In this training, you’ll learn how to write better headlines with the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

P.S. They also have a Chrome extension with even more features


  1. Create a headline with
  2. Analyze the headlines you like into the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
  3. Split test the highest-scoring headlines
  4. Profit

Unedited Transcript

So let’s see how engaging a headline is. We’re going to just fill out some information here, give it a description. And let’s say is all of the hot dogs, okay? Go with something kind of boring. And see if we can come up with a fun headline. I’m just gonna grab one of these headlines.

And we’ll see what best hot dogs in the world have dogs he will love forever. So click on that. And we’ll put that into this headline analyzer. And let’s see what it says. And I guess I have to create an account for this. I will get my report.

So it gave it a 74. On this one, it says I need to increase my emotional ords, so I can open this word bank here. And this gives me some words I could use maybe some uncommon words, decrease common words that I have in there.

I could rephrase it as a different kind of headline. It says it’s a great level four, which is good. It’s clarity. It’s things it’s a bit generic things. It’s positive, it’s easy to skim. Through it also talks about says there’s 11 words and 57 characters. Basically, it really wants me to use some more emotional words in here to increase my score.

But that’s a way that you could do this and improve your headline with CO schedules headlines tool.

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