In this training, you’ll learn how to use the Google My Business What’s New template inside


  1. Load up the Google My Business What’s New template inside
  2. Enter in your information
  3. Publish your post

Unedited Transcript

Let’s say that you’re an offline business, and you want to use the Google My Business tool. So there’s a few different tools inside of And I’ll make separate videos for each one of these. But why don’t we do let’s Google My Business? What’s new? So maybe you’re a business that offers something new, you know, maybe your bills, accounting, okay? And we now offer payroll services, okay? Maybe they were just, you know, tax it before, oh, my God, professional, for tone of voice on that. And we’re going to output. Okay.

So this is going to come up with 10 different outputs, for bills accounting, which now offers payroll services. So we’ll see what it’s going to do. So we’re excited to announce now offers payroll services, great convenience for our clients will make tech season much easier. For more information, please visit link below. Yeah, I mean, that seems like how it work. Now, let’s talk about how they’ve been, you know, a family owned firm.

And they’ve been around for quite a while now that they keep everything compliant with the IRS and how many years of experience, you know, you could give it some more information than what what I gave it, but it’s really giving you a good outline of what you could use for your Google My Business posts. And that’s a great way to get some content out there. When people are searching for businesses that offer the services that you have.

And from my understanding of the Google My Business, if you’re putting out content like this, for your Google, my business posts is going to help you rank a lot better on Google. And this is a great free strategy to get a lot of people calling your business showing up at your business or scheduling an appointment with your business. Because you’re keeping people up to date with with new services, new offerings that you’re doing. And that it’s almost like a press release in a way, but it’s written for the consumer.

And when you’re doing that, it sounds to me from people I know that that do this Google My Business thing and offer it as a service. This is one of the little ninja hacks to get them to increase their search rankings for their clientele by having these what’s new posts that they put on to the Google My Business and that’s just creating a lot more interaction and increasing the search engine rankings for their customers.

So check it out. Use the Google My Business, what’s new posts today, especially if you’re an offline business and you have a Google My Business listing

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