SideHustle is a family-friendly party card game for entrepreneurs. Think of it as a mix of Apples to Apples and Shark Tank.

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Unedited Transcript

Tim Palladino 0:05
Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of side hustle live the live version of our at home game available on Amazon. I am Tim Palladino. I am joined here today with Tomer Soran and Darby Rollins, our guest today is Reed Floren from Business Success systems. Hello,

Unknown Speaker 0:25

Reed Floren 0:26
Thanks for having me guys.

Unknown Speaker 0:31
Great to have you here. Awesome. So

Tim Palladino 0:35
if you do not already

Unknown Speaker 0:37
know, go ahead.

Tim Palladino 0:39
Yeah, if you don’t already have a copy of side hustle the party game for entrepreneurs, then go ahead and make your way over to Amazon and grab yours to play with your family and friends. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing this in person, or virtually the fun is all the same. We encourage you to play along if you’re listening to this and or watching it live, play along or something in the comments we can see and we will respond to you we will put them up on the screen if you want to share it. All of our socials are tagged with at play side hustle.

Tomer Soran 1:11
Yeah, hit us up Say hello. If you’re a fan reads let him know you’re watching he’ll probably recognize you. Give you a quick Hello Tim Should we get into quickly how the game is played?

Tim Palladino 1:26
Yeah, missing easy. We’ll go into the game rules. There we are pulling up the investor draws a business card and rolls the industry die. The entrepreneurs will take the time to brainstorm their idea. He entrepreneur will take turns pitching their ideas to the investor and the investor will award them funny and fundable cards those the point systems. The industries that are standard on the die are tech and apps, median entertainment, toys and games, sports and outdoors, home goods in fashion and retail. Every once in a while we will come across an investor’s choice, and that is truly an investor’s choice. It can be anything from automotive to aerospace. Awesome. So you guys run around one.

Unknown Speaker 2:12
Yeah, let’s do it. I’m excited. Read you ready to play read you excited? Yeah.

Reed Floren 2:16
Yeah, I can play

Unknown Speaker 2:19
the die now and go Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 2:22
go for it if you have a die roll.

Unknown Speaker 2:25
So the five so I guess that’s toys and games. That’s right. And then I do a card and tell you what.

Reed Floren 2:36
Astro den.

Unknown Speaker 2:37
Okay. Very cool. Astro den. Welcome. Thank you so much. Read while we’re kind of brainstorming ourselves, why don’t you tell us a little bit more about what you’re up to these days? What? What’s taken the majority of your time and kind of where your expertise is, in terms of your business? Sure.

Unknown Speaker 3:01
Well, for those that don’t know me, I’ve been doing the online marketing things since 1999. I was 13. At the time, I just turned 35. So I’ve known it for quite a while. And I guess that’s like 22 years or so. And basically, I’ve tried a whole lot of different things over the years, from affiliate marketing, the email marketing, to joint venture stuff to create my own products and services, all that kind of stuff, speaking all over the world, all sorts of fun things. And what I’m doing lately is I’ve been teaching people how to use artificial intelligence to help them create better content and market their businesses online. I’ve been putting a lot of tutorials together on that you can access that at I am Renu and bonus com, where I’m pretty much daily putting up new tutorials for how I’m doing things and a lot of people are having success with those tools.

Unknown Speaker 3:51
That’s awesome. We definitely have seen the the rise of using automation to help everybody kind of build their brands at a at a more affordable price and, and to leverage the the attention that they can do. That’s awesome. What’s maybe the latest thing that you posted on there? What was the subject matter? Exactly?

Unknown Speaker 4:13
You know, I’d have to look because I have everything pre recorded. And it goes out every day. In fact, I cued up for the rest of the week, just shortly before this call. I don’t know which one.

Unknown Speaker 4:25
Yeah, automation that we’re talking about. So that’s very good. I like that. It’s exactly what we’re talking about. Awesome. So now that we’ve had like a chance to brainstorm ourselves, we are going to pitch to you the different things that we had. It was Astro den, is

Unknown Speaker 4:43
that right? That’s correct.

Unknown Speaker 4:46
Awesome. Perfect. So entrepreneurs are set hustles astrodon in toys and games. Let’s see what we got. Timur Darby, you ready to kick it off.

Tim Palladino 4:57
I’m ready to kick it off.

Unknown Speaker 4:58
All right, go for it.

Tim Palladino 4:59
Tim. Darby go first. I didn’t steal my idea. So Astro den in toys and games is a augmented reality Saturday morning cartoon hosted by everybody’s space favorite space dog, Astro from Jetsons, you can go and live in experienced like the Flintstones you can go and live just like barbarella you can go ahead and live just like the Jetsons. Any Saturday morning cartoon is fair game in this augmented reality experience Astro den and toys and games fair enough at this point you can ask us any questions or just pass or you can just go to the next one I try and keep it short and sweet

Reed Floren 5:43

Unknown Speaker 5:44
I know that one for now Do I go to Darby next guy

Unknown Speaker 5:50
Darby hit us up what you got

Reed Floren 5:54
I can’t hear him.

