In this training, you’ll learn how to use the Jaaxy keyword research tool to help you find keywords you should use in the content you create with


  1. Search Jaaxy for your niche
  2. Create content with around the keywords
  3. Publish your content

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There’s a tool called Jaaxy, which is a keyword research tool. So let’s see what we can do, we can put in different URLs, or we can put in a phrase. So I’m going to put in the keyword of affiliate marketing. Looks like I could put it in multiple related keywords if I want, but I’m just gonna have it find keywords for me and see what it generates. So this is going to look online and find different keywords related to affiliate marketing. And it’s going to give me the information.

So we’ve got different related keywords that we can look at, we can brainstorm features, we can, if we have an upgrade plan, we can see the domains that may have that keyword, we can see the SEO score. So scale between one and 100 100 would be the best keyword quality indicator, green is great. Yellow was okay. And red is poor, quoted search results. So if you put this phrase in quotes from Google, so if I did like affiliate marketing and quotes, there should be 228 pages that are showing in there, traffic shows the visits to website if you’re in the first page of rankings on the search engines.

So right now this one says you’d get 6162 clicks, I’m assuming a month for affiliate marketing if you were ranked, and the average number of searches that he were received per month is 36,000. So let’s just see how many it does.

When I do search for affiliate marketing quotes. We’re getting 44 million. So there might be something else that we’re seeing here. With quoted search results. Let’s try it with something that’s a little bit more long tail because it may be getting confused. So that marketing for dummies, it’s 58,000 results.

So I’m not quite sure how that QSR exactly works with this. But it does look like you can get a fair amount of information here. As an upgraded member, you can upgrade and see more stuff always with the upgrade options are. And so they have a starter trial, where you get 30 keyword searches 20 search results, website analyzer, the affiliate program, find your keyword list manager brainstorm idea fee keyword competition data, adds one speed, they have an affiliate program and 30 site rank analysis scans.

And then they have these other plans where you can do more. When we try site rank. Let’s see what that does. So okay, I see this tells you where your site ranks on the search engines for something. So let’s go with like Neil Patel. And I would go for like, I know, I’ve seen stuff for affiliate marketing for him, let’s search and see where he’s at.

Interesting, pretty sure that he is I’m sure is one of the top pages for affiliate marketing. Number two right here. Well, that may not quite work for the site rank and quite sure how that works. Affiliate Program, stop that helps them out. Let’s look at this. They’ve got some training here. I’m just gonna click on this real quick, because this may give us some ideas of stuff to create with So I don’t know, you know, when this data was done, but here’s low competition keywords that you could possibly create some content. So be great to create content with Jasper AI, you probably want to do a little bit of research.

So I don’t know when this was posted like this is 2011 movie trailers like this might be kind of outdated. And it also is mentioning in Article directory, an article marketing through directories has not really been a hot topic for quite a while. So I’m guessing this PDF is old. But the idea of this would be really simple, is you take these low competition keywords, ones that don’t have a whole lot of pages that are competing on Google. And they all have 100 more searches a month. And you could find that with a lot of keyword tools.

You can find different trending niche idea kind of sites, and they’ll give you this kind of information. And then you could create content about that using And you could have like, maybe AdSense on your site or Amazon Associates program on your site. So you could start getting some affiliate revenue or getting some paid advertising revenue from from these articles, you could even put them on, like a higher domain authority site like medium calm, and perhaps build some sort of following there. So that could be useful. Let’s try this one, I want to see what this bonus is. Since this is any thing useful. There’s just really talks about how to do niche marketing online, which may be a good resource for people to look for kind of shows you how to uncover a hot niche markets. And let’s look at their domain industry secrets guide.

So these may be worth just signing up for for a free account to see what what you get access to, really looks like it’s just a way for them to promote Wealthy Affiliate to me. But that some training program that is popular, I’ve never looked into it, because I think some of the stuff I’ve seen their customers do irritates me. But that’s not the topic for today’s video.

And so this basically just shows how to get domain names. These reports seem a little dated to me, just my personal opinion looking at them, the they’ve got some videos on how to do keyword analysis and research. So that could be useful. Oh, that’s a good idea. We could pick you could type in something more targeted, well go with a URL for something and I want to do you know, it didn’t find Neil Patel before, for when I searched the web, so let’s just see if we can find it for his website and see what it comes up with. thing that I don’t like about this is it definitely looks like you really need to upgrade to get much of anything with this tool. It does seem like it has some issues.

But I am gonna look briefly through those bonuses in the help section, see if there’s anything really worth doing. This just shows some of the stuff that he is ranking for. Not super impressed by that search to be honest with you. But search analysis is tracing on some other stuff. Search and analysis. Marketing we’re seeing here.

Okay, so this is showing like top pages, which is fine because Neil shows up right there as a top page. So it did see it there. I wonder if I had to do the exact URL. I bet I had to do the exact URL for it to show that so probably does work alphabet soup. Let’s try affiliate marketing again and see what it does. I’m guessing it’s gonna do like alphabets or affiliate marketing a affiliate marketing. So yeah, it’s coming up with these different phrases like these are affiliate marketing, Clickbank, affiliate marketing affiliate commission CPA offers.

So it’s all doing the alphabetical style of going to Google and typing affiliate marketing. I affiliate marketing, a affiliate marketing, see stuff like that, and it’s it’s finding keywords or could be content for you to pray something around, this would be another great thing that you can do with Because this is stuff people tend to be searching for. And oftentimes people will see this in there or on Google. So I’m just gonna show you what this looks like. So you understand what I’m talking about.

So I’m going to type in affiliate marketing. And it’s giving me information. So I’ll do affiliate marketing a, we’re seeing Amazon, Amazon signup, agency average income, it could be business books blog, so I could even do like a, you know, I can do alphabetize A, B, about a C, counting a D, and you do that, kind of just tell them the line. And there’s tools that can can figure that out. But that is stuff that you could do in your niche market, and use a tool like to create articles, you could use that to come up with 1000s of different articles in your niche market that you can use AI to create the content for and you can post those on your blog or make videos and use that as a script.

For your videos, and that’s just a great way that you could really dominate your, the search engine results for your niche market by following the strategy of entering in those keywords and doing them in alphabetical order. You can even do numbers here 15 Day Challenge 101 and 2021 and 30 day challenge and four pillars, and five and six, and you can even start getting to so I can be like a practical guide to affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing, like how to be an affiliate marketer.

See, you know, this is not as easy to do when you have it in front of your keyword, but you can get some some information that way. And like I said, I’m gonna check out some of the other stuff in Jaaxy. This first time I’ve, I’ve used the tool, but I’ve seen a few people talking about it lately.

And I was like, You know what, I want to see what this is all about. And see if this is something that would be of benefit. I do you think there’s some potential there, but I do see a lot of tools that can do a lot of this for free or cheaper than what Jaaxy currently charges, I’ll have to look into it a little bit more see if there’s a particular reason to get it. Right now, I’m not seeing much of a reason upgrade, I do think it might be worth signing up for the free account and poking around a little bit.

And then, you know, maybe checking out some other training, see if there’s any relevance there for you. I mean, obviously, there were a couple ideas that kind of just came to mind for me, you know, just like that, and just looking at the site, oh, we could do this, we could do that. And we can do this. And you may have similar ideas, or you may have something else coming to mind just by checking out the site as well. So I’ll link to Jaaxy underneath this video and you can check it out. And let me know how you’re using it.

Just comment below and let me know what you’ve learned. Just share with me the nuggets you’ve gained from this training.

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