Key takeaways

  • 1 billion words
  • 22K members
  • is now called Jasper
  • $6m raised fondation capital
  • acquired which means faster, flexible, easier to use, higher quality content
  • Direct line to Jasper you are the boss of Jasper
  • Bossmode 2X-3X better
  • Increased vision 2,000-3,000 characters vs 600 characters
    5X vision
  • less duplicated content, reference above material, summarize longer content, much faster writing
  • Unlocked compose
  • Jasper Commands “Hey Jasper write me a blog intro that’s funny”
  • Create your own templates
  • Continues to get better as more people use it
  • Voice commands
  • $119 a month for bossmode + $50 a seat upgrade now for $40 per month per seat you also get a t-shirt. Upgrade by July 9th.
  • Grandfathered members get the 3 seats included at $119.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee

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Unedited Transcript

Live and Facebook Live I see we got 400 More over there, sorry the demo room filled up here so quickly.

If you do get tired of the doubt room filled look it in or whatever, hop over to YouTube Live or hop into the Facebook group, and you will see us all over there so this is gonna be a lot of fun, and you will see my guy. Jasper back here.

We got Jasper here so on, no I’m not flying so I really don’t do anything without Jasper anymore, but it’ll be fun Austin is here, helping to moderate and see the chat and all that good stuff.

We’re gonna have a good time and I will go for maybe 45 minutes or an hour here and I think this is gonna be worth your while. So if you’re interested at all in writing content using AI, which I feel like everyone should be. You’re just gonna absolutely love what we got going on here and so without further ado, let’s go ahead and get kicked off. Now, before we get going to the main event I’ve got a few announcements I want to walk you guys through and tell you about some exciting stuff happening over here at CIA headquarters so the first thing is that earlier this week we crossed 1 billion words written with Jasper. So, this guy has just been working like a hos and cross the 1 billion word mark is funny, I was looking at one of our Facebook ads, the other day that we ran originally in January and it was like, Jasper has written 1 million words of coffee. And now we’re at 1 billion words and accelerating, very very quickly year and so just give it up for Jasper and this guy’s just totally working hard for those you guys that were at the last launch live event that we did in March, end of March I announced that we had like 4500, members of our Facebook community. Well, now as of today, I think we just crossed we got 22,000, members of the Facebook community, and it’s just an awesome, awesome group so you’ll know that I love. And I think this is really the secret sauce what makes Jasper so great it’s just all the members added so much value there if you’re not part of that, please join that. It’s just a really really rockin group and so things have never been better, we’re pumped here, we’re excited, and yet, probably a month ago we turned to each other.

We said, as I think we’ve got a problem.

And, you know, Lots of stuff comes up for sure. But hold on here, let me share my screen over there, you know, lots of stuff comes up for sure but you know we have this problem and the problem was this as I saw people talking about our tool online they would say that they’d say, you know, this center for conversations that A, or the Center for conversions or convergence, a working group and hot AI or.

This is the shorthand I’m if I love it. Conduct a I’m assuming like nobody, including myself really wanted to type out conversion. ai over and over, and, you know, at the same time, I built a tool for people that are kind of lazy about writing and don’t really know how to spell that well, potentially. So what do I get, you know, I’ve got this complex name, and, and nobody can spell it, nobody can say it, nobody wants to type the whole thing out and even I had a short fat, my computer, you know, helped me to write it out here and so we kind of turned ourselves we said we need a better name y’all, this isn’t really working. And so after you know, some brainstorming and looking at the market and all of that we really noticed something that really kind of took off, you know from the beginning, we saw okay well I just signed up for Jasper. Jasper is so cool Jasper is amazing, kudos to the Jasper team, and, you know, people were just calling it Jasper, even though you know we’ve never really said that the product name is Jasper or anything like that.

