In this training, you’ll learn how to use the Conversion AI Boss Mode to write content crazy fast!

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Upgrade to Boss Mode


  1. Upgrade to Boss Mode
  2. Enter the Long Form Assistant
  3. Here are the commands used in demo:Write some blog post titles for the topic of X

    Write a content brief for the above blog post

    Write an intro about the above

    Write an outline for the above

    Write a blog post conclusion

    Summarize the above

    Write an AIDA for the above

  4. Publish your new post

Unedited Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Reed Floren here in. If you’re watching this video, you probably found out that had a huge announcement today. And we’re gonna go briefly over this announcement. And I’m going to show you inside, giving you a demo of the new features inside of Jasper. So the key takeaways from today’s presentation, they users of, or now, Jasper have generated over a billion words, that is awesome. They have over 22,000 members inside their Facebook group.

They are switching names from To Jasper.

They raise $6 million in venture capital from Capitol Hill, foundation capital in hack BC, they acquired, which means it’s going to be faster, more flexible, easier to use, and higher quality content that you’re going to be able to create within Jasper. So this was one of their big competitors that they swallowed up.

So it’s awesome, because we’re getting a lot of those features inside of And we’ll show you how those features work. Now, they also are going to give you a direct line to Jasper and you’re going to be able to control Jasper, you’re basically the boss of Jasper, they’re calling this boss mode.

And it’s easily two to three times better, I’d venture to say it’s probably 10 times better than what was the Pro plan, like 100 times better than what was the starter plan, you can do a ton with this, you’re really your only limit to this is your imagination, I’m going to show you exactly how this tool works is so cool.

What boss mode enables you to do. Now, it also has increased vision. So what that means is the pro version, the problem with the plan of, or Jasper, if you will, could look up basically 600 characters. Now 600 characters are probably about a paragraph or so.

But with the new version of Jasper that you get in boss mode, it can look up to two to 3000 characters in advance of your your content that you’re creating inside of Jasper. So this gives you you’re going to have less duplicate duplicate content, it’s going to reference the above material better, it can summarize longer content. And that’s going to be much faster to write, because you’re getting like five times the vision of being able to look back. So it’s really cool. You also have an unmarked compose button.

So one of the biggest gripes that people had with is the Compose button would get locked in, then you would have to write out like 10 words, or so and hit generate again. Now, a few of us figured out that if we just copied and pasted about 10 words, and hit generate, it would do it.

But a lot of people didn’t really catch on to that. And the beautiful thing about boss mode is that button can always work. And so you PC, you just hit Ctrl J on a Mac, you just hit Command J or you can just click the button, and it’s going to generate that content for you. So it’s really cool that that compose button is unlocked.

You also unlock the ability to have commands now this is part of the shortly acquisition. With shortly you would write a command and it’d be like slash instruct, please write me a blog post would be kind of how how it would work. I’m shortly with Jasper,

you’re just going to tell write me a blog intro that’s funny, you know kind of thing, it’s going to be really easy and really simple for you to do because you’re just going to talk to it in plain natural language.

This will give you the ability to create your own templates. So you’re not going to be just locked into. So you know, like in the plan, you’ve got all these different templates that you log into.

And you can go and there’s like 40 or 50 of them. And there’ll be like a video script outline or a Facebook ad or a Google Ad headline or, you know, content improver and you could click on each one of those. And you could do a little bit with it with these commands.

You can come up with whatever you want. And you can guide Jasper on what to do. And it’s going to continuously improve as more people are trying out different commands and getting a feel for what the content is good for outputs for those commands. That’s going to continue to improve because it’s continuously training Jasper

So that’s going to be really cool. You also can do voice commands. Now, this is something that you can do on your computer,

where you just dictate into the computer and you’re telling it exactly what you want it to do. So you’re telling your computer, you’re telling Jasper exactly what you want to do. And that’s pretty easy.

And I’ll show you how that works as well. Now boss mode is $119 a month. And if you want additional seats, so additional users, that’s $50 a month of seat upgrade. Now, they are doing a limited time special, where if you upgrade upgrade before July 9, you can lock in those additional seats for $40 a month.

Also, you get a free t shirt for upgrading upgrading to boss mode, this is the first like physical product swag that they’ve had. With or Jasper, you can get a limited edition t shirt to show off that you are a boss, and you’ve got boss mode enabled.

Now grandfathered members that have the three c pro unlimited plan, we paid $99 a month for that they can have those three seats at $119. So that’s a really good deal. For people that already have a pro unlimited plan. That’s a great way to you know, save a lot of money and have other people on your team or friends or family or whatever use the other seats in that can lower your expenses, your basic prices is going up $20 a month with this. So it’s a pretty good deal to get access to all these features. And just how much of a time saver.

