In this training, you’ll learn how to dictate to using your voice.

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  1. Enable dictation or use the VoiceIn Chrome extension
  2. Speak to
  3. Publish

Unedited Transcript

It’s Reed Floren here and I want to share with you how you can dictate to Jasper on your computer. So I’m going to share my screen. And we are going to play around with this.

This is a brand new computer I just got today in order to try this out. So I am on my new Mac Mini. And I’m going to hit the Edit menu. I’m on my web browser, I’m in Safari, this will work in Chrome as well. And I’m going to hit start dictation. And it’s going to say do you want to enable dictation to start tating, press the Ctrl key twice or to start dictation from the Edit menu.

So I’m going to hit OK. And it’s going to tell me that it can be sent to Apple if I want. And so I’m going to enable dictation. So now I’m able to talk into my computer. So let me it was controlled by so I think there we go. So now it’s not going Hold on there we go. Now I’ve got it working.

So I’m talking in the Jasper. It’s writing just what I want every new paragraph it’s not going to do a new paragraph is it? control There we go. Now I got a new paragraph. Let me try this again. Jasper write me a blog post title.

Hit Jasper. Write me a blog post outline about the headline above.

therapists write me a paragraph about why you should go to the gym.

Did you get the idea? You can you can talk to it that way. Another way to do this is I’m going to open up chrome here. So bear with me. I just got this few hours ago. So I haven’t set everything up on this computer.

And here we go. Log into grow. I couldn’t make it my default yet. I’m going to start things up. Sign In. It’s gonna be really fun, because it’s gonna have to download all my extensions. That’s my password. We’ll find out probably gonna make me login. do two factor authentication. Just a second.

Let me bear with me guys. Yes, it’s me. Right. That’s fine. And I’m just going to love us for now. I’ll skip that. So one of the tools you could use is called voice in. And this is a tool. It’s a Chrome extension, add to chrome.

So this should work on any computer as long as you have the Chrome web browser. Next allow microphone. Wow. Yep. Next. Yep, I’m in America. I’m going to pin that when I hit next. This works quite well. I’ve got to turn on dictation.

Sorry. Hold on. Oh, now we’re going to download all my stuff. Oh. With this one every extension I’ve ever had unloaded was loading. Okay let me make sure that I’ve got boys. Yeah, that’s what I want. Here we go

This works quite well, exclamation mark now I’m gonna go to stop that login and I’m gonna go into long form Sr. I’ll start from scratch Jasper write me a list of bullet points related to why people should start their own blog habit. I was able to let Jasper do my writing for me. I’ll just talking to him

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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