And so, today is a big day. Because today is officially the end of It’s been great. We’ve loved it Awesome, but it’s not going to get us to learning to go next. We want to make things way simpler way cooler way easier to remember and today we’re putting on a new face for the company and as of right now live on this call, the name of the company is officially changing to Jasper. So, This is something we’re working on behind the scenes here and work with designers and brand experts, and decided this is going to be a much easier to remember name obviously Jasper is the guy that we love here, and we’re gonna just do a big rebrand so over the next, probably two weeks you’re gonna see all of our stuff shift from to Jasper, you see new branding new logos, new swag, that’s gonna be really really exciting there, and it’s just gonna be I think a much better brand for us moving forward here and so get excited for Jasper, you can officially stop calling us But that is one of the big announcements, and one of the big things we’re working on behind the scenes here.

Second announcement before we get to the main event here, is we quietly raised 6 million bucks. So it turns out when you’ve got an awesome community and awesome customers.

People want to invest in you and so we didn’t really need the money, but we had some conversations with some of our past investors who wanted to invest in us, so we actually brought a new investor foundation capital. And then one of our other investors have PC that they both shared in this. And you know, you guys don’t care about how much money we have in the bank or anything like that, right. I know you don’t. So, what does this mean for you well, reasonably raise this is so that we could continue to improve the product improve the customer experience continue to build out the team to support you more and more. We’ve obviously done a few acquisitions, you know, we want to kind of have this on hand to go do acquisitions and this is all going towards you. And so just know that we’re not going anywhere. You know we’ve got plenty of money. More money now than we had up until this point year and we’re gonna be deploying it all. Excuse me for you to get really really excited about that the, the future is very, very bright for us over here at Jasper, and that means for you.

Third thing I want to talk about is the biggest check that I ever wrote in my entire life.

And this is something that we close I know that this leaked. Okay, but I was really excited for this moment I was like, you know, giddy about this moment here so what I want to ask you guys is to play along with me. And when I announced this, I just want you to act like you’ve never heard this before, and that you’re pumped and you cannot believe that we just did this you guys do that for me. I was really excited about this and I would really appreciate that. So, drumroll please. We acquired

Torah totally AI, so surely was one of our competitors. Everyone’s who’ve been hollowed. There was one of our competitors that you know I think did a really really good job with their long form content creation yet because all excited, nobody knew about it.

And I appreciate that and they’re going to really reject the long form editor, as we kind of watched them I got to know the founder and we started talking about you know, why don’t we just kind of do this together. And after a lot of conversations, we agreed that we would acquire them and that we would roll, you know some of their technology and so their approach into our product here and I think it’s gonna be really great for both customers, I think, you know folks are really gonna like a lot of what they were doing.

And they did a really good job, I’m going to talk about some of the functionality that’s going to mean for us moving forward here and so that’s one of the other big announcements. So we’ve been, we’ve been running this company for about six months now. The question we’re kind of always asking ourselves and started asking more about a month ago is how can we push the boundaries of writing even more.

Obviously we’ve taken huge leaps forward it’s way faster to write confidence ever has been. If we push this thing even more. And what would it look like if we created a tool that was much faster, was much more flexible was much easier to use and created higher quality content. We thought if we could you know, even check one or two of those boxes, you know, we’d have a pretty big leap forward our customers be delighted to be really really exciting they’re only kind of step back, so how could we check all the boxes now that we push the product forward in all of these and right now here’s kind of what the product looks like.

Basically I’ll Jasper over there, headphones on, Super cool guy. And we’ve got you on the other end and then we’ve built these templates in the middle of templates to improve the content they write blog post outlines or whatever. And we’ve got, you know 60 of these things, we’ve kind of trained Jasper up on them but there’s still this this middleman between you and Jasper and that’s the templates, so it kind of asked, well, what if we kind of stepped out of the way.

Instead of the templates being in the middle which gave you a direct line to Jasper. And if you wanted to you could use our templates, you want to you can call on them and you know your lot of times you’re going to be getting better use out of that but I want to quickly just give you a direct line to job instead of us always standing in the way here but get stuff out of the way and do that.

Essentially, you know what if we could make you the boss jerks.

Try that out, we tested that we iterated a lot like what would that mean and what would that look like and again we looked at shortly and notice kind of what they were doing around that. It turns out when you do that it’s really freaking awesome for a user experience makes everything so much easier so much better so much faster, makes the content, higher quality, and really is a delight to use, and so today I want to introduce you to something new called boss mode.