Unknown Speaker 5:55
Oh, no. Restart though.

Reed Floren 5:59
You’re so into it too.

Unknown Speaker 6:01
hyped up energy.

Unknown Speaker 6:05
Alright, let’s go What’s going on everybody?

Unknown Speaker 6:06

Unknown Speaker 6:07
going on everybody? My name is Darby My This is Astro Dino asteron is the world’s first and only company to offer a space themed toy box. We have all our favorite toys from Legos to play. Well, Bill but with an out of this world twist delivered from an astronaut in his space suit to a rocket ship that launches into orbit and our products are guaranteed to make you feel like you’re living on Mars. Our goal is for every child on earth to experience the joy of being an astronaut astronaut while they play. It’s why we offer free shipping worldwide and accept offers in any currency. You can even buy one of our special gift cards so your friends and family don’t know what they’re getting until it arrives at their doorstep. shop now for the perfect birthday president or Christmas stocking stuffer today. Astro den.

Unknown Speaker 6:52
operator. All right.

Unknown Speaker 6:59
I play this game way too much read.

Unknown Speaker 7:04
Sure thing. Okay, cool. Well, it looks like I’m up before we do looks like Robbie’s watching. Hey, Robbie,

Unknown Speaker 7:11

Unknown Speaker 7:12
thanks for being here. All right. My side hustle is Astro done in toys and games. Are you on your way to Mars? Do you have five years? Are you tired of your children bugging you in the cockpit? Do they keep waking up out of their sleep their cryogenic sleep and bug you? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Well guess what? Astro den is here to help. It is a self contained bubble where kids are taken care of by robotic nannies. And they have the ultimate viewing pleasure of every subscription service that has ever existed in one little booth. They will never bug you again on your trip to Mars. Astro den. Don’t let the annoying kids keep you from eternal bliss across the stars. The hand you got to do the hands. You have to do them.

Unknown Speaker 8:15
Eternal Bliss.

Unknown Speaker 8:18
Beautiful I

Unknown Speaker 8:18
realized it started to come out like a little morbid when I turtle bliss. All right. Read it. You’ll take a second to maybe summarize what you heard from us each like quick sentence and then you get a chance to award out the funny and fundable cards. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 8:40
Sure. Well, I like the the VR thing I think that’s really handy for for that’s definitely where things are going. So I could see where there’s potential there. I like the sea. I like the flowers. It’s hard to keep them all straight. I like the last one where your kids are contained. Because that’s always handy. And I liked how you know the the toys were coming from from space from an astronaut. So I think that probably made me laugh the most. So I guess Darby would be the funny one.

Unknown Speaker 9:30
Yeah. All right. Yeah. babish victory. So now Who do you think is the fundable if you want to give it out?

Unknown Speaker 9:41
fundable? Um, you know, my kids are good on road trips, but, you know, I hear a lot of kids aren’t so I think that one is, well, it’s not gonna drop with migrants.

Unknown Speaker 10:03
All right, thank you. I’m gonna just run that from above and put that in my pocket right there. Awesome. Thank you so much. It’s right. Thanks, Reed. Okay, cool. Well, you get a chance to do it. Robbie’s having a good time over there. Glad to see you, bud. Okay. I will be the investor next candidate, somebody, please roll me a die. And we can see, but

Unknown Speaker 10:32
this is good to be good. Okay. Yeah. Bye.

Tim Palladino 10:38
So the industry in who investors choice. Now? Question? Do we do the up industry first before hearing the card?

Unknown Speaker 10:51
I think as the investor, I get to decide it either way. So I will say, okay, okay. Okay, I want to do something where today I’m calling you from New York City. So I think I will pick excuse that lunch, that bus up there. But I’m gonna say public transportation is our is our industry. Terrifying, because

Tim Palladino 11:15
the name of our business is bottom.

Unknown Speaker 11:21
Alright, voice what happens when bottom butter, butter in public transportation. And that is your category at the moment. While that’s happening, I’ll give everybody a quick little update on what’s going on inside hustle land. And what we are looking to see if we can get from our audience. So we are furiously working on on our arm mark two for this. And part of that is developing a lot of educational materials because we want to basically show the different ways that this game can be used in classrooms or at home, or in corporate settings, to inspire people to speak out to be creative to, to show off, that they can be creative when given parameters, and to inspire them a little bit. So we are focused on building a lot of new lesson plans for that. And what I’d like to say is, we’ve decided to use this second section here to ask our audience to help us help us grow this in the same way that we did when we were doing the Kickstarter. So I would like to say if anyone out there is an educator of any sort, maybe you are an actual, licensed teacher, maybe you’re in academia, in the collegiate department, maybe it’s younger children, maybe you’re an improv teacher, or you just are homeschooling at the moment, everyone has some, some expertise to a certain extent. But if you are any of those, please reach out to us, either at play side hustle, or do send an email over to Tim. And we will connect and I would love to have a chat with you so that we can improve our materials for that. We want to make it easy for teachers and educators to use this game in a fun way to inspire the class, and to come up with some extended lesson plans for everything. So if you’re a teacher, please reach out. We are excited to hear from you. And we want to make this happen. Cool. All right, boys. How’s it going over there, but you had a little bit of time to to do bottom. butter in a very interesting twist where it was public transportation. Public transport. All right. Let’s throw that up here. Who’s ready to go first?

