Congratulations to Darby Rollins and Zachariah Stratford on their #1 best selling book Published with Jasper


Having a book is one the fastest ways to amplify your authority and be seen as the go-to expert in your industry.

Published With Jasper is a book that helps entrepreneurs smash through writer’s block and go from blank page to published in 7 days (sometimes more, sometimes less. This book outlines The 7 Day Book Challenge framework for how entrepreneurs are writing books lightning fast. The first of its kind, the process gets readers focused on their goals, solving their problems, and then writing an entire book draft in 7 days with Jasper the AI-powered writing assistant. Dozens of books have now been self-published through this process and hundreds more are on the way every day as people all over the world read Published With Jasper and take The 7 Day Book Challenge!

Do you have a book inside your head that you want to get onto paper and into the world?
Been putting off writing a book because you think it’s going to take months or years?

Publishing a book can be a lot of work, and most people are daunted by the task… especially if you don’t have the right tools and a clear plan to write, edit, and distribute your ideas.

Did you know there’s a secret society of authors who have discovered a simple, repeatable process to extract the ideas out of your head and turn them into a compelling book with the help of artificial intelligence?

If you want to write a nonfiction book that builds your authority, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

Being a PUBLISHED author can open doors and unlock a world of opportunity for you and your brand.

Your book can become a powerful accelerator to grow your audience once you finally get it written, published, and into your ideal reader’s hands.

Here’s a few things your book can do for you:

  • Increase your thought leadership
  • Get discovered by new audiences
  • Land more paid speaking engagements
  • Build authority in your field and industry
  • Nurture deep rapport with your audience
  • Lead to more sales of your core products/services
  • Roadmap your content for blog posts, videos, podcasts, and more…
    Don’t put your book off til tomorrow, again!
    Get your copy of Published With Jasper today and accelerate the time it takes to write your next book from months (or years) to days!

Today I’ll be speaking to their 7 Day Book Challenge coaching group about how to write your book super fast with Jasper!

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Hey guys, it’s Reed Floren here. And I just want sent a congratulations out to my friends Darby Rollins and Zacharias Stratford, they released a new book called published with Jasper. And this teaches you how to write your own book using Jasper technology. And this is a fantastic quick read of a book, which really breaks down step by step, what you should be doing on a daily basis to go from blank page to publish book within seven days. So I highly recommend picking this up. It’s, I think it’s like $5 right now, for access to this book. And it is a number one bestseller on Amazon right now. And you’re going to be able to download that and start reading it today. And then you can start following along with that, to start writing your own book that you can start selling on Amazon right now or even through your own website. Now, on top of that, later today, I am going to be talking to their seven day book challenge group. Now this is an additional purchase. But they are doing a seven day book challenge. And so I’m going to load up their website here.

And you’ll see that they do these book challenges. So they have one going on this week. And they have another one going on in July. And they do these book challenges where basically we meet for around an hour a day, usually around noon central time. So that’s 1pm Eastern time. And we share how to write books. So you get access to a private Facebook group, you get access to their

Jasper underground digital workbooks, you get a 3d book cover created once you complete the challenge, they also give you 10,000 words to use to help you complete your book with In case you’re not on the unlimited plan.

And you can pick it up for the low price of $147, or just two payments of $97. Like I said, you also get access to the daily calls that we’ll do Monday through Friday, when you’re covered by a money back guarantee. So it is a wonderful program to help you write your own book with Jasper and their teaching. So I highly recommend investing in that to help you be a better author and write your book and get it published. And as you can see here, they have a number one bestseller on their hands with publish with Jasper and they helped countless others write their own books, you can check out their website where they have testimonials from several people inside the Jasper AI group. And they even have a for a foreword by the creator of, the owner of, David Moser, and you’re gonna just love this book. And you’re gonna love the seven day book challenge if you decide to invest in that as well. So check it out, get signed up, at least to get their Kindle book and start applying that in your business. And I would highly recommend investing in their writing with Jasper 70 book challenge as well, because that’s going to really accelerate your success and you’re gonna learn some ninja tactics from them and myself and a few other guest speakers helping you write your own book today. So click the link underneath this video. Get that Kindle book published with Jasper and sign up for the seven day book challenge.

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