In this training, you’ll learn how you can find royalty-free stock photos with the StockPack WordPress plugin


  1. Download and install the StockPack WordPress plugin
  2. Write your content with
  3. Use StockPack to find the right images for your WordPress post
  4. Publish

Unedited Transcript

There’s a free plugin that I really like called stockpack. And it lets you get stock photo images for your website that are free for you to use. So what I’m going to do is I’ve already got the plugin installed on this WordPress, I’m going to click Add Media. And I’m gonna go to stockpack here. And so you can have it search different ones.

So Adobe deposit, Getty, and I stock are all ones that charge I don’t think there’s any free photos for any of those from my recollection, but pixabay, pexels and unsplash are free, and you can change your default word searches are one of those by default. But this is a great resource for you to quickly find an image. So let’s go with pixabay. And we’ll go with like, ocean, okay, so search for ocean here.

And, you know, maybe turtles kind of cool. So I can even overwrite the file name. So I can just be like ocean sea turtle. Okay, and so that can be my file name. And I can download that. And then if I wanted to, once this downloads, and it’s put into my media library here, I can add a caption description and do other things to help with my SEO here. So it’s ocean, a sea turtle dot jpg, I’ve got my alt text here. So that can be good for my search engine rankings a bit description, I’ve got the caption here. I don’t need it to link to anything right now.

So I could just insert that into my post. And so that’s right there. And you know, some of these you do have to give credit to other times you don’t. So you could look at your terms here. for particular photo, like no attribution required. So why bother linking back to them. And so there, I’ve got this photo I can use, I can also have it be a different size. So you know, maybe I want the full size version of it, or is the full size version of it.

And so you can search all these different sites and get the exact images you need, and you have the rights to use these photos. And you don’t have to pay anything for these photos. You know, oftentimes, I’ve seen these different stock photos. And I’ve seen them even in books, I’ve seen them in magazine articles. I’ve seen them in like news story programs where they’ve had a, you know, clip for something, I’ve seen them in documentaries. I’ve seen, you know these on all sorts of websites. I’ve seen people use them for different images that they’ve you know, shared on social media, there’s tons of potential with this.

And it’s just a great free resource. It’s called stockpack. And you can download the plug in, I’ll link to it underneath this video. So you can download this plug in and start searching some of the popular stock photo sites right now. And find photos that you need for your WordPress posts. So you can have better engagement with your audience. And it’s going to be a lot more interesting for them to look at once with some pictures once you’re great. And you’re going to have a it’s a great way to help with your search engine rankings.

Because as I showed you that you can have, you can change the name of the file, you can have like the keywords for the alt text, you can have like a little caption and description underneath the image. And that’s going to help with your search engine optimization help you get more free traffic from Google. So I hope you find this useful. I think it’s a great companion with the content that you’re creating with Jasper AI, because you can use Jasper AI to write all your text. And then you can select some of the like maybe the headers for your document and come up with some irrelevant photos using the stock photo sites to no further optimize your content and make it really interesting for your readers to read.

So I hope you found this information useful. And if you like this, well let me know in the comments below. Let me know how you plan on using this plugin to further create a better website.

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