Reed Floren 14:06
I want to go first.

Unknown Speaker 14:09
Oh, gosh, I’m excited. All right. Read. We’ll we’ll throw you up next. So just so you have your heads up. All right, Tim, go ahead.

Tim Palladino 14:18
Thank you for the opportunity for us to pit bottom butter in public transportation. Bottom butter is the first spray repellent for the seat of your pants. No gum. No scum. no shame in your public transportation game. This will this revolutionary spray. Oh, keep your hiney shiny. Don’t you forget it bottom butter in public transportation.

Unknown Speaker 14:45

Unknown Speaker 14:45
I’ve heard you rhyme that many words.

Unknown Speaker 14:48
Yeah. I was quite impressed.

Tim Palladino 14:51
He’s to be a rapper. You know when I was.

Unknown Speaker 14:55
Speaking of hiney hiney shiny. How does this look after you’ve been On the train, are you walking around with a glistening buttocks? Yes.

Tim Palladino 15:05
So there’s a couple different ways you can do it. There’s a, one of the one of the formulas that we’re working on actually takes all the bacteria that is wherever you’re seated, and transforms them into colors you’ve temporary, are on the back of your pants so people can enjoy walking behind you.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
Yeah, I’m sure that’s what it looks like. For sure. Usually, when I have stuff on my pants, that’s a different color. That’s what Thank you, Tim. I appreciate that

Tim Palladino 15:34
taper from the color swatch. Yeah, so no.

Unknown Speaker 15:39
Thank you, Tim. All right. Read, hit me up, please. Sure. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 15:46
cheated and use Jasper to help me out here. So it suggested that bomb butter is the best way to ensure that you never miss another meeting or event because of a traffic jam. we know how stressful it can be to get stuck in traffic, which is why we created bottom butter so that every time you’re late for work, your boss will have an excuse, whether it’s a morning commute from home, or rushing to make it on time for lunch with friends. Bottom butter makes sure you’ll always be there when they need most.

Unknown Speaker 16:17
Okay, so it’s an excuse makings?

Reed Floren 16:23
It seems to be yes, it seems.

Unknown Speaker 16:27
So it’s basically a key, I used a couple tools to have come up with some ideas, and then those ideas into the bio, and came up with that it’s a good way to have an excuse for your for your job.

Unknown Speaker 16:47
Okay. Oh, I’ll take it, I get it. Um, can you give us maybe two different examples that that it would provide for you that, let’s say you’re late for a business meeting or to a wedding?

Unknown Speaker 17:05
How about a bottom butter would would help you do that?

Unknown Speaker 17:07

Unknown Speaker 17:09
Well, I think that it’s probably a very slippery way of reaching places. So I think you could maybe speed up the public transportation with with Uber, maybe you could dump on the ground and the Bus go a little faster. Train or something, whatever you’re taking to get to that wedding or to get to your bath. I think I could could speed things up.

Unknown Speaker 17:36
Okay, sounds like a good excuse slash grease slick that James Bond might use. So I like I like this a lot. Awesome. Thanks so much. Let’s see what Darby is cooking up. Today in bottom butter and public transport.

Darby Rollins 17:54
You know, meet somewhere, I’m always cooking something up in the kitchen. And I really appreciate your time being here today. To listen to my business, which is bottom button, I want you to imagine real quick that you are a space alien that lives on Mars and you want to start your own public transportation business. But because it’s so hard to get people from one place to the other side of the galaxy, especially if they have no idea how to how to get there or how the transportation systems even work and this interconnected world that we live in. And because if you know nothing about this industry, or how things work here, this could be a great adventure that could open up a lot of new experiences for you. But mostly because there is a lot of money out there for everybody willing to take take risks and invest in themselves and do something different. The answer to all these solutions is bottom butter. It’s a bottom up approach will revolutionize the public transportation system across the galaxy by making all vehicles self driving and autonomous using artificial intelligence or AI. We’re going to be using AI at the bottom of every vehicle so we can utilize its full potential without any alien or human interference or control whatsoever. This will allow us to provide a better service while also reducing our costs which means a cheaper fares for customers across the galaxy. Invest in barter better today.

Unknown Speaker 19:08
Okay, so at first it was one thing, but now I think it’s a little different. So it’s it. It’s AI for all spacefaring vehicles so that you can get to Mars easily. Across

Unknown Speaker 19:24
the Universe, it’s the it’s like a public transportation system powered by AI to get you from destination to the other. Whether it’s on your own planet or interplanetary.

