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Want to see a bit more before you invest in it? I created another training that covers a free people also ask tool that Outranking built.


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Check out some of the other tools inside of Outranking. So we can look at the search engine results analysis on type in affiliate marketing. Let’s do the top 30 results. So it’s collecting that data. And we’ll see if there’s any way that we can use this. So you can download the information here. It is giving you the content length for each one, how many links they have, you know how hard it would be to beat, like how optimize it is. So you can see there’s some pretty, pretty challenging ones. Here are some of the external sitelinks people are using internal links, people are using some of the related keywords that I believe Google suggested.

Now let’s look at questions. And I’ll type affiliate marketing. And I hit submit. Here, it’s grabbing questions. I can download those looks like it grabbed 402 questions from this particular one. So it did related keywords for these ones. These are ones that were answered on actual web pages that were ranking, probably in the top 10 or top 20, maybe top 30. And then here’s some Google suggested ones that probably people also asked. Let’s look at their SEO content. So we can do a new document here.

And I’ll just do affiliate marketing for my query, and we’re going to create new. Yes, that’s fine. Okay, so this is stuff and I can write my own content. I can analyze things and go back and forth. with it if I want. I can import content. So let me share with you want to import it. This was one of my own pages. Was this one. Here I imported my Frequently Asked Questions gives me an SEO score of 100 shows on my words or on my content compared to the average and the maximum.

My readability on my senses, I have different sections, I’ve got exact searches that I’m targeting links that I have images I have, it doesn’t seem to see my images when I import. So that’s something to bear in mind. And that talks about some of these other things if I want to be pillar regular content. So I switch it to pillar two, it does give me a 95 score. So there’s probably some stuff I could improve here. I’ll see if we can figure out what those were either related keywords.

So there’s some keywords to do sections. I could do some more here. So I could add outline to editor. So I could target some of these things. If I wanted. It should put them over here. somewhere. There’s a lot of words on this. That added it right here. And I can look for sections from search engine result pages, I can copy all those and put them in.

So that’s kind of handy. If you’re doing this I can do popular keywords and put them in so those are things to hit. So it does help you organize your thoughts with the writing that you want to do. So you can have this content brief or you can take your existing content. And then you can copy and paste this into and let Jasper right and expand on your content for you. So that’s just another way of doing it.

Another popular tool that I found called And you may be interested in checking it out and I’ll put a link to that underneath this video.

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