead of them spending an hour or two brainstorming what the copy was, then going home, writing it up, then putting it on Facebook, you know, she could have used this tool and just looked at a few of these. And they’re like, that’s the one and showed the others. And they could have moved on to other tasks that were important planning their events. So this is a great time saving tool that you could use, especially if you were offering this kind of stuff as services for businesses.

I mean, this this Google My Business stuff, if you do any sort of offline business consulting stuff, I’m really excited about this stuff, because I think there’s a ton of potential with with this information, that you could make some really, really easy money servicing businesses, because they don’t have time to manage their website, they don’t have time to manage their social media, they don’t have time to create all the different ad campaigns. And if you could do stuff on either some sort of retainer basis, that would be a lot cheaper than an employee, you’re just using a tool like this to do it.

Or, you know, let’s say, let’s say you charge some businesses, like a few 100 bucks a month, maybe 500 bucks a month, or something. And you’re gonna take care of their social media and their Google My Business and all these other things, and they just have to tell you some of the stuff they want. And then use a tool like this to do it. And you send it back to them. I mean, let’s say, let’s say it’s 500 bucks a month. That’s way less than what an employee is going to cost working on this kind of stuff.

And, you know, let’s say you have 10 of them. That’s five grand a month. That’s $60,000 a year for a really part time kind of business. That I mean could even delegate this out to an intern or to a virtual assistant that you could probably pay around the $500 a month, maybe less, you know, 234 $100 a month. And they could be using And they could be managing all those customers for you.

And your job would just be to go find those people who network at different, like Chamber of Commerce meetings and stuff like that. So I think that could be a really useful way to grow your business and get a lot of residual recurring income, and have a nice business where you could really write your own ticket, there’s new eons of businesses out there. And if you did this at an affordable price point, where you could get a bunch of them signed up, I mean, even if it was something where it’s like, they could get one thing a week for, you know, 100 bucks a month or something like that.

That’s like a no brainer offer. And, you know, use the tool like this where, you know, they give you a little blurb about what it is you pasted in here, and it writes up something nice, you send it back to them. And they’re like, Oh, thanks, that’s great. You know, they don’t have to come up with anything better. And you’re good and done. I mean, imagine if you had hundreds or even just dozens of people that were paying you that could be a really nice side business and a really easy thing for you to do.

So. If you like this, check out and yet, sign up and use the Google My Business tool and see if it’s a service that you could offer in your local area.

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