Unknown Speaker 19:35
You know what that? That sounds pretty interesting. I can dig that. Cool. Well, I guess. I guess I don’t have to power this sweet hot rod that I bought for my next trip to Venus, but that’s fair. All right. Now Yeah, there it is. Alright, thank you guys. Let’s see what we got here. So let me summarize. So Tim gave As a four bottom butter in public transportation, Tim addressed the all too serious issue of goop on trains that we all sit in by spraying our butts. And it giving you a nice shiny but that gets you all the way. And so I can I can dig that read provide a a trap a get out of jail free card essentially excuse for anytime you’re late due to public transport. The service will create that excuse for you. Sounds great. And Darby decided that he’s going to revamp all the spacefaring public transport into an AI system. Sounds right sounds sounds scary, but sounds right. So let’s hold up a funny in front of your card. I will say that read I would love something that automatically always successfully gave me an excuse. So I I give you the fundable guard. Thank you for that. And for the funny. Darby yours is rather logical. My Spock man, but the the idea that Tim thinks that a color changing spray on your butt is a good idea. And the fact that I’ve never heard him rhyme so often before. I can’t point for that presentation.

Tim Palladino 21:36
I can’t be learning because I’m playing to the employee into the investor.

Unknown Speaker 21:41
That’s right. I do love alliteration and rhyming. So well done. So that’s

Tim Palladino 21:47
Yep, that’s our

Unknown Speaker 21:48
Oh, it’s just kind of like apples to apples and Shark Tank.

Unknown Speaker 21:53
This is where we mute dark.

Reed Floren 21:58
All right.

Tim Palladino 22:00
The investor spot I’m feeling good. I

Unknown Speaker 22:02
you want it all right. I’m sure you are. All right. Let’s uh, let’s do so. Tell me what you roll and tell me what you pull my friend. Yeah. All right.

Tim Palladino 22:19
All right. I am rolling a 10. In Home Goods.

Unknown Speaker 22:24
Home Goods. I like isn’t his

Tim Palladino 22:25
name is kitty ring. Kitty, kitty. Good.

Unknown Speaker 22:33

Unknown Speaker 22:34
Let’s do that.

Unknown Speaker 22:37
Yeah, buddy. All right. Talk to us a little bit. Well, I said this. Well, I

Tim Palladino 22:44
hope everybody’s having a great Tuesday. It’s been a fun Tuesday. in Austin, Texas. We had a lot of rain last night. And I’m really excited to get this next version of side hustle out I know everybody’s gonna love it so much more no Mayor touched on this a little bit before but like I can’t wait to see this game be played in all different different platforms or different aspects right? So different at at expos and live events again, live events are coming back super excited about that. We have a local event internet marketing party, I think our first live one over a year is going to be in two days. We have we’re gonna be working with kids getting their brains going doing what they do best and being creative. Getting deep into the education element with with maybe jumping into some entrepreneurial classes, local colleges, there’s there’s so many opportunities and it was really cool. And you know, I’m proud of what we created bottom line because it can it can really just bring so much fun and so much joy to so many different people in so many different ways. So that’s my what’s the wherever the episode opposite Oh, lament is not that is.

Unknown Speaker 24:12

Tim Palladino 24:14
My that is my jubilation ladies and gentlemen. I’m just I’m pumped about where this is going. Yay, words

not confused with the underrated x men character. nation.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
Jubilee. sweet to me. All right.

Unknown Speaker 24:32

Reed Floren 24:33

Tim Palladino 24:36
I’m ready. But if you’ve never looked somebody in your life,

Unknown Speaker 24:38
I was born for this whether you like it or not, I’m coming.

Unknown Speaker 24:42
Alright. Ready?

Unknown Speaker 24:46
Let me hold on I put this up. There you go.

Unknown Speaker 24:52
Kitty ring. When you prove your worth your accessories should too with kitty ring. You We’ll be able to show off how much of a kitty cat lover you really are. This is the one finger bling that no one can take away from you not even an angry pet owner who never gets their hands on it because they want it to kitty.

Unknown Speaker 25:13
Oh, nice. Nice sharp.

Reed Floren 25:15

Tim Palladino 25:17
I have no questions. I have no questions at all.

Unknown Speaker 25:21
Okay, great. I really want to go next or I can go up to you my friend. You can go next time. Still marinating? Sure. Oh, I gotcha. So can you bring in home goods? Are you like me? Do you wish no one else had cats except for you? Well, we have created a an irresistible sub. Sub frequency attractor for cats. You turn this on, every cat in the neighborhood will come over. You will not just be the cat lady. You will be the cat queen or the cat King. If that is what you want to be. They will all live in your house and refuse to leave. Please get kitty ring today. And yet your meow on?

Reed Floren 26:17
That’s right.

Unknown Speaker 26:20
Yeah, I think that’s good. I’m gonna stick with that. Alright.

Unknown Speaker 26:33
No question.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
That’s all I got. Okay, cool. Well, you have a question you can read Please go ahead.

Tim Palladino 26:44
Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:48
All right. So we have a key to bring home goods, we’ve got a brand new device that is going to really help you find your cat. So we know dangerous. Dangerous it is when you leave your home and your kitties roaming around and we don’t want you to worry. So we have a breakthrough technology that can securely attach your cat to any surface and they’re not going to escape. This ring is made of a special metal alloy. So your pet stays where they’re where you want them to be. And this amazing device will keep them safe. Well, you get what you need done without having to worry about them leaving the area or leaving your house and we’re going to sell them for 1999 each. And they’re available in gold stainless steel bronze or rose gold. So go ahead and order now.

