In this training, you’ll learn how to use Frase to create automated content briefs and to find the top questions & write automated answers for your niche market that you can then expand and improve on with


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Unedited Transcript

In this training, we are going to use a tool called Frase, which lets you really research your market and come up with new content that you should be generating. So I’m going to create a new document. And I’m going to put in digital marketing as my search query, check my advanced settings here, there’s anything else I need to do here. And then I want to change. So I’m just going to create the document. Now, that’s a really handy tool. So some of the stuff you can do is you can have it do an automatic content brief. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to have it just import a bunch of stuff. So I’m going to select all here.

And that’s going to grab all this information and put it into the editor. So it’s searching Google, and it’s grabbing all these search engine results, and it’s going to put it in to the document here. So this is telling me, these are an overview. So they have typical page has seven headers on it, they typically have 2000 words, the questions that people are asking related to this topic are, are those, these are the top of search engine result pages and kind of what they’re about. These are different topic clusters.

So these could be different articles, or sections of an article that you would create. These are more of the topics covered. These are some of the top headers in the articles. These are the top questions. Here’s some statistics. And some of the External links that these sites link to now I could, you know, grab these elements and bring them into And have that kind of reword or expand on or improve any of these. So I could improve any of those statistics, I could use the questions and have helped me answer them.

Same thing with headers, these different topics could be things that I use to cover the different keyword clusters, or all different things that I could, or topic clusters, excuse me are all things I could cover. These are all sites that I could model. So I can do other things here, like my content, as is where I could write my information, or I could import the URL. And that can be very useful. Another thing that you can do, so you can look at what other people’s stuff are. So let’s say that I like this particular one, it’s what is digital marketing, and how to get started. And so I can just paste the whole outline. And now I have that whole outline, I could bring that, I could just copy that and drop it into And habit make my own version of this article. So that’s a handy tool.

Another thing that you can do is I can go explore the page, and I can see different elements. So I can just take different elements of it. Now what I would do is I would take these elements, and then rewrite them with That could be a useful way of, you know, changing a site. Excuse me, this gives you the long tail on top topics that that particular page is talking about. And let me share with you something that I think is really cool that they’ve recently added. close out of that one second here. So we got the top score. This is useful with this is for like if I’ve been writing my own content, I can see what I need to improve. This gives a top questions. And so I can use those to make a better document.

And I could drop those into and let it expand. So that’s a great way to get stuff going. It’s very useful. I can check out related. And this is other results. That even gives me web results, news results, and Wikipedia entries. So those are things that I can definitely use to research. So let’s open concept map on that. Like here is a concept map from that article. Like you definitely could use that and drop this information to to help you write better content.

Okay. You could also add this to the document and It added that little piece of information the document I’ll add, I’ll process this link And so I could even add this the document, and it links back to this news article. Same thing with this, I can add all that to the document. And those are all things I could cover. So it definitely speeds up your research time. It’s a beautiful tool. Now, let me share, I think I really like this tool. So let’s say that I want to write some frequently asked questions. It is looking at that web page.

And it needs some coffee, it is looked at that web page and it grabs, it basically reads it and comes up with q&a for that web page. Okay. Now, this is all unique content that it wrote, it wrote this content for me. So I could take this content, I could drop this whole thing into And use these answers as a starting point.

And then let expand on this content. What a phenomenal way to write your frequently asked questions in a short amount of time. So you could do that for that page. Now I can do it for this page. Okay, it’s going to do it for each page that I want, okay. And then if I see that there’s some some questions that aren’t super relevant, I don’t need to use those questions. Or maybe I see questions that are overlapping, I can focus on whatever one, I think is the best.

And use that and I can still use Jasper to expand them. It’s like, We’re at 603 words right now. And I’ve only clicked on a few of these. Even just using this, I mean, I’m cranking out an article minutes that has the potential to help people out. And possibly could be something that people write your link to. So there’s a potential I could be getting free traffic just from this. Now imagine going that extra step, putting this into, letting expand on this and improve this, you add some images to optimize it with something like surfer SEO, or even using Frase to help you optimize it, I’ll show you how that works in just a second. We had a few more of these two here.

So we have a little bit bigger of an article or a little bit longer article. I’m not going to bother adding pictures or anything, but we’ll just see. See what this does. And this is all information is saying from the top, I think 10 results for digital marketing right now. And I mean, I can get way more, whoo, I can go further, we’ll go a little further. Because I know some of these are going to be like duplicate it duplicate stuff. We don’t need it. So looks like we can do at least the top 20. And may go further than that. I don’t really think we want to go much further than that.

But this is gonna be the first two pages of Google. And like I said, there’s gonna be some questions that are are overlapping, or they’re really worded similar, similar, literally to each other. And so you probably wouldn’t need to include them. Let’s just see how quick this is. And we’ll see how many words I’ve gotten. And they’ll drop it into Just to give you an example of what’s going on here. And I could even what was his digital marketing, I could probably do a surfer SEO thing for this too, just to show you see, this is just really, really cool. So I didn’t process that one. But you can’t do fiber, for some reason will do this page. Y

ou might have stuff blocking on fiber for now we’ll do this one. So we’ve grabbed I think from 19 different documents, it’s 4000 words, there’s obviously going to be some duplicate stuff, I could share this if I want it so I could even share this as like a document for if I had like an outsourcer they could edit this information and they’ll be able to access it which is pretty cool that they have access to that information. So it’s a great way to to help someone out on your team. What I’m going to do is I’m going to copy this go into version AI and I’m also going to go into Grammarly because I want to make sure that we haven’t, you know infringe on anyone’s copyright, just with this right now. So let me just double check.