You get to be the boss of Jasper, and you’re not just waiting to tell drivers what to do and you got to talk about boss mode I think is a whole new way to approach content creation, inside of our app and we’ve played around with this law of metastasis a lot for weeks.

It really is amazing it makes the product at least two to three times better far easier to write content far easier to just get the output that you want here and it really is just a joy to use it feels much more like the product is getting out of the way. And it’s letting you write in a more natural and user friendly way here.

So yesterday to see what we’ve got what we’ve been working on, let me know in the chat if you want to see this thing.

I would love to hear from you, that you’re freaking pumped. I guess I got all sorts of screens here with all different chats here. It’s exciting. I love to see the energy here.

And so, let’s talk about what boss mode is the first thing you’re gonna get inside boss mode is increased, vision, or increased look back. So right now, Jasper sees about 600 characters, so if you’re writing, you know, right here, at the end of that little blue section there if you’re writing they’re using my mouse they have you right at the end of that Thomas can look back and see about a paragraph. Before he can’t see anything else above that, but I think a little bit of provinces are writing more and more content because you know can’t really look back that far loses context and so this can lead to more deeply content. Firms can forget what was written before harder for John Jasper to follow the document pattern, harder to like kind of summarize stuff and so this work, but it’s a bit of a hassle here and so one of the things that we’re going to do in boss mode is juice that heavily and so in boss mo Jasper can see about two to 3000 characters, depending on exactly what you’re doing there and so five times larger vision area. As you’re down here now you can see, you know, this whole section and this whole section and this whole section and this whole section, the intro paragraph, and the title, which just makes writing so much easier because he has more context so we’re talking less duplicate output references you know the material above so you’ll see him as he’s writing you know half the page that he’ll say, as I mentioned in the first paragraph or at the beginning of this.

You know we’re doing X, Y and Z, allows you to summarize longer content, and it’s ultimately much much faster and higher quality writing, that’s the first thing that we added to fosmid.

Second thing is, we unlocked the compose button. So as you’ve, you know, if you’ve used our long form assistant before. It’s what we would do is you know Jasper to generate a little bit, and we’d ask you to generate a little bit, you know, we’d say, you know hey write about 10 words on your own there, you’d write a little bit, Jasper write a little bit, you write a little bit, Jasper write a little bit.

And that work has a little bit annoying people found a bunch of different little ways around that. It’s just honestly just kind of annoying to have to do that all the time. And so, with Boss mode. We’re gonna step out of the way here. We’ve unlocked that to where now you can just keep hitting compose, to help you generate content, not that you know you don’t want to get in there and steer it changed some things up and all of that, but you don’t have to write content in the middle of that anymore which which really allows you to write even faster, and honestly it’s just so much more of a delight to use.

The third big thing that you’re going to get is this new feature called Jasper command. But what is Jasper command. Well we’ve kind of said, well what if, instead of using templates and forms and filling all this stuff out. What if you could just give Jasper, a command and tell him what you want him to do. In plain language, and some of that’s going to be stuff that we’ve already built, you know, maybe you’re saying hey write up a blog outline of homeless five things that we’ve never even thought of. Y’all are creative, you all have your own workflows your own recipes your own things you’re trying to do and so we said, well, what if we can let you guys talk to him. The same way you maybe would, you know, Siri or something like that. And so, you know with Jasper command does allows you to do things like this Hey Jasper Read me a blog intro, that’s funny. Hey Jasper, give me a few titles for my webinar. Jasper asked the question how much protein should you eat in a day. If you’re writing a blog post about the importance of propane and Jasper run the content improve on the paragraph above Jasper Read me a few book different book titles Hey Jasper, write me a song for my wife and my five year anniversary the other day and I did not use Jasper for the card that I wrote her y’all would be excited. Oh I’ve knows too much about Jasper for me to be pulling that off there, I wrote that thing on my own.