Unknown Speaker 27:39
Nice nice.

Unknown Speaker 27:41
I like it.

Tim Palladino 27:42
Yeah, no questions no questions. Let’s put my final notes down.

Unknown Speaker 27:50
Tell me I realized that he was not in a wind this round and he decided to go ahead and call it an early day. It’s like

Unknown Speaker 27:57
yeah, thanks go but I’m here all the time. Or the shallows depending on which song gets the most clicks these days. So doing a

Tim Palladino 28:13
quick review Darby had the hat, Kitty jewelry. I can’t remember the the you had a really nice quote or to write down

Unknown Speaker 28:26
every loved one

Unknown Speaker 28:27
the one finger bling, but no one can take away from you now even a pet owner who wants to get their hands on it when they want to.

Tim Palladino 28:35
Probably that’s

Unknown Speaker 28:39
probably that and then then tumhare wanted

Tim Palladino 28:45
he is basically catnap. So use like Sonic sounds to to attract cat so you can be the ruler of the wall. It seems and then and then read add cat tracking cat tracking wise, as an ally cat tracking device that you can go ahead and find your cat you’re not you’re not gonna lose kitty.

Unknown Speaker 29:09
They’re probably going to train you.

Tim Palladino 29:11
So no one I’m very surprised no one mentioned like Toxoplasma gondii. Like,

Unknown Speaker 29:16
you know,

Reed Floren 29:17
you know that is?

Unknown Speaker 29:18
Oh, oh, toxoplasmosis. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:23
I have no idea what that is.

Tim Palladino 29:25
So toxoplasmosis is it’s a. toxoplasmosis is a parasite that comes out of cat urine. That makes people crazy.

Unknown Speaker 29:38
That’s a real thing.

Tim Palladino 29:39
But one of them was going to be the cure. That’s what I was hoping for. I’ve been really investing a lot in biotech recently. So I was hoping one of you were gonna do that.

Unknown Speaker 29:50
mics Oh,

Unknown Speaker 29:52
yeah. Sorry, we didn’t. He says you’re right. That was such an obvious thing that you were into. Play towards You know, when you’re, you’re playing the investor, you’re like, you know what this guy’s into? toxoplasmosis? Yeah.

Tim Palladino 30:10
Very fungus.

Reed Floren 30:11

Unknown Speaker 30:13
alright buddy points. So, yep, points ago.

Tim Palladino 30:17
We have the the funding goes to goes to tumhare I have to warn you when you accept my money, it’s not going to be used for good. We’re going to collect those cat.

Unknown Speaker 30:34
Oh, yeah, I used to let anyone else have cats except me. I expect them to kind of want to my ontem me like I become like, you know, sort of absorbed on or thundercats similar note what’s the one with all the Panthers? ultra?

Reed Floren 30:56

Unknown Speaker 30:58
these worse?

Unknown Speaker 30:59
Sure. Okay,

Tim Palladino 31:02
so fundable I’m, I have for a very long time in the real world. Wanting to create a a business based on what the hell’s that called? I can’t think of what it’s called right now. But I wanted to create an accessories business. So I’m definitely gone with the

Unknown Speaker 31:23
kitty. Kitty jewelry. Kitty anyway. Yeah, Kitty bling. All right. Yeah, surprised?

Tim Palladino 31:33
that’s what that’s what the term is enclosed cognition. Just what you were?

Unknown Speaker 31:39
Sure look good, feel good. All right. Well, now is the portion of our show where read we get to know you a little bit better. And then before we we kick it off to the end with the lightning round, which is coming up, so pay close attention. But for now, we’d love to get to know you a little bit better. And see what what kind of weird stuff where we can we can learn about you, my friend. Does one thing I was curious about that? I believe for a while you live the camping lifestyle. Is that right? Yes. Yeah. I was wondering if you had any, like big lessons that you learned from when you were like living that nomadic camping lifestyle in terms of what were the key important things or the things you like? Some, you’re like, this was a big lesson that I learned in terms of like, don’t park there or something like that, whatever it might be.

Unknown Speaker 32:39
I guess. Yeah, it was fun. As a young guy doing that. The I think the biggest life lesson is don’t throw a really big party at a campground because I had a lot of truck once I blew through like seven or 800 bucks worth of booze and about a half hour. So that was fun. I’m really lucky. I didn’t get charged with that, because there was a lot of people at that party, and a lot of cops showed up. So

Unknown Speaker 33:13
was that in the States? Or was that abroad? Yeah, that

Unknown Speaker 33:15
was in Minnesota.

Unknown Speaker 33:17
So okay, cool. Yeah, right on. Did you kind of tour everywhere when you were doing that? At the time? No.

