In this training, you’ll learn how you can extract Google’s “People Also Ask” questions with so you can create better content with


  1. Enter in your niche into and hit search
  2. Copy the questions you want to create content for
  3. Have Jasper write the answers
  4. Publish

Unedited Transcript

This is a really nice tool that I found. It’s the people also ask questions at Outranking. And so I’m going to type in affiliate marketing. And we’re going to hit search. And it’s going to get all the people also ask questions, and also the search engine results, pages questions, this can be a very useful tool. So we’re downloading that information now. And we’re going to be able to access that we can put this information into Jasper, and it can start creating content for us.

And this is a really cool tool. So it’s probably my favorite question research tool that I found at the moment that I’ve been playing with. And I’ve been playing with quite a few of them. And this is the one that I am probably most excited about, because it seems to combine a couple different tools all into one. And it’s free. So that’s nice.

So I can download it as a CSV, it has things listed also shows how much the search volume is. So these would be the questions that you definitely want to focus on. So like, what is affiliate marketing, what what is affiliate marketing are all kind of, you know, heavily related, these are all very similar. So you might want to just figure out which one is most grammatically correct. And focus on that, you know, how to start affiliate marketing is another one, that’s, you know, how to affiliate marketing.

So probably how to do affiliate marketing would be best, right here, how to make money in affiliate marketing, these are all kind of related, but there’s their search for over 1000 times a month. I mean, this one’s you know, 14,800 times, and some variations of that. So you have a lot of kind of low hanging fruit and go after here, these these other ones that are, you know, volume of 70, and 100, and things like that 50. But it’s nice, because it gives you the search volume, and it’s free.

So that’s really cool. You have relevant. So these are things that are kind of similar, that could be useful. We’ll scroll down here some more, let me scroll down fast. We’ve got the questions that start with what? And some of these, because it’s grabbing stuff, also from the search engine results pages. Like for instance, there was what about freedom?

And what about refunds, those could be things to put into your article, but they may not be as super focused because it may be talking about other stuff when you’re looking at when you actually go and check out the pages it may be talking about something else. That’s somewhat related. You get your why questions, your wind questions, your how questions, your your where your, which your can are, and then it breaks down a bunch of keywords, here’s related keywords, it shares their competition, their volume, and the cost per click, I think for Google ads.

So that could give you a starting point of things that you may want to target. And then at the bottom here, it kind of just describes how the whole thing works and tries to sell you on on some of the other services that they have. But it’s a really cool tool and like I said, you can download the CSV it’s a great way to really get started with an article and it combines a couple of my favorite tools, grabbing the search engine results pages and grabbing the the people also asked and kind of putting into one easy to use a file that you can either just access via the web or you can download and you know either hand off to an assistant or you can start writing the articles yourself using

So definitely check out this Outranking people also ask questions and I’ll link to it underneath this video so you can get started with this free tool today.

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