When we step out of the way and let you just communicate with Jasper, things get really command really allows you to do is allowing you to become the boss of Jasper command him in a way that you can do whatever it is that you’re looking to do.

Jasper can tell Jasper what you want and he’ll do it. Functionally, you can create a lot of your own templates, you can create more of your own workflows, you can create more of your own recipes. You kind of string these things together. You don’t have to just wait for us to create some template. And what’s really cool about Jasper command. Is it continually gets better. The more you and others use it. And so right now it’s the worst that will ever be. But as y’all. Ask Jasper things. We’re ingesting all of those commands, and we’re training Jasper to understand the intent of those commands and all different, you know 1000s And hundreds of 1000s of different ways to ask something to really understand what’s your intent, and what should Jasper be right and and so this is the first time we’ve really had system working where it gets better and better and improves improves over time and so I’m really really excited about this you know it’s great now it’s exciting now it’s awesome now. But here in 234 weeks. It’s just gonna keep getting better and better and better, you know, really, really quickly, which I’m really excited about a year. Are you guys excited to see how, how much that would change writing if you could do those three things if you could look back, you can just generate content without having to write in between and if you could command Jasper to do whatever you wanted him to do. Well I can tell you it is a total joy and so with that, let’s go ahead and see it live, guess what to do I’m going to share my screen and show you guys live here.

I’m gonna hop over.

I’m gonna hop back here.

Okay so now I’m inside of this new and updated version that we have this new updated, kind of a blank document you know for one now we’ve got a Compose button the blank document, a lot of people were asking about that and I’ve always wanted that.

But here I’ve basically got nothing so let’s say I wanted to, you know, write a blog as a blog post example here first of all kind of work through a second service no write some blog post titles for the topic of copywriting, do that I’m going to kind of run this thing using Command Enter.

How to write a good headline with one word and 30 minutes, around the theme again write some blog post titles for the topic, copywriting and let’s see what else we can get from this. How to Start copywriting from scratch. Top four copywriting recommendations for startups. Let’s go ahead and use that think gives me my title. I’m going to change this top four copywriting tips. I’ve got my title, didn’t even have to write that myself there. And so, copywriting tips for startups might be an interesting article here. Now I’ve got to fill this thing out so instead of kind of thinking of this my own. I’m gonna ask drivers to help me generate one so any content brief for the above, blog posts, let’s go ahead and run this thing

by an article at the port of copper and how can determine a company’s success or failure copywriters typically take charge of marketing material website copy and blog posts are there many different types of content if they all fall into two categories, yada yada. Cool, I found it this whole thing but I go and take part of it here. Okay, so now I’ve got my article brief, which is pretty cool if I didn’t have to write that so now I’ve got a pretty good title, pretty good description there.

And I’m gonna go ahead and leave that there. Then I’m going to write an intro, a little brief here, I have that there aren’t an intro for the above. Let’s go ahead and run that

successful marketer is able to attract visitors to the site by using persuasive language. This is often done through old fashioned, yada yada. I mean obviously like you can see a pretty dang good intro paragraph so hard for me to read some of this while

doing this.

Or leave some of this year. So what’s neat about this is you can, you know, use the Jasper command but you also still have all the power mode functionality as well. So those guys are thinking, do I still have that you still have that in there okay.

But be one more I’m actually gonna take the brief out right intro.

Here’s something else I could do. Actually Garber’s takes voice commands now, so I’ll go ahead and write an intro for the above blog post.

Run it using voice commands.

Mark is incredibly proud to stand out from your crowd if you want to do this through great copywriting Here are four tips on how to get started in order to create an effective campaign right now I’ve got my intro paragraph. After this, right.

This one, write an outline for the above blog post.

See what it does here as a student down here. Let me try that again.

I didn’t outline for the above.

I do this, I do.




is let’s give me this in here.


So I’ve got the workings

of an outline.

I’m going to do this I can ask the question to understand what good copy is and why it’s important, maybe I’ll ask Jasper a question here to help them write what is good copy and why is it important question mark.

To copy out yada good copy.

Happy is one. Okay.