Unknown Speaker 33:23
So you know, I bought an older rig, and I wanted to see if I would like it. And I wanted to see if doing this online thing was at a point where you could do it kind of from anywhere, and, you know, in a camping thing. So this was, you know, like 10 years ago. And ironically, actually, my I still have the rig and I blasts for the emergency exit just broke the other day. So I just was working on my rig to get the glass out and take it to a glass shop to get new class put in. So I haven’t touched my leg in several years. So it’s just kind of funny that you bring that up. But basically I wanted to see if it was doable to work remotely doing this online stuff in remote areas, and still have fast enough internet to do things because at the time it was like 3g cell phone service wasn’t even 4g now we’re in 5g. So it’s a lot slower than what what things are now but things still work. I mean, I’m still making good money and still communicating with people and still you know, making different products and connections with people so it was still a useful thing and I didn’t have to like go to a library or a coffee shop to make money. It’d be even easier now with you know, much higher speed internet and you know, most places have Wi Fi I mean back then even a lot of places didn’t even have Wi Fi you could go use so it’s been a big change in how things are. With that said there’s obviously a lot more competition at campgrounds. So you’ll Things I notice like I went, I think my first year I had it, I went down to the Winnebago, Winnebago and I went down to the Winnebago, like yearly convention, and they had hundreds, if not 1000s, of RVs, probably 1000 Barbies. And I noticed that the internet was just super slow with my phone. So I ended up buying, like an antenna to attach to my rig and a little amplifier system, actually there, and that boosted my internet connection. And I mean, I just had to send an email and it paid for itself immediately within minutes of getting the device, but it was, it was worth having. And that’s actually come in handy, you know, even in the car, at times, I should get a newer one. You know, actually, I probably won’t need it anymore, but the tech is so outdated that it’s not gonna get the 4g or LTE or 5g at all, it’s just maxes out at 3g speeds for the family vacation I. But it has come in handy in remote areas. I’ve used it a few times where I’ve been able to get a signal, you know, like way north and stuff where there’s like, Don’t go anywhere. So it’s been kind of fun to see and still have it and use it everyone smile If I know I’m going off the beaten track.

Unknown Speaker 36:16
That’s really cool. Thanks. It’s, it’s interesting to hear that story. And definitely so many people can easily do it. Now in terms of locationally. We have many friends who do that digital nomad, I mean, it, it was given the name, basically, since you were trying it out, right, like it did not really

Unknown Speaker 36:41
know, like in the 90s. This is before, obviously, there were people that would travel full time. And they might write a book about it after the fact. And maybe they did some like work camping kind of thing. And maybe work in some places temporarily stay for a month and kind of get a temp job or work at like the campground or something. But now there’s a ton of people that their full time living is doing something, you know, online, while they’re they’re traveling, they might be doing the Fulfillment by Amazon, or they might be, you know, doing some service while they’re traveling and helping people with internet stuff or with web stuff, or they’ve got some sort of online business or some freelancing thing that they’re doing online. I mean, there’s so much more opportunity for that, versus when I was kind of trying to figure it out. If it was even a doable thing back then, because I mean, I alternated between, like a little, little USB stick kind of modem thing that I had for a while that was kind of like existed. So that would plug into my computer. And I could do that and get internet, or I would eventually my phone could do a hotspot. And then I bought a dedicated hotspot at one point while I was doing it. So I mean, the tech was starting to get there, but it just wasn’t quite there when I started or I didn’t know, I needed that. And I mean, now people have, you know, satellite connections and phone connections. And a lot of campgrounds have Wi Fi and stuff. So there’s a lot more opportunity and I haven’t tried it, you know, like doing like a call like this or a webinar or something like that, or, or you know, any sort of live stream. But I think that would be really fun to see how this reacts. And obviously it would be depending on where you are, but that’s the same. Even at your home. You can have spotty connection or at a hotel. So it really, you can guarantee where you are.

Unknown Speaker 38:37
So there’s a book that I read back in the day when I was first starting my entrepreneurial journey called vagabonding by Rolf Potts. That is a lot about that. I believe Tim Ferriss published the audio book for it. So it’s a real it’s a fast read. But it really delves into this sort of worlds. It’s a, it’s a little bit dated, it doesn’t deal with as many of the updated possible opportunities that we have now. But the core concept is still there. And it’s, it’s, it’s a nice way to add a little romance to to the concept here for yourself, which I think is a helpful push to do things right when we think something is cool. Internally it definitely helps. Helps push through any of those harder days and you’re like, you know what, it this is fun for me like that kind of thing. Like it is cool in that way.

Reed Floren 39:32
Lot of fun to do. Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
Did you ever meet? Did you ever have any scary stories that ended in a positive way like took a turn like something where you’re like, Oh, this could go one of two very different ways and it ended up being all okay at the end with the RV. Sometimes Yeah, because I mean, traveling right can put you in all sorts of different circumstances.

Reed Floren 40:02
I know,

one time.

Unknown Speaker 40:07
So couple things. So this isn’t directly related to our being, but I was staying in my RV. And my sister was a figure skater at the time, and she fell and hit her head. And she was the same time that I was in camping. But she had no recollection that she even had a brother, like, people got their parents and they’re like, your brothers. They’re like, can you get, you know, get in touch with him and stuff like that. And she had no idea that she had a brother kind of thing. So that was kind of a scary thing. I know. It’s not directly related to camping. But that was something that another time when I was

Unknown Speaker 40:44
ever at all read, yeah, she she.

