In this training, you’ll learn how to format your content inside the long-form assistant.

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In this training, we are going to look at the different formatting options inside of the long form assistant of Jasper AI. So let me set up a new document and create a blog post about login. And it’ll very meta. So blogging. Let’s do WordPress, and full how to blog. Those are my keywords, continue generate ideas. So it’s going to come up with the title. Right? We’ll go with the mistakes because that sounds like a fun topic.

All right. So what we could do is we could write in a topic like blogging mistake. Number one, okay, I’m gonna highlight that. Now, I could do it as a header one, header two or header three. Personally, I would probably make this a header too. Okay. And then maybe at the top here, I might do a header one.

So 11 mistakes to avoid when starting a blog, just to show you the difference. So that’s a header one. Okay. Now, I could have Jasper right? A bit here. Okay, we’re gonna change that to mistake number two, make that h2. Then I can have Jasper do some more writing.

And I’m going to change section number three. Let’s cover some other. There’s a header too. We’ll cover a little bit of some of the other stuff. So let’s say that I want to bold something, I could highlight the text here. So be just like using Microsoft Word, and I could bold it. Okay, well, let’s say that I want some bullet points for some reason, I can highlight some text here. And that’s a numbered bullet.

Okay, and let’s just pretend that that’s my second bullet. There’s my third bullet came. Now let’s look at this one. Maybe you want just bullet points. Okay, maybe I’ll do that one as a bullet point, I’ll do that one as a bullet point, then maybe I want. This is an example of a header three. So so you can see the size difference. So there’s a header three, almost looks like bolding. So it’s not used as much.

The header two is the one you’re going to use the most. header one you may have at the top of your article. Oftentimes, like excuse me, if you oftentimes if you are creating a post in WordPress, it’s going to put like a header one at the top of your posts automatically. And it’s the title of your post, typically, that just automatically gets put in there.

And so usually don’t have to worry about it header two is the one you’re going to use the most. And that’s the thing that’s going to have the most impact when you’re doing the SEO mode, connected to server inside of That’s going to help you get your score up I believe to get your to get it to recognize that it is a header, you’re still going to have to put in the pound sign or hashtag or whatever you want to call this symbol, depending on how old you are. And you’re going to have to put that where all your headers are and that way it’ll tell and surfer that that is a header And it should judge the SEO quality for your score, that you actually have a header there.

And that’s going to help. But I mean, just with a few minor things here, this already looks a lot better than just run off sentences or run off paragraphs that that Jasper would normally do just by putting in some bullet points, putting in a couple headers putting in, you know, some bolding, there’s just some minor formatting. And you don’t have to start with this right away.

Just keep it in mind that once you have had Jasper right, for a while, you could come back, do a few minor tweaks, and then you can copy and paste this information and send it right into your WordPress blog post or your website or put it into your book. Whatever you’re doing with this information, you’re going to be able to quickly and easily grab this content, it’s already going to be formatted. And then you can publish it online or share it wherever you want to share it. And people are going to be able to check out the information that you’ve put together by using Jasper and using this formatting and making things look a little bit nicer.

So I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you find the header one header two header, three tags, bolding, the ability to add number of bullets, and like a list and just regular bullet points into your articles because it’s going to make your content so much better. So let me know what you think of these features. And I’m sure you’re going to find more and more stuff as keeps improving as time goes on here. So let me know in the comments below what you think of this and I look forward to helping you grow your business with Jasper AI

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