In this training, you’ll learn how to create content Google doesn’t know the answer to with Google Questions Hub and


  1. Search Google Questions Hub for your niche market
  2. Use to come up with answers to the questions
  3. Publish on your site
  4. Inform Google Question Hub of your article

Unedited Transcript

So Google has this cool tool called questions hub. And basically what it does is it shows you questions that they don’t feel they have a good answer for on their search engine. And so you can find questions and your target market in your niche that you want, you just type that in to this question. And it’s going to give you some of the top questions that they don’t feel they have a good answer for on Google. And you can use a tool like to help you craft that answer.

And then put it on a web page of your own. So maybe you’re creating like a Frequently Asked Questions page about whatever your topic is, Rabb these questions that Google says they don’t have answers for, and then put them on your Frequently Asked Questions page, answer them with, and then use questions club to show Google that you’ve created this page that answers this question. So not launch question. This is a free tool. And so you can you know, you can add questions here.

And, you know, look for different topics. So like, I don’t want vehicles, I can click on that. And see, so, like, maybe I want to know about Acura. Okay, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna look and see what we get for Acura. Okay, so here, I don’t have an accurate, I don’t know anything about accurate. But if I had a site that was about accurate, you know, this might be some stuff to answer. And so basically, I can go and answer this. So I would put this information into I have a site about this topic.

And I would have helped me write the article. And then I put that on my blog. And I would link to the article here. And I’d hit submit. And I would just keep doing that and get as many things as I could about my niche. So let me let’s say ask questions again. Now you can, you know, continue to look through things like what to do business and industrial. And it’s going to give us a bunch of different these are all topics. Okay, I could even enter in topics. So I don’t know, let’s go for my Cato.

Because I’m in Mankato at the moment. And let’s go geography city. I’m going to go back to the page here. So like that’s a park in Mankato. Maybe there was a parade? I don’t know. My girlfriend’s a teacher. And she did get the cover of magazine. I don’t know if it was required, but most of them did. Army trucks. I have no idea. I didn’t see that. That could be an interesting info. I don’t know if you can get to help you out with that. might be able to find that kind of information, gravel pits or quarries.

Oh, there are some of those around here. Next Bus leave that might be hard to do. Because that’s like time dependent. Who on the hike game between Mankato and University of Minnesota that’s going to change you every time they they match up. But that could be interesting. I don’t know who that is. But maybe he did play baseball, you’re no clue. But I can also just search for topics. So what do I do like email marketing? Because it probably isn’t in here. And I’ll search for it.

And oh, maybe it is. So I will add that. And I will go? Yeah. So what laptops are good for email marketing? How can I unsubscribe from this place? What are the costs of that tool? How do companies know when I delete their marketing emails? So there could be some potential here for creating content? And then telling Google about it? And you’re probably going to get the like the question, box, you’re going to get that featured snippet box? Probably, if no one else is creating a good answer.

And you’ve created a good answer with Or what however, you’re just answering yourself and just writing yourself. But this is a great way to come up with content and getting it on Google and start getting some of that free search engine traffic and getting those free featured snippet results from Google so you can get that free traffic that I know everyone wants to get. So let me know if you found this information useful for using questions hub to help you guide your business online helping you create the content that your customers are looking for. And Google is even having a hard time answering it for them.

So just comment below and let me know if you’re using this or how you’ve used this tool in the past.

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