Unknown Speaker 40:48
But no, it resolved really quick. She went to the emergency room for the invite.

Unknown Speaker 40:53
Yeah, I do, like stories that might have a positive event at the end and make sure

Unknown Speaker 41:01
it’s all better now. And then another time. There was like a really bad rainstorm. It was kind of like, flooded out where my rig was. And so that was kind of interesting. And I had been, I was like, gone, gone into town, I think. And then I had come back, and one of my buddies stopped by to check and see cuz he had, he was in the area, and he had heard what sounded like kind of gunshots in the area by the cameras, probably a car backfiring or something. But he came by to check. And I was like, Yeah, I hadn’t even heard it or noticed it. I was too busy. worried if my raid was gonna kind of slide away with all the water

Unknown Speaker 41:50
during a rainstorm, and and crossfire. Yeah, yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 41:57
the two kind of different stories?

Unknown Speaker 42:00
Yeah, very much so. So that’s awesome. Let, I would love to quickly just reiterate a little bit nowadays, what your work is, like in terms of who is kind of the perfect person to that you would want to reach out to you or to seek you out, you know, like a, your best customer kind of vibe. Because putting, you know, we put it out into the world, they build it and they will come kind of vibe. So who, who is the perfect person to talk to you or to look for your content.

Unknown Speaker 42:36
Usually, it’s been people that have been trying this stuff out for a while maybe had a little success. And that’s kind of failed. And that’s maybe digital marketing, usually digital marketing, affiliate marketers, people that want to create their own product, or those kind of folk, I haven’t really done the whole eecom thing much. But I’ve done a lot more with the digital products and the affiliate products and stuff like that. So usually, it’s people that have tried to get something going, maybe had some else starts where they’ve made a little bit of money, but they haven’t gotten to that point where they feel like they can quit their job, or they could, you know, have a team of people working for them or anything like that they’re not satisfied, I guess with with what they’ve been able to do. They need some money, but not they solve hunger. And so basically, they connect me and they, you know, either make some training for me or they get on my list, or they hire me for coaching, those kind of things. That’s, that’s usually what ends up happening. For me, cool.

Unknown Speaker 43:33
That’s awesome. I think that that’s definitely it’s definitely a subset of our, of our audience. You know, a lot of people are playing with physical digital products, personal brands, all sorts of things of that nature. And sometimes people don’t start because they don’t know how they’re gonna get their idea out there. And so I think that this is definitely an important place to go. Because sometimes all you do is focus on you’re like, I have this idea, and I just made it, right. And then you got to spread the word, right? If people don’t know they can’t get it for you.

Unknown Speaker 44:07
It’s more marketing than the idea.

Unknown Speaker 44:10
Oftentimes, yeah. Cool. I think I want to spice this up. And if you guys are down, we can jump right into the lightning round the lightning round. That’s not what we wanted. We wanted to hit the if you’re in Austin, you may have seen it in person. So that’s Yes. Awesome. Okay, so to reiterate how the lightning round works, we will have one person be the investor and they will roll the dice to get the industry then they will pull a card for each of the end of the entrepreneurs. And right on the spot that entrepreneur has to come up with the idea and pitch it right then in there. So three entrepreneurs three different cards on the spot pitch Everyone’s drawing it fresh and so we’re gonna see just what comes off the top of your head. Silly serious, completely dumb. All are viable candidates for this. Don’t worry about a little word vomit. totally okay. All right, but just we’re not going to just throw you right to the dogs read. We will show you by going first ourselves is that does that work for you? Yeah, that’s great. Who hasn’t done I think Darby you have not been the investor yard right? Yeah, that’s right. Darby when you roll a die for us and we’ll get it started.

Reed Floren 45:39
Loving ai i

Tim Palladino 45:41
can’t handle lightning rounds.

Unknown Speaker 45:43
I love fashion and retail.

Unknown Speaker 45:45
Okay. Okay, great.

Unknown Speaker 45:49
Lightning rounds.

Unknown Speaker 45:50
And every one of you pre poll a few cards face down for yourself. And we can get ready Tim? Why don’t you start us off let me just send this banner here.

Tim Palladino 46:02
We got fashion retail.

Unknown Speaker 46:04
There we go. Well got this going. And then we got you up there. All right. Darby hit us up fashion and retail, lightning round.

Unknown Speaker 46:17
Tim. fashion and retail your business is.

Unknown Speaker 46:23
Go spire.

Tim Palladino 46:30
Go spire in fashion and retail is the first outdoor climbing gear that is fashionable. The idea is to go and inspire while you’re climbing as high as a spire on top of a building, say the Empire State Building. So when you’re doing stunts and doing dangerous things, you’re looking good to go spire and fashion retail.

Unknown Speaker 46:58
Cool. thing, Darby. You’re welcome to do questions. If you have

Unknown Speaker 47:05
no further questions, Your

Unknown Speaker 47:06
Honor. Oh, you know what? The defense rests, I suppose. All right. Ray, do you want to give it a shot? Sure. All right.