Because I haven’t had it do this full full thing yet. And we’ll call it done. I have their like premium accounts, let me do a plagiarism check. Just see what’s going on here. And I want to open up the long form system on Because these tools work really well together. I think that’s a really good way to get a great outline started. So let me create a document. Form assistant, we’re going to go with digital, frequently asked questions. Digital Marketing, right, a blog post answers.

Yeah, that sounds good. Digital Marketing, continue, generate ideas. That’s it water here. I’m just gonna use that for now. I haven’t come up with an intro. Just do that for now. Okay. Now, on to a couple things here, we’re going to open up SEO mode. And we are going to go with digital marketing. We can do Google, that’s fine. We’re gonna create content. And we’re gonna let it just see what it shows for our score with just the default information added by

And then I’m going to paste my content from Frase and we’ll see what it is. And then I’ll show examples of expanding on some of that text. Just to give you an idea of how quickly you can improve this content and do a few minor formatting tweaks to it to improve the content now see if Grammarly has watched any of this and it looks like we’re doing pretty good here. So it’s got wow 100% Let me see what’s going on. Oh, I see. Because it’s not writing. You know, it’s kind of doing its own version of content. So what we do is we paste this information in here. This is where it gets excited. Okay, so we got that in here. I scored a seven right now. Let me just paste those all in. There 39.

Okay, now, what I can do is I can highlight something and I can rephrase it for one now, or I could explain to a fifth grader. That’s another thing that I can do. Alright, so I do that one. And then what I want to do is I am going to have it compose. Okay, so I added a little bit more there. Okay, now I don’t necessarily need this element. That seems to be a duplicated question. So I can get rid of that. This I can have it. I only have it explained to a fifth grader. Okay. And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to have it right a little bit more.

Make sure that knows these are headings. Not sure if surfer knew that the same thing. This one go on to make sure that he knows that. He what I’m going to do is want to go on these different modes here. Just make sure it’s easy. apologize if you can hear my dog just came in here to greet me. So look at that 55. All right, just by adding a couple of headings. Okay, so we’re, we’re seeing a good start of things, what I’m going to do is notice that we were having some plagiarism with the default stuff created by Frase.

So I’m going to copy and paste the getting stuff that Jasper wrote. And the rewritten, explained like a fifth grader text that Jasper AI did. And so this improved and so like, it’s real basic stuff, like digital marketing is the use of digital channels. Well, that’s nothing really, really plagiarized of its common answer to a question.

So you know, what should I invest in digital marketing, what I could do is, I could totally just delete that. Here’s the ones where I took the content from Frase, and then I had, rewrite the content and explain it like a fifth grader. And so this is a great way to really speed up your document creation is combining the two tools. And I could take this one step further is I could take all the the frequently asked questions, and I could drop it. So what I could do is I could drop it like in Excel.

And I can find out how many of them are exactly the same, like there might be what is digital marketing might be 25 times in this document, I could just figure out what is my favorite one, and keep that one, and get rid of all the other ones. And so the thing where I might have hundreds of questions here, may drop down to, you know, 20 or 30 questions I really like. And then I drop them into And I have it make a really great article. And this is something that, you know, I could go back and forth between the two tools.

And just keep whipping out content, like crazy using the rephrase and explain it to a child section of this and then have the one for my assistant also continue to add on for my answer. And I could do that for all sorts of topics was a really great tool. I love what they’ve done with Frase I love that they’ve created this thing to do the outlines and the frequently asked questions, I think it’s pretty darn cool. And, you know, let me share with you, you know, taking the outline from someone else’s saying just so I can show you that inside of

So here’s an outline. And so I’m going to take the outline. Okay, I’m gonna drop that into My puppy is just wanting to go outside or neighbors are having a garage sale, and she is very excited. So let’s say I want to expand on this. So I can have it expand on digital marketing assets. Oh, I’d seen the bullet points, what’s adding those. But I’m actually caught with some handy content, the yards right here. So I may want to paste this without the bullet points. One second. Let me try that your page, you know, paste this without bullet points.

All right. Let’s try it this way. Try the same thing. Okay, so that’s coming up with some assets like blog posts, social media content, infographics, video marketing. That gave us a few ideas, that and we could expand on those even more. And that’d be a great way to kind of write your own version of an article that’s ranking well without really infringing on their copyright. So it’s a pretty cool tool. I think Frase combined with ai is a very phenomenal way to to whip out content incredibly fast. Then you optimize it with surfer SEO. And then once you’re ready to go, you just publish it and start getting some links and traffic to it so you can start ranking in the search engines.

Let me know what you liked about this training. Just comment below. And let me know what the best element of this training is for you. So I know how so I know what content to spend my time on creating to help you be more successful with Frrase and Surfer SEO

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