Let’s see how much easier. This is a just write happy and I can have him you know continue this on.

When you command J, to continue writing.

And here it’s actually writing some more, you know, outlines for me anyway, here are how to write great headlines like that big good section there. Just kind of continue to write without having to write in between here.

Okay, some of us some of there’s about delete so let’s hear

from your eyes regularly and act quickly on it. So now it’s going to do remember Jasper can still read all of this, so he can see the pattern as being used here.

And you know before he couldn’t see all that. So let’s just see what he writes, without any sort of property near.

Ask for feedback from your audience regularly and quickly, there’s no better way to know if your content is good or not and by asking feedback from those who are reading it, also a great way of engaging customers and getting their names out there too. I could you know use some of this stuff that’s right in here, get the names out there to have this kind of get started on a sentence.

Best way to get feedback is using a short survey link at the end of each blog post.

I’ll ask him to ask, you know,

are some ways to get good customer feedback on my copywriting, question mark,

works here

are some other ideas around that. And finally, use social media channels and I could use any of this stuff here.

Let’s say I finished my blog post, you guys can see I’m already 455 words, and I can easily unpack, any of this by just hearing Jasper on any one of those, someone to write a blog post conclusion

is run by the blog post inclusion as blog posts, we’ve learned some of the most common ways people block their own creativity and how you can break free from them, yada yada.

Okay, so it’s writing a little blog post conclusion.

Wrap this up.

Yes, thank you easy this is. You can use the templates you can use the power mode but you don’t have to. Let’s do something else. Let’s say this is the blog post I just wrote. I’m gonna summarize it, I want to get some bullet points I want to get some likes you know snippets for you to share with my team or sharing on social media or whatever so summarize the above.

Can’t really do what I’m looking for here, try running it again.

Here it’s kind of summarizing, I chose to do this you know it’s like a summary of blog post.



or send a copy of what to Portland on headlines

starts to give a little bit of an outline of blog posts and those are the most common ways you can get summaries off of stuff easier particularly because it can look back, The entire way.

Let’s say I wanted to get some more copy for promotion, I say, you know, write a pa s for above

problem we all know coming up with new ideas is hard but it’s also necessary. Agitate can be difficult to come up with fresh ideas and you’re constantly being bombarded with the same old thoughts and distractions solution, the key is service processing in two distinct phases so we can use that kind of copy for promoting this blog post here

gave me some new stuff there

are many that can do this.

Say, right, me and ADA for the above.

Ron that she’s trolling for new ideas and smart puzzles, Tom, where’s your bathroom creativity.

Don’t need to worry about coming up with creative content anymore.

Y’all, I’m giving examples of some of the templates that we have used.

Now inside of power mode. So, all of these are going to be hooked up here, you know, very shortly, you can call any one of these, but also you can create your own, you know, so this can write emails, this can write, real estate listings, you can write social posts you can ask him to make stuff more creative and say rewrite the above to make it more creative, whatever you want to do you can ask Jasper and he will take a shot at doing and obviously there’s there’s some edges to that as limitations to that I’m not saying that now you can just you know take over the entire world. But when you get when we get out of the way and like you can put Jasper, things get way, way, way easier to write and I’ve been writing more copy in the last four or five days using this than I had written in the last like month on the tool becomes so much easier having the look back, being able to hit compose over and over, you know, being able to just speak to Jasper, you know, however you want to see how cool that is. Now freaking exciting that is.

That makes things so much better. So we’ve got a whole bunch more training around that, you know that we’re gonna hook you guys up with and and show you guys but it makes everything much much better. Let’s talk about boss mode here and then how to get access and what that looks like here and so boss mode includes this everything in pro unlimited words, increased vision, three to 5x Four character look back, the unlock Compose button and Jasper command makes everything so much better so much quicker so much faster. And you guys will love it and it’s going to get better and better, the more you and everybody else uses it so we created this We’re super excited about it we’re high five and we have to literally price this thing out right away that’s fair in a way that’s usable to our users, you know, how do we price that we kind of thought about that, you know, we thought of this you know. Well, with this you can write significantly faster before produce more words you ever had, you can write significantly higher quality content than before.