Unknown Speaker 47:16
Read your industry is fashion retail and your business is

Reed Floren 47:22
super clear.

Unknown Speaker 47:28
Well, have you heard of the Emperor’s New Clothes? They are super clear. And you can be just like the Emperor when you buy super clear. today.

Unknown Speaker 47:41
is so self explanatory. I love it. Perfect.

Unknown Speaker 47:47

Unknown Speaker 47:48
All right, I guess. Unfortunately. Oh gosh. Darn.

Unknown Speaker 47:54
Gosh. Your industries fashion retail and your businesses?

Unknown Speaker 48:02
Switch kit. All right. Are you like me constantly going between business meetings and parties? Are you the life of both because your outfit switches fast? Well, guess what? Switch kit is just the thing you need. All our clothes are reversible. shirts, pants, underwear, hats. Every single item of clothing we have is reversible. And yeah, I go from a business meeting to a party and need to change my underwear to something more appropriate. Of course, you always will be prepared with switch kit. Switch it up better.

Unknown Speaker 48:48
So good. So that last part was I realized get let’s just reverse a little bit. 32nd thinking like bathing suit a three piece suit.

Tim Palladino 48:57
Yeah, I don’t know. That’s killer got hosed. I feel like I got hosed with mine.

Unknown Speaker 49:04
Oh, do you do you look at the trend and that’s

Unknown Speaker 49:10
a rainbow. One last one.

Unknown Speaker 49:12
Oh, yeah. Go for it. I gotta go.

Unknown Speaker 49:14
I gotta hit the lightning round before I judge.

Unknown Speaker 49:16
Yeah, do it.

Unknown Speaker 49:18
See what you got? Right? fashion and retail.

Unknown Speaker 49:22
Share, bear? No, I

Unknown Speaker 49:23
did that one the other week. I hate that one.

Unknown Speaker 49:28
No. Okay. Clean Slate.

Unknown Speaker 49:31
I’m the investor. I can choose which one I obviously can’t invest in myself.

Unknown Speaker 49:34
You also start going Matthew McConaughey on it when you get angry. I can choose it. All right. Go for it. All right. All right, all

Reed Floren 49:44

Unknown Speaker 49:46
Still sweet and fashion. Kinda like the Emperor’s New Clothes that are super clear, except for stealth made actually makes you invisible rather than people seeing right through your clothes. Stealth mate.

Unknown Speaker 49:58
Alright, A little you know what I think we’re all investors we can all ask him questions. Darby Thank you so much. How does this technology work?

Unknown Speaker 50:12
Well, so you actually partnered with the super influencer Wonder Woman and partnered with her on creating this is technology from her airplane. And it’s proprietary. So,

Reed Floren 50:22

Unknown Speaker 50:26
Any other questions? team?

Unknown Speaker 50:28
I don’t have any.

Unknown Speaker 50:30
I don’t know. Yeah, it was clean. It was clean. Alright,

Unknown Speaker 50:34
unfortunately, I can’t invest both of these cards into myself so recap real quick and got super clear the Emperor’s New Clothes are super clear. From read. Go spire. Something about the Empire State Building. Fair and switch get was the clothes that a reversible

Unknown Speaker 50:56
living underwear.

Unknown Speaker 50:58
I like simplicity. I like the simplicity of reads super clear. It’s very clear what it says. And so you’re gonna get fundable.

Unknown Speaker 51:09
I agree. Have you seen how good the Emperor looks? Everybody’s talking about it.

Unknown Speaker 51:15
And for funny, it’s got to be switch get because it’s reversible underwear.

Unknown Speaker 51:21
I disagree. I just

Tim Palladino 51:22
agree. It’s the mullet of clothing.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Well, that was a lovely round. Ah, so thank you, Reed for joining us today. Why don’t you just let everyone know, again, you know, what’s going on where they can find you. And a little bit of a call to action. Sure. Well, you

Unknown Speaker 51:49
guys can find me online either just searching for my name, read fluorine, or finding me on any social media platform. Otherwise, the website that I’ve been putting a lot of my content on lately is I am review and bonus calm. And I’ve got a lot of training on there to help you grow your business by using artificial intelligence and other tools. So you can get more traffic, more sales and more leads coming in. So check that out and check out all the free training that I put up for your benefit.

Unknown Speaker 52:19
I will say that is pitch of the day, by far. And that was really clean. I liked it. Well, thank you everybody for joining us. If this looked like fun, it is please check us out at play side hustle. If you want to get a copy of the game for your home, your class, your friends, your next party, check us out. It’s available on at the moment, or comm check out our site, you can watch a video of what it looks like and will lead you there. In the meantime, if you have some awesome pitches. Sure, share them with us at play side hustle on all social media platforms, invite your friends and if you want to be a guest on the show, please reach out. Reach out to Tim at play side, hustle calm. We’ll get you an application and we’ll get you on here. We’d love to hear from you. Have you joined us in play and share it with your audience and we can grow together. In the meantime, everybody. Check us out. Reach out with whatever you got. And stay safe and have fun out there guys, productive play. We’ll see you next week. Tuesdays at two. Adios Ciao


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