In this training, you’ll learn how you can do Keyword Clustering using the Google Ads Keyword Planner, Umbrellum so you can create better content with


  1. Use your favorite keyword research tool for this example I used Google Ads Keyword Planner. Do a search for your niche market and download the keywords. You can optionally filter the keywords to only contain your keyword phrase i.e. “affiliate marketing”
  2. Copy the keywords and paste them into Umbrellum’s keyword clustering tool
  3. Use to write content based on the keyword clusters
  4. Optional: Use SEO Minion to grab People Also Ask questions to help guide your writing.
  5. Consider using retargeting pixels or to capture email addresses

Unedited Transcript

In this training, we are going to do what’s called keyword clustering. And this is something that a lot of SEO experts do. Basically, what they do is they figure out what keywords they want to create content for. And then they put all the ones that are really closely related together. And then they write an article based off of those keywords.

So let me show you an example. So I’m going to discover new keywords, and I’m inside the Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool, you just need a Google Ads account, you can get that for free, and you’ll get access to this. Otherwise, there’s lots of keyword research tools on the internet, you can just search for, you know, keyword research tool, and you can either pay for one or you can get access to a free one. And it’s going to give you a whole bunch of keywords that you can start targeting.

So let’s try affiliate marketing here. Since that’s one of the niche markets I’m in, I’m going to get results. And this is going to find the most popular affiliate marketing related phrases that I could go after. So I might sensor six, almost 1600 keywords here, I might do a filter here. Let’s do keyword text contains affiliate marketing. And when I get rid of low competition, because I don’t really care. Alright, so that is going to give me 434. So that’s good for me to start.

So what I can do is I can export this data, so I’m going to download this as a spreadsheet. It’s a CSV file, so it’s going to access that it’s going to download, so I’m going to have access to that. So I’ll have all those keywords. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to copy those keywords. And there’s 436 of them, it looks like so I’m gonna copy that, then I’m going to go to this keyword clustering tools from Umbrellum is the company, and this is free. And so I’m going to paste all those in. I hit submit. And so it’s putting all that information together. And here, we’ve got all these keywords. So I’m gonna hit export, and I’m going to do a spreadsheet just so it’s easy for us to look at this information. I’m gonna open that file up. Alright, so I have that inside of Excel here.

And so here’s all the ones that have world in there. So there may be, I might be able to do an article that is focused on, you know, world affiliate marketing. And I’d cover some of these topics in their and affiliate marketing websites like best affiliate marketing websites, top 10. All these could be sections and stuff inside my article. I could also use this information. And I could search Google. So let’s say let’s go with affiliate marketing website.

So I’m going to type that in search for that on Google. And then we should get some people also asked questions. So we’ll scroll down here. And so you get these these questions here. Those are things that you could download. And you’d want to focus on the ones that have website and affiliate marketing in them.

But you could do a Frequently Asked Questions page about affiliate marketing websites, and basically answer every single question that was related to that. So you could use the SEO minion is a Chrome extension I use, and you could just download all those suggestions. I’ll have it do that.

So it’s going to grab all that information. What I’m going to do is I’m going to pause this video because this will take a little bit of time. But I’m going to run that through Umbrellum. Again, just to see what it does, because I think that’ll be a really interesting test. So let me pause the video here. Right so it’s almost done, getting all those suggestions. In then we’ll have access to a spreadsheet of that. So I’ve got all of those keywords of the sessions. And it’s 1500 ohms.

What I’m gonna do is copy that and I’m going to run those through them Umbrellum thing again, just out of curiosity So I think our thing was web sites. So I’m going to do is I’m going to do a filter here. Data filter. Oh, let’s look through this. I’m going to have a contain web. I’m just gonna have a contain web site. So like, Here’s 26 questions that appeared to all be related to affiliate marketing.

And they also have website in them. So that way, we filtered out tons of different questions. And that could be one specific article that we have Jasper AI write about, we have a really high chance of getting either those people also ask things where we might end up taking some of this space here. Or we may get top rankings for when people search for that specific one of these specific keywords. Cuz they’re searched for, we could also drive paid traffic to those keywords.

And that can do these like search phrases for these, you know, actual phrases, these actual questions. And that would be a way to get cheap traffic to our site, which we could then retarget we could also have like, a content upgrade box, so people could opt in to download like a PDF version of the post. That’s another thing we could do. We could also have those retargeting pixels in place, so we could follow them around on the internet, we use a service like get So we can also automatically get their email address when they view our website. And that way we could follow up with them with our autoresponder, even without them opting in.

So there’s lots of cool sneaky tactics that you can use this for, to drive a lot of paid or free traffic and really find out what your niche market wants. And by using the keyword clustering, you’re going to have a much more targeted article or piece of content that you’re going to create just by combining all these tools into one and making a very easy to digest and easy to understand piece of content. And then you just use to help you flesh out this information to help you write the the article and then you take it from there.

So I think this is going to be a really useful tool for myself and for I think anyone watching this so let me know how you plan on combining a couple of these ideas and using it to grow your business. Just leave me a comment below. I look forward to helping you grow your business with and all these other tools that I’ve mentioned in this training, so leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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