Now, you guys don’t care about what we do on our end, but our costs are much higher for these features, you know, as you’re hitting generate more as we’re pulling in more content and we’re just running a lot more data through our system so our costs are quite a bit higher for these features so we got to take that into account.

But then what are the prices that that allows you to become an absolute freakin boss that you cannot tell Jasper what to do and your total boss here and so you know we thought well this should be, you know, kind of a premium feature that will make sure that we kind of get our costs back, so we thought about rolling this thing out to 49 a month. I know it’s a lot higher than what we’re at now, you know, but make it a lot of companies have a high tier 249 A month plus that $9 a month per seat for some of the big companies, I think it’d be worth it at that, I think you’d be able to get your money that you know at that price, you know, but it’s a kind of thought about and as time went on we said we’re not going to release it to 49.

You guys know I like the the T’s release 249 We thought about doing 199 We’re not going to do that, we’ve thought about doing 179 So this thing is a total steal, it’s two times or three times better 179 is amazing, but we’re not going to do 179 So, to get access to boss but right now, our current highest plan is 109 a month on the website, and boss mode is only going to be $10 more so boss mode is going to start at 119 a month to give you access to all of that. Not a big leap and helps us cover some of the costs, and I think it will be worth absolutely every single penny of that.

And then we also are going to increase the seat costs a little bit so right now the seat cost is $25 a month for the Pro Plan.

It’s gonna be $50 a month per seat for the boss mode plan here so small increase on both of those, but nothing huge we want to be generous one to get you guys access here. But wait.

As always, we’ve got a little special deal for you fast actors those people that are signing up are ready to sign up here now.

If you upgrade now instead of costing $50 A month proceed, we’re going to drop that down to only $40 a month per seat so we’re going to take 20% of the seat price there. If you upgrade here now with us and now it’s 119 a month plus $40 a seat.

Also, this is cool, the upgrade now we’re gonna give you this limited edition boss mode t shirt. We’ll set this thing anywhere in the world, you’ll love it with Jim you’ll be lifted away, people around town are going to be asking you, you know, you are feeling like a boss, you know, how do you become a boss and well I’m rolling with Jasper now. I’m the boss at hand so we’re gonna ship you this limited edition boss mode bossman teaches the first slide we’ve ever had. So, you don’t want to be left out you know the one without the boss mode t shirt, which I’m really really excited about here and so they get that to get that deal. Yes, sign up by Friday July 9 That’s in 10 days from now, it’s not this Friday. Next Friday here. Sign up and you’ll get the discounted seats and lock that in, you’ll get a free T shirt, plus to your boss mode which is incredible here and so again fosmid 119 a month plus $40 a month per seat. I know a lot of customers are on the original plan, and $99 a month where you got three seats included those customers will also still get three seats included on the boss boat so if you’re an early adopter customer and you have that deal you will be able to upgrade to 119 103 seats included as well. And to make it even better, if you know we even needed to make it even better, I’m gonna give you 100% 30 day money back guarantee on this so if your existing user upgrade, try it out for a month. And I’m telling you it’s gonna get better and better over the next few weeks even. And if you don’t totally love it. I think it’s worth it. We’ll give you that upgrade amount that would be the difference back no questions asked if you’re not a user right now, sign up, try it out, you’ll be 30 days, totally risk free here I just want to make this an easy yes for everyone to hop in to boss mode here today, absolutely no risk, try it out, it’s totally worth it. We have your money back. Let’s try boss mode, completely free, or risk free for the next 30 days by upgrading, so I’m gonna tell you how to get signed up here but again Bosmans 119 A month plus $40, a month per seat so who’s ready to become a total freaking boss come in boss mode in the chat if you want to upgrade, and you want to test all this out with us right here. I think you’re gonna love it, it’s, it’s truly delightful. I think it’s a huge step forward and I think it’s going to be writing much more how you dreamed that being a kind of boss mode. If you are in a ton of people comment in here. This is sweet. Okay, so how do we get signed up for boss mode here so two ways you can go to dot AI slash boss mode. That should be live now, Austin’s publishing it. Austin Are we live with that.