This is when you figure out exactly how to use it. Now I’ve had access to this for probably a couple weeks now. Because Dave gave me beta account access, I pretty sure was the first person outside of the actual team to have access to

So I’ve been playing around with it for a while it’s it’s a lot of fun to use the new boss mode inside of Jasper. And also, if you decide to upgrade to boss mode, you have a 30 day money back guarantee. So it’s a really kind of a no brainer thing for you to try it out and see if it works well with your workflow.

Now, I’m going to go inside of Jasper. And we’re going to do just a brief demo of how boss mode works and how it can benefit you. So I’m in Jasper. And here’s that main screen where you can individually go into each of these, you know little things and come up with your product description and your frameworks for you know, like attention, interest, desire action, or you come up with a blog post outline, or what I could do as I just go into long form assistant, now I can either start from scratch, and I can use the commands.

Or I could do a blog post workflow. I’ve shown a lot of blog posts workflow before, because that’s really the the preferred model. So I’m going to do start from scratch, because that’s kind of fun to start from nothing. Now I can give it a title and content, brief keywords if I want. I’m not going to do that.

In fact, I was talking to Dave, earlier today, and he gave a few suggestions on you know, guiding like your first article with the new boss mode, and we’re going to follow those and see what it produces. So I’m going to copy and paste this information. So I’ve got this, paste that in.

Okay, so let’s do topic of travel to London, England, will be traveling to London, England, from the United States, on maybe the topic of places to visit. When traveling tab, there we go. Now they do have this pro tip section.

And this gives you some instructions on how things work. So I could hit Command J and it’s going to continue the sense or I can run a command, which is command enter. Or you know, whenever I say command, it’s Ctrl on Windows computer. Now, I could run Jasper command and keep the command in place.

So basically it’s Command Shift Enter. And so that could would keep this text there so I could see it. I can also rerun the content, so that’s command slash, otherwise, you can hit this circular arrow button and that will redo it, you can undo command Z, and then you have the shortcodes.

Again the Asterix and the hashtags or pound signs depending on how old you are. You can use whatever you want to do here. So what I’m going to do is I am going to have it run this command, so write some blog post titles. And that is going to run it.

Okay, so I came up with a couple ideas, what I’m going to do is have it, see if it comes up with any other ideas.

Think what I need to do is give it a brief here because it has no real information. So what I’m gonna do is we’re gonna write a blog post.

Let’s see, we wanted to travel to oops, to London, England to visit when traveling to London, England, the United States, of maybe top places to visit the top, top seven places, how about that, okay.

And what I’m going to do is I’m going to keep that in there so we can see it. So I do Command Shift, enter.

Okay, so I’m going to do that for my title. Okay, then, what I want to do is I’m actually going to get rid of that information. I just want that in there.

Okay, then I’m going to go back to this. And I’m going to do right content brief for above blog post, so we can see that.

See, let me get rid of this keyboard shortcut here. Okay. And then what I want to do is write an intro for the above.

Okay, so this is our content brief. put that there. Okay. Then what I want to do is we’re going to go to the next section, we’re going to write an outline. And let’s do the next bit here. Now, what I could do is where to stay. now.

I’ll show you the commands here again. Now if I want to right next tense, Command J. So let’s do Command J. And then what to do? Get around London, London, change this to five.

Like this one more. Command J. Just hit Command J again, and it’s doing it.

Continued sense. Alright. So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to have it write a conclusion.

Go back to here. Summarize. Oops, I meant to make that command.

So let me show you that it’s command, enter, and then have that continue on a little bit more. And then I’m going to have it do attention, interest, desire action.

There we go, we’ve got an article, it may need a little bit of flushing out. But we’ve got an article, it’s 766 words here, we did it in a matter of minutes.

Just really demonstrating just how easy and pretty much hands off. This is, with just a little bit of minor guidance, giving Jasper a few commands, it can write a really nice blog post or article or video script for you. without really thinking, you know, I could easily just, you know, copy this entire thing. use that as my template for writing blog posts, right, come up with my own kind of formula, if you will, you can look at different content formulas for things and turn those into sort of templates that you follow or a virtual assistant follows or an intern follows for you.

And they create content for you inside of, now called Jasper using boss mode. So this is a really cool way to do things. Now, if you want to upgrade to boss mode, you can do that a couple different ways. One of the ways is to go into your account, you click on this little gear icon, and you go to usage and billing.

And you’ll have a button here where you can upgrade your account. And you can get a boss mode. Or you can go to conversion, not AI, or Either one works, and go slash boss mode.

And you can click Activate boss mode here, it’s going to take you down and it’s going to summarize offer. And you can either sign up for a brand new account, or you can just click upgrade. And that will take you back to that subscription billing page where you can upgrade and just put in your your details that you want to upgrade to this plan.

And you’re going to get access to the boss mode plan which is really going to allow you to write so much faster and create so much more content that I think you’re gonna love the boss mode feature so click the link underneath this video. get activated with boss mode.

Remember you are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee when you activate boss mode today. Plus, if you activate before July 9, you’re going to get a free t shirt from the Jasper team. So click that link right now and get boss mode today.

Upgrade to Boss Mode

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