Thumbs up, we’re live with that.

You can also do it through the settings in your app. So if you’re inside the app, you just go to the billing settings and sign up an upgrade into boss mode right there, you should see it all, Right there, nice and neat here. Okay and we’re gonna some questions here at the end so boss mode a ton of people are upgrading. This can be a super fun month we’re all learning together and talking about you know how we’re using boss mode and the templates and the workflows recipes that we’re creating if you’re a workflow person you’re gonna absolutely love this you can string together a series of commands that you can give to harvest them so obas what gives you US media everything from your pro Unlimited Plan unlimited words, increased vision we’re talking three, five more character lookback unlock Compose button and Jasper command. If you’re inside the app by the way and you don’t see the boss boat plan, then you can go ahead and reef try refreshing the app, and you’ll probably see it then you might have an old version of the app there.

Okay, what you’re gonna do also the boss was about two to three times faster a far greater control power is much higher quality output and command Jasper and tell them what to do and people are gonna ask me, Dave does this, just work for blog posts. All he did was for a blog post on you know doesn’t work just for blog posts works for all this stuff for blog posts and ad copy social posts email stories video scripts recipe songs books, whatever you want. You can use Jasper command for and bossman will help you get there. Okay, we’ve also got a live boss mode training today at 3pm.

So here at 3pm Central time, we’ll have that and we’ll set up like I don’t know if you can put the link in there, this dollar push that through we’ll put it in the Facebook group as well. But we’ll get you all set up on that show up to this live training here so it’s in like three and a half hours if you’re wondering what time that is here. And we want you to work like a boss so that’s my call, y’all my call to action is worth like a boss today become a boss, upgrade to boss mode now join us slash boss mode you’ll totally love it. You know, there’s gonna be some little kinks here and there for the new product, bear with us, we’ll get all those cleaned up. As always, and then you’re going to see it start to improve over the next few weeks as more and more users use it as the engineers learning how people are talking to it. You’re really going to love that there.

Okay. Any questions, often you want to hit me with some of the common questions. Yeah, I got today. So a lot of excitement here in the chat and DeMeo. One of the questions is like what’s the definition of a seat. What are they paying for with that extra $40 per month right now. So the seat is another user. And so if you you know have team members, you can. They will each take a seat. So, you know, my team we’ve got eight people, you know we need eight seats and we all wanted to be in there right and that’s what a seat is to us or they can just use the tool suite, and so what is the specifics on the deal for the lady get the shirt, and for them to save that $10 per seat per user.

I say that again. What’s, what’s the deadline.

Next Friday, so you’ve got 10 days y’all to decide to sign up and get in, you’re gonna get the t shirt, you’re going to get off mode you’re going to get 20% off any additional seats.

Okay, sweet.

Let’s say so some people are asking about early adopters, upgrading, if they’re already on the Pro Plan for $99, because this, how does that upgrade look like for them.

Hey by the way if you guys are spamming questions over and over in there, we’re just going to bootcamp, stop spinning spamming questions we’ll get to everyone’s questions here. Yeah, so again if you’re an early adopter if you’re on the $99 planets three seats included, You will continue to get those three seats.

You know if you’re seeing right now that there’s only one seat included, it’s probably because you don’t have other users on there. And so, you know, if you sign up and upgrade you got one seat included you’re an early adopter, you’ve got to add two more people later, And it won’t charge you extra there okay so again if you’re on an early adopter plan, you still get that do carry forward, you get three total seats included in that extra for those people to meet.

So we have a lot of people from around the world on the call, that are curious if they can write, and if Jasper can write in different languages. And so what’s available there with Bosco.

By the way real quick.

Some people were asking hey if I’m an early adopter plan upgrade and downgrade back later if I don’t like it to the early adopter plan yes you can, so try it out for free. If you don’t like it less than 30 days we will downgrade you back to your original discounted plan you’re not going to lose that plan. Despite trying this thing out here. So that’ll be in there even if you don’t see it right now.

The question was is working other languages that does work in other languages we have to iron out a few kinks on that here today, but it does work in other languages that the UI is like a little bit confusing on it, here at the moment, but the same way that you know our long form editor works other languages, it’ll work there.

Sweet. Let’s see.

Have any questions about how it works, like, not just pricing stuff but related to the product

question again for early adopters. What does that plan your 99 a month. If you upgrade you’ll be charged 199 a month from here on out, so $20 more you will still have your three seats included. If you had more seats and you sign up the next 10 days you’ll get all those extra seats at $40 per user per seat suite, have the actual commands work how you trigger Boston.

So, in that, again, we’ve got some, some of that here, but it’s the way you do it, is we’re going to help talk to if you want to trigger the is the microphone here.

There we go. So we’ll get you guys set up on how to do that already built into your PC or your Mac to go trigger that year but, you know, if I write out a command, you know, write a blog post, whatever, whatever, write a few titles about copywriting and don’t want Jasper to pull in once above.

I hit Command Enter, it will highlight it and then it will run that command enter on a Mac, Ctrl Enter, on Facebook or on a PC, sorry.

Ctrl Enter on a PC, and you see Jasper’s just writing those there. So, you know, there’s not really a set of pre existing commands that you’re going to hit. We’ve got some that you know work and some examples for you but also you got to think flexibly and diversity, outside the box.

Can you use different tones of voices in Barstow, yeah, so you can do that so you could just say, you know, write me.

Whatever write a poem that’s funny, a poem about fire trucks. That’s funny.

I could you know give the town in the command there,

didn’t really do that their fire trucks are like men. Hundreds my fire trucks make great fathers you can see he’s kind of being cheeky they’re not really a poem but you know that would be how you do that emails in plain language like how would you explain it to you know, a writing assistant, you know, that’s the tone now somewhat flexible that’s been by having to like fill out a little tone box. Is there somewhere that we can see like a list of commands so like a cheat sheet.

Yeah, we are going to have that you’ll be able to see that, again, we’re gonna release and help dogs know exactly where they’re gonna be here but the Help Center, we’ve got some examples. We don’t have like a list of preset ones but we have a cheat sheet that’s going to give you some ideas about where to go there.


See, can Vasco does the lookback also work in like the pro unlimited plan, the lookback is a boss mode feature omae slow the pro limited plan will continue to have the same 600 characters and bass node has like 2000 to 3000 characters. So, three to five times that

can inside the Facebook group, you also get to see the link for the 3pm training.

I know there’s gonna be a ton of good, good training here over the next week so there’s a lot of questions around how do we do this, how do I write emails, how do I do whatever we’re gonna, we’re gonna unpack all that you guys are gonna learn all that. So, you know, price, some of y’all are have already, you know, signed up and written a blog post by now here

are any final questions Austin here.

Looks like it’s pretty clear so far, and if they have more questions they of course can join the Facebook group, and let’s try to consolidate though onto a thread rather than creating our own post.

How about if we continued following the comments section on this live stream in the Facebook group do you think about that would be great. That’s post in there and again if you guys haven’t joined the Facebook group, is go to Facebook and search official community that we might change this in Jasper here today, but I’m enjoying this, and we’ll answer all your questions and do all of that, it’s people are asking that the early adopter plan, saying we were early adopters, can you take care of us yes we are taking care of you, by continuing to give you the three free seats you know in this new plan here. So, you know, even as the seeds get more and more valuable early adopters are continuing to get that three seed deal there which is pretty cool so we do win free early adopters well thanks for being with us, we continue to treat to well, as we move forward here.

So All right folks, That’s it. We’ll see you back in the Facebook group again I know there’s still a lot of questions here. If you’ve got other questions post in the Facebook group. You can also email us at, and you will be able to get all of our support team will get everything everybody answered and all of that here so bear with us and we’ve got a lot of people hopping in and trying it all out, it’s gonna be a really fun, special couple days here as well so stay in the Facebook group. We’ll see you guys in three o’clock training here in about three hours, and we’ll